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Liu Kang Wins

A place for levelling, achieving and a bit of raiding in between

Liu Kang Wins is for the player who loves earning achievements and takes pride in what they accomplish.

Liu Kang Wins is for the player who enjoys levelling new characters but doesn't feel at home in one of those Durotar-recruit-em-all guilds that fourteen year olds create.

Liu Kang Wins is for the player who doesn't mind a bit of raiding or PvP but doesn't see it as the be all and end all of this great game.

Liu Kang Wins is for the player who either does not want or cannot commit to a mandatory scheduling progression guild; there are other things such as work, life, family and friends. Yes, this is a big cliche but hey... there's truth in it.

But most importantly... Liu Kang Wins is a guild for the player who values good, strong community over the purple-hunting progression-chasing rat race that has consumed the masses of World of Warcraft.

In a world littered with gearscore heroes and a sea of 'HARDCORE RAIDING GUILDS!!!1!oen', Liu Kang Wins seeks to step aside from all the nonsense and stand for a sense of community that appears to be sorely missed and quietly valued. Liu Kang Wins offers a place for those who care not for being special little snowflakes in a virtual world; but instead want to play at their own pace enjoying whatever facet of World of Warcrafts many meta-games they like best.

Enjoy achievements and reputation farming? We understand that rep farming isn't everyones cup of tea but for those interested, events crawling through the old content for reputation and rare/old-school items will be scheduled weekly. And then there's achievements such as Glory of the Hero for example; that are well deserving of some guild time for those interested.

Enjoy raiding? While we can't (and won't) offer bleeding edge progression, one or two nights a week will be set aside for work on the current tier of content.

Enjoy PvP? Even though battlegrounds are generally something that people do in their own time, the rated battleground system offers the potential for us to schedule a PvP night and get competitive with other players and teams.

Liu Kang Wins is open to level-capped players and lowbies alike. Your character level isn't a concern; we only care about you fitting in and having fun.


Speak to Chacarron, Hershie, Blockasaurus or Razor in-game or post an application on the forums.

'But Chacarron! You said you were moving AWAY from 'dem stinkin' raid guilds and offerin' something different! Why the applications?'

True. The guild application is generally a token of a raiding guild. However given that we have a large focus on community, we feel that a screening process should be in place to make sure the guild takes in people that fit. We don't care how geared or skilled you are; we only want you to fit in and have fun.
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