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Yes The Silent force is still recruiting,

Want to join?, Go apply at our site. Want to get in on some solid scheduled runs with us Tues Wed Thurs? Whisper one of us in game or post a note here. We are still raiding, with or without you.

I dont expect any of you to even get through this entire post, but if one or two do, in this forum or another one..we will eventually succeed.

Our GM has the below to say regarding our guild and recruitment (Pre 4.01). (See below his section for the recruitment specifics and website to apply @) - Thoare

Acrimony : TSF is currently recruiting. Every guild is different, but our guild does offer what you might call a more enlightened approach to guild membership and raiding. That’s not intended to sound overly high-minded, but, we have grown and fostered a guild with a culture that does seem to set us apart from a lot of the other guilds out there. And while certainly those guilds probably offer a lot to a good number of people, we have a number of overt as well as subtle differences that should help you determine whether you might find a happy home among like-minded players.
Some background on us. The current guild leadership has been in place for over a year, and in the time our GM and officers have run the guild, TSF went from around 80th of horde guilds to a consistent top 10 contender. While we have a pretty diverse group of people in our guild, one common factor for those who are happy and successful in our guild is that they are mature. We are an 18 and over only guild, and, we have a few people who are in their early 20s who have done well, many younger people don’t find our culture as appealing as perhaps some other guilds more geared to their sensibilities. The median age of our guild leadership is mid to late 30s, and most of our officers are educated professionals. The guild’s GM holds a law degree, and another officer is working on a PhD. We have a number of members with children, even some with adult children. Perhaps the point here is that we are not offering an environment where fidgety and twitchy gamers find much fulfillment. While we may not be a guild getting server firsts, we are focused enough to progress and get the content we want without being overly hardcore about it.
What does a typical successful member of our guild look like? There are a few common traits. First of all, they exhibit a primary concern with the good of the guild’s well being. In other words, our guild members do not have a “me first” attitude, but are willing to help each other out, be respectful about loot, and realize that there are 24 other people in a 25 man raid who all have their own game wishes plus personal pressures going on at any given time. Also, our successful members show up for main scheduled raids, and when they cannot, they let an officer know. Also, there’s no shortage of pitching in. Our guild runs through a lot of materials to keep our raids running, and everyone contributing helps keep the machine oiled.
In addition to main scheduled raids (which are 6:30 pm to approx 10pm PST Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday currently), we run quite a lot of alternate raids for the abundance of alts we have within the guild. In addition to this, the guild offers gemming and enchanting for all members who contribute to the bank. We use an open roll system for loot rather than using a DKP system.
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
While some guilds struggle with such a system, the honor system’s success in our guild reflects the collective efforts of all to foster a positive and more selfless approach to loot than you often see elsewhere. We also do not have an overly burdensome bureaucratic structure in place. We have a lean, dedicated guild leadership structure that creates and maintains clear expectations and communications. Our guild has never had a split of people because of factions forming. While no guild is completely free of drama, because of our organization’s culture and leadership, drama is eliminated just as soon as it is known about, most frequently with solutions through dialog with the GM and upper guild leadership and the individuals having issues. Our guild has a very low history of kicking people out of the guild. Sure it has happened, but, we are concerned first maintaining a stable environment, and use removal of a member who’s issues cannot be resolved through other means only as a last resort.

We welcome those who have fatigued of waiting for their guild to slog through until Cataclysm comes out, those who have struggled to get into raids, and those who dread having to take the unpredictable pug gamble in order to just do minimal raids. We welcome those looking for a guild built on a solid foundation of even-keeled folks that will raid through until Cat, and raid beyond the expansion. Check us out, talk to an officer, sign up on our forums, and we'll answer any questions you may have and see if this will be a mutually good fit.



<H>The Silent Force is recruiting for our ICC 10\25 groupings. We are looking for skilled, mature people, all classes are being considered. If you are on the fence, talk to one of us in game and lets us help you decide.

We are Primarily focused on ICC end game content with 6/12 down in heroic ICC 10 and 9 of 12 in ICC 25 norm.

Pre Expansion slowdown and the summer time have reduced our 25 man attendance and we need to add around 5-6 strong players to get our progression there moving again.

What we expect from you:

Be geared, gemmed, and enchanted appropriately for the content listed above.

Know your main's class, spec, and abilites, inside out.

Have a high level of situational awareness and be highly proficient in the play of your character.

Be personable, respectful, and able to participate in a team environment.

Be able to commit to a minimum of 2 nights each week (preferrably 3) (Tues, Wed, Thursday) between the hours of 6:40PM-10:00PM PST

We are a fun, and motivated group of people that share a high level of motivation in getting through ICC 10\25. We provide gems, enchants and raid consumables for our vested members. We understand what challenges that real life can place before us all and how they may affect scheduling. Please also understand that we expect a mature and responsible approach when dealing with these real life priorities if they affect your accepted raid schedules.

Visit www.thesilentforce.guildportal.com to apply or for more information. You can also contact Acrimony, or Thoare in game. Leave a posted reply here on this thread if youd like more information as well.
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