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90 Human Rogue
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People May Submit their Guild information into this thread, and I will also try to catch recruitment threads made in the general realm forum.

*Guild Name
*Primary Purpose:
*In Game Point of Contact:
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90 Human Rogue

<Extended Raid Locks>
*Soema, Phoibos, Adolphis, or Dudeck
*10/12 and Nefarian is gunna die!!!
*Open Recruiting;Looking to Fill 2nd group & RBG Team
*Nyfaria, Cathadron, Shambles, Sinestria, Darknes, Althena.
<Infinite Asylum>
*Social (Mature 18+ GLBT Friendly)
*Pestle, or any officer.
<Ride the Spiral>
*Raiding, PvP, Social, Fun
*/who Ride the Spiral
<Crimson Crusaders>
*Leveling Guild
<Aegis of Nozdormu>
*casual raiding/pvp
*Ralnok or Lara
<Crit Happens>
*Progression Raiding/PVP
*12/12 Raid Bosses Down
*Cannavaro, Vortez, Floe, Selenay
*Leveling/Social/Casual Raiding
*Voltaen, Kelriic, Pygar
<Deadly Fate>
*casual raiding/pvp/social
*9/12 currently
*contact rayzodoom or nuasuan
*Casual Raiding/Social(mature 18+)
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90 Human Rogue

<Care Bears>
*Progression Raiding
*5/7 Firelands
*Kvaar, Fallenchaos, Minara, Bloodwretch
<Twilights Call>
*Casual Raiding
*LFM to form raiding Core
*Zinkerton, Betley, Tonyopolis, Sorscha, Kisha, Kitaye
*Casual Raiding
*Demayo, Admayo, Treesome, Frostitute, Healicopter, Finnoc, Dameondark
*Always looking for like minded individuals that want to raid and put in effort. no promised raid spots. will get a second run going with enough interest.
<Robots in Disguise>
*Casual Raiding/Social Guild
*6/12 in current progression
*Currently recruiting for second 10 man
*Sunstorm, Loktaro, Zeebs.
<Rotten Luck>
*Join /rottenooc (ask for an officer)
<Forged Alliance>
*Adochu, Bifrost, Dethmora, Grummzz, Mazrax, JBoo
<Three Inch Eggroll>
*Chinese Language Social/PvP/Raiding
*6/12 Hard Modes! LFM
<Omg Brb Icecram Truck>
*Any member can invite
*PvP/R BGs/raiding
*Synpheous, Blightcutter, Adelmar, Wartusk.
<Eternal Damnation>
*Zara, Ourie.
<Older Than Dirt>
*Merigold, Poxia
*Casual Raiding/PvP
*PvP/LvL'ing(alts for PVP)
*PvP; server first City Attacker
*whipser anyone in guild for invite
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100 Tauren Druid

•Faction: Horde

•Guild Name: Rotten Luck

•Primary Purpose: Yes! Really, we aim to support all types of game play in a family-friendly and respect-driven environment.

•Raid Advancement: ICC10 Heroic 10/12, ICC25 11/12, RS10/25, TotGC10, TotC25, various and sundry previous content

•Recruiting Status: By application, through website

•In Game Point of Contact: Join /rottenooc (Our front porch) and ask for an officer

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85 Worgen Death Knight
Faction: Alliance

Guild Name: <Popular Ladies Men>

Primary Purpose: (Levelling/Social/Casual Raiding/Progression Raiding/PvP/RP):

Progression Raiding

Raid Advancement/Number of Arena teams/BG Rating:

12/12 10 ICC HM with Drakes
H Ruby Sanctum
All other content cleared

Recruiting Status: (Open/By application):

Feral Druid : Open
Warlock : Open
Rogue : Open

In Game Point of Contact:

Men, Drankz, Beige, Nerds

Website: None atm
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
  • Faction: Horde
  • Guild Name: Forged Alliance
  • Primary Purpose: Raiding/Social
  • Recruiting Status: Application on Website
  • In Game Point of Contact: Adochu, Bifrost, Grummzz, Xenoxano
  • Website:

  • Additional Info:
    We use Mumble for our voice chat. If you never heard of Mumble before more information can be found here:

    A nice comparison between Ventrillo and Mumble can be found here:
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    100 Gnome Warrior
    # Faction: Alliance

    # Guild Name: Ride the Spiral

    # Primary Purpose: : Raiding, PvP, Social, Fun

    # Raid Advancement/Number of Arena teams/BG Rating: 10man guild - Kingslayers.

    # Recruiting Status: (Open/By application): Apps accepted; looking for raid healers, pvpers, casuals.

    # In Game Point of Contact: /who Ride the Spiral

    # Website:
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    Faction: Alliance

    Guild Name: Crimson Crusaders

    Primary Purpose: (Levelling/Social/Casual Raiding/Progression Raiding/PvP/RP): Currently Raiding/Social. Thinking of becoming a leveling guild in Cata.

    Raid Advancement/Number of Arena teams/BG Rating:12/12 ICC Normal. Currently preparing for Cata (ie everyone is being lazy)

    Recruiting Status: (Open/By application):Recruitment by referral.

    In Game Point of Contact: Vaydra/Celyndrashad/Alcaeus/Ceiba/Rayl

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    90 Human Rogue
    Updated 11/20---Making a note to help me track---

    ***Realized I can just "Like/dislike" people's posts as a tracking method to make sure I get people in the listing. initial opinions on this setup? I changed to quotes to more readily dillineate between different guild postings. I personally think it works well, but I'm open to input :D***
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    85 Dwarf Death Knight
    # Faction: Alliance

    # Guild Name: Paradigm

    # Primary Purpose: Raiding

    # Raid Advancement: 12/12 ICC 10, 9/12 Heroic ICC 10

    # Recruiting Status: By referral

    # In Game Point of Contact: Housé, Perrikin, Chouette, or just /who Paradigm, we're all friendly. :)

    # Website:
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    83 Human Paladin
    # Faction: Alliance

    # Guild Name: <Aegis of Nozdormu>

    # Primary Purpose: casual raiding and pvp, as well as social

    # Raid Advancement/Number of Arena teams/BG Rating: We are making a fresh start in Cata, this information will change.

    # Recruiting Status: (Open/By application): We require either a referral by a current member or some other way of "knowing" the person expressing interest, but we do not use applications.

    # In Game Point of Contact: Ralnok or Lara, in-game mail is acceptable too :)

    # Website:
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    85 Orc Hunter
    Faction: Horde

    Guild Name: Apotheosis

    Primary Purpose: 10Man Raiding Guild,

    Raid Advancement: 11/12 ICC10 HM, First Horde Guild to earn Glory of the ICC Raider(10Man) on this server exclusively.

    Recruiting Status: By Application Only, Very thorough review process.

    PoC: Lamashtu, Tearless, Serisothikos, Lefin

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    80 Human Rogue
    # Guild Name: Crit Happens
    # Primary Purpose: Progression Raiding/PVP
    # Raid Advancement/Number of Arena teams/BG Rating: 12/12HICC10 (server first), 10 man Drakes, All other content cleared
    # Recruiting Status: (Open/By application): Accepting pvpers for our rated teams, but not recruiting raiders currently.
    # In Game Point of Contact: Cannavaro, Vortez, Floe, Selenay, just do NOT talk to Help/David..EVER
    # Website: <Awesome shark btw
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    90 Human Rogue
    updated 11-24-2010
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    90 Worgen Druid
    Infinite Asylum is actively recruiting to all classes lvl 20 and up. For more information, check out our thread here in the forums and visit our website at

    Infinite Asylum: Where all the good pills are!
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    85 Blood Elf Priest
    Faction: Horde

    Guild Name: Darkhorse

    Primary Purpose: (Levelling/Social/Casual Raiding/Progression Raiding/PvP/RP): Raiding

    Raid Advancement/Number of Arena teams/BG Rating: 10/12 H-ICC10, 10/12 ICC-25

    Recruiting Status: (Open/By application): Application on website

    In Game Point of Contact: Um / Sedissa (Sedini) / Bainart (Bainsmith) / Cidniz / Mydori (Doriella)

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    100 Draenei Shaman
    Faction: Alliance

    Guild Name: Wyrmslayers

    Primary Purpose: Leveling/Social/Casual Raiding

    Raid Advancement/Number of Arena teams/BG Rating: None yet, but that's going to change.

    Recruiting Status: (Open/By application): Open

    In Game Point of Contact: Voltaen, Kelriic, Pygar

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