The People Behind the Pixels!

80 Blood Elf Warlock
We have a "Flesh out your RP Character" thread... I personally wouldn't mind 'meeting' some of the people behind the pixels on Feathermoon. Maybe a little Profile of yourself. I have asked Blizzard about something like a mini-profile, where people can choose to disclose certain information about themselves, whether it's a favourite colour or food, or your facebook page. >_>.

I'll start!

Name: Rob
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Occupation: Server Management
Pets?: 1 9mth old Havana Brown ( and 1 11 week old Black & White Fluff Bag Kitten.

  • Coyx - 80 BE Demonology/Affliction Warlock

  • Coix - 80 Tauren Restoration/Feral Druid

  • Coyix - 80 Undead Frost/Unholy Death Knight

  • Coex - 74 BE Protection/Retribution Paladin

  • Background/Bio:
    I've been playing World of Warcraft now since about early 2008. I live in the UK and I've played both EU and US servers. I find the US Servers more suited to my preferences due to the times I am online. I work nights and sleep days, as 8 of my Servers are hosted in Washington DC and Houston - which is also where most of my custom is from (The US), so when I actually got the chance to play, playing on EU Realms was always at quiet times and never really any fun. US Realms are FAR different from EU Realms, in terms of socializing and how people are. Being British, I have a fairly varied sense of humour. A lot of the things I say are in jest, unless I specifically state, I'm being serious.

    My WoW time is mostly spent PvP-ing. I love World PvP the most. I World PvP with a select few people, more-so people in my guild - but I do enjoy PvP-ing with Gunstrak's crew, Errant Pride - whenever they have some planned PvP about to kick off. A lot of people, mainly Alliance players - rage at myself and a few of the crew who I PvP with every day, because we get to places that are considered Exploits. I beg to differ with this. Just because we spent the time looking for a high enough cliff to levitate/slow fall off, on to a building anyone can access, doesn't mean we're exploiting the game environment. It's called taking a tactical approach to counter-attacking the 20 man groups that form to kill 4 of us.

    I enjoy a challenge when playing my characters. I thrive on large groups forming to take us out. It forces us to out-play people by being exercising survival instincts all that much more, whilst trying to slaughter the opposition.

    Some people in game would more than likely greatly dislike me. I don't know why, what you see is not always what you get with me. Yes, I enjoy trolling Trade chat, or calling people out when they're wrong, correcting Grammar (Although this post probably needs some corrections somewhere too!), but people only ever notice the bad things about me. Nobody ever notices the hundreds of thousands of Gold I've given to people to better facilitate their gameplay, or the Mats and other items I list on the Auction Houses of both Factions for stupidly cheap prices - again, to help other people, or the answers to peoples questions 500 million times a day.

    I'm engaged to my fiancé, Billie, who is currently studying Law, History and English Literature at College. Her college is one of my customers for data-handling. Network storage, FTP's, Email system, Security and various other little bits and bats that process the college's Intranet. We have our own little house on a back street in the middle of a little village, where not much goes off and a large majority of the population are not 'our kind of people'.

    RP... well hmm. I'm not particularly sure why I joined an RP Realm when I first started on US Feathermoon. I knew a chick who played (Qevelana, Human Warlock) with me on the PotC MMO AGGGGGGGGES ago. (Man I love pirates. :P) So we joined up here around the same time. I've always been interested in RP though, I have a creative mind - but finding a good story to interact with isn't that popular on Feathermoon, or so it would seem. Not to mention - I'm not so great at starting off something like that, my creativity comes in to play when it's developing the ideas already thought up. If I was to RP on a regular basis, I think I would enjoy Combat Style RP a lot more than just a random story. Something that adds an adventure to the PvP, rather than just randomly turning up at Alliance locales and blowing people up. >_<

    Well I think that'll do for that... I rambled! :(

    Anyone want to try posting something about themselves? :)
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    85 Blood Elf Death Knight
    Name: Snow

    Age: 20-30ish

    Occupation: Network IT Junk.

    Background: Original servers were Hyjal and Feathermoon at launch. Was Alliance up into the middle of BC.

    Pretty casual.
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    80 Blood Elf Warlock
    Awesome stuff peeps. And, HAI COLDSPAMMER :)
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    87 Tauren Hunter
    Name: Mace, Mason, Jack@ss, Hey, you!

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Freelance Writer, Stay-at-home Dad

    Pets: Lily (the queen) is a siamese cross, Sun Tzu (the ninja) is a black shorthair and Luxembourg (the idiot) is a maine !@#$ cross.

    Characters: Twenty-one on Feathermoon (two accounts), several scattered over different realms. They're listed in another thread already, so I won't beat a dead horse.

    Background/Bio: I started WoW about two months after launch, playing on Khaz Modan (Normal). A year into it I had a troll warrior, level 42, but wasn't particularly happy, given my entire guild had become obsessed with battlegrounds and no longer wanted to instance or level together.

    A friend told me about RP servers and I followed him to Maelstrom, where I first made Slyien. I played there for a while and discovered that I hated PvP (Maelstrom is PvP-RP).

    I went looking and found Feathermoon, where I've been ever since.

    I started out in Browncoats, which broke apart while I was taking a six month break from the game. When I returned I learned that some of the members of Browncoats had joined Knights of the Azure Sky, so I joined as well. After a fairly long time I realized that I wanted to RP more than was available to me in KAS, and so I created The Cartographic Society, where I happily spend most of my time now.
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    85 Night Elf Druid
    Name: Stephanie (Teppie for short; Not Steph, not Stephie)
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Fairy Godmother in Training (
    Pets: Does my husband (Rodek's Player) count?

    Characters: Reinnea Nightstalker, Quitaris Cael'dron, and Rayelin Stonework

    Background: I'm a Southern Belle from the Nashville, TN area, who upon completing college with a degree in Interior Design, moved to Orlando to follow my destiny of being a magical creature. It is often joked that I have no real life, all my time is spent as a fairy in the Real World or an Elf in Azeroth. I have been playing WoW since July 2005 and Reinnea has been my main character from that time on. Rodek and I have been together for 7 years, but it took our characters a little longer to get together. I love my online family as much as my Real Life family and hopefully will be RPing and PVPing with you guys for awhile yet!
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    85 Blood Elf Priest
    Name: Darya

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Housekeeper

    Pets: 2 yr old calico/longhair tabby named Kittie (origically Big Ava when we adopted her, but she responds better to Kittie)


    Been playing since middle of BC. My first character to 70 was my Warlock, Allatum, then I think I've leveled up about 4-6 80s before I realized I loved Priest so I stayed with that.

    Why am I on a RP realm?: I like RP and sometimes I do it, but very casually. I'm more into PvP and PvE.

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    100 Blood Elf Mage
    Name: Ruaraidh (Dont ask how to pronounce it >.<)


    Occupation: Professional Beach Bum.

    Gender: Male

    Pets: None :(

    Characters: Vandrillian.

    Background: Like the OP I am British (we're on your realms, stealing your womenz) Been playing WoW since just before WotLK dropped. Currently live in Florida. Originally I was on an Oceanic realm (Thaurissan) However my brother requested my magey expertise for his 10 man raid at the start of ICC. Subsequently I leveled a second mage on this server, and found it much more to my liking then Thau. (seriously, the spam in trade on Thau is REDONKULOUS) As such I never play my first mage (the one on Thau) He's still stuck in a mixture of 219 and 232 gear. Im a PvE man myself having KS on 2 toons and 10/12 heroic ICC 10. I suck at PvP, except on my holy pally (but thats not saying much as a blind, arthritic monkey could still faceroll Holydin PvP atm.)....Bare with me, I'm typing this at 1:45am...struggling to think of things to say...

    I like turtles.

    Moving on, Mages have always been my favorite class. (since I made one, my first ever toon was, unsurprisingly a nelf warrior) although I am prone to enjoying healing on Atorian, my pally. Loving the changes Blizz have brought in with 4.0.1 and thoroughly look forward to blowing Gnomes up with my Fire Orb.

    I am a fierce defender of the Arcane tree, constantly lecturing people that it's not a simple 1 button spec and that the intricacies of the spec come not from mashing a lot of buttons as quickly as possible, but in managing your resources and cooldowns. Dammit there I go again.

    Thats all from me. Brits of Feathermoon...UNITE! (there are 4 of us as far as I know)

    Vandrillian, the Mage from across the pond.
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    80 Blood Elf Warlock
    Name: Ruaraidh (Dont ask how to pronounce it >.<)

    Roo..arrr...errm....? How the hell do you pronounce it? :P!

    Good stuff people, interesting backgrounds. :)

    @Allatu, cute cat name! Lol. My havana is called Binx (As in that old old x-box game?) and my silver bag of fluff is called Sphinx, because he sleeps like one. >_<

    Been looking at another Kitten, black fluffy thing, who was rescued, and my girlfriend has a cat too called Belle... god, cat central. D: But I love em. :P
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    100 Blood Elf Mage
    Name: Ruaraidh (Dont ask how to pronounce it >.<)

    Roo..arrr...errm....? How the hell do you pronounce it? :P!

    I DONT KNOW! >.<

    Kinda like Rory, but Rur...instead of Ror....If that makes any sense.
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    90 Night Elf Rogue
    since the wifey wrote one guess i might as well =p
    ...well damn i wrote up this huge thing and then it didnt make it here.../sigh ill rewrite it later
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    90 Blood Elf Hunter
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    100 Human Priest
    Name: Rick
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Manager at Auto Parts Store.
    Pets?: Which ones? i have 3 dogs (Just had to put one down on Janurary 22nd 2013 :( ) , 3 cats, 2 lizards, and 3 snakes. Which one you want to know about? LOL
    Characters: (All Aliance)
    • Margerdria - Shadow Priest (main toon)
    • Thandisa - Demo Warlock
    • Kimbertia - Ret Paladin (just for Belt Buckles mainly)
    • Frennagern - Beastmaster (Just for Darkmoon Cards)
    • Adraman - Caster shaman (just for giggles)

    I have been playing since almost the Release of WoW, Maybe the Janurary after launch, Been in many guilds and meet many people. I actually on an old school hunter used to be in the guild that spawned Emerald Dream before they became Catalyst. (For the life of me i don't remember the name of the guild that spawned Emerald Dream. S.D. was the initials.) I have been on Feathermoon since Feburary after launch, even though i did transfer a few times but came back.

    I raided a bit during MC area, some in BC and alot in Wrath (though i am not a hardcore Raider as most of you guys LOL) I have my own guild bank. You saw alot of Thandisa a few weeks ago selling stuff to make money for Cata. What else is there to say?
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    90 Troll Priest
    Name: Cindy
    Age: 31
    Gender: Girly girl.
    Occupation: Merchandiser
    Characters: (mostly horde)
    Tatimitzi-Troll holy priest
    Shunasun-Troll hunter
    Kalanya-Troll Rogue
    Rainyia-Belf pally
    and.. many others that don't get much love.

    I played EQ for awhile, but soon grew bored of it. I started dating a guy who played wow and it seemed interesting so I took up playing. I've had people ask if I'm a real girl since early Tati was so very very over the top sparkly few thought I was really a girl. :P I do love glitter, I do love pink.. yep.

    I recently graduated with a Graphic Design certificate after a one year condensed course that kinda killed my creativity for a bit. Art school has a lot of rules and so its taking me awhile to get my creative groove back on.

    I've got one tattoo, I love to read, and I collect my little ponies. .. and anything cute really. I'm Canadian, and sometimes I dress up like a fairy and go blow bubbles in the park.

    Thats about all I can think of.
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    85 Blood Elf Paladin
    I am Adrien Brody.

    I guess the cat's out of the bag now.

    Damn, I always suspected.
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    100 Orc Hunter
    Name: Will (Gunny or Ahri to those on the nets)
    Age: Older than the lot of you
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Process Development
    Pets?: None at the moment. We're moving to another state soon and I hate relocating pets.

    (These are the toons I play or will play in Cataclysm, listed in order of leveling priority. I’ve also listed my rogue who has been awaiting creation since 2004.)
    Gunstrak – 74 Orc Hunter
    Günstrak – 80 Orc Resto Shaman (same character as the hunter)
    Bär – 80 Tauren (soon to be Troll) Feral Druid
    Speck – 00 Goblin Rogue

    Background/Bio: I am me. Manowar rules. My first crush was Cher. I named my first dog after John Waynne. I was a Boy Scout. I am an overprotective big brother. I have been working in the IT field longer than most of you have been out of diapers. I hate coding and database management. After many years working for big corporations and the banking industry I realized people are inherently scum. Then I did relief work for a hurricane disaster, and realized I was wrong and that most people are generally decent folk and that it was just the environment that made them scum. I want to be a botanist when I grow up. I don’t like sharing with total strangers but would give the shirt off my back to a friend.
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