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58 Blood Elf Death Knight
As I tend to play tanks or healers in group situations, I'm curious as to what kinds of fail come across dps- mainly because you guys have such brutal que times.

Do you find more fail tanks or healers in your groups? Are your runs fairly successful? Do common scenarios keep occurring? etc.

This is again for dps doing randoms while leveling, not at 80.
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90 Troll Mage
To be honest, the vast majority of groups I've been in when I was leveling as any class have been about average. Nothing extraordinary (not that I'm expecting it) but usually people aren't utter morons. Most wipes, more often than not, are due to overconfidence or something that the party members didn't know to expect.

I recall one normal Halls of Stone(?) run where my elemental shaman was grouped with a destro warlock who would apply Immolate, Corruption and Agony before chain-casting Shadowbolt. (This was before 4.0.1) I noticed how his damage seemed a little low, watched him do his thing and then whispered some advice; he literally doubled his DPS on the next boss fight. Someone performing badly doesn't mean he's not trying to do his best.

The only way people can do better is if they learn and experiment, and are receptive to advice for things they might not have thought about. A tank, healer or DPS is only "fail" if they don't even attempt to learn from mistakes and point the finger at other people. This also goes for people trying to help too, because it's important not to make the other person feel demeaned in the process, or the guy will just go on the defensive and will be less likely to listen.
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88 Human Mage
Actually while leveling this mage I've had some pretty good groups and the bad ones are usually the tank thinking they're the shiz and chain pulling beyond what can be healed. Today I did Blackrock Depths and the tank literally ran down the hall pulling multiple rooms and went to the first boss where all 20 mobs followed him and we wiped.

He called us noobs and left group. LMAO.
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90 Undead Rogue
Fail was better as a verb than an adjective.
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58 Blood Elf Death Knight

Fail was better as a verb than an adjective.

A couple F words might fall under that category.
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