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80 Blood Elf Paladin
Bla bla bla RP happened on a RP server bla bla bla...

p.s : reserved
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85 Troll Shaman
Ali'Duz has wide openned crimson burning eyes, shinning like those of the elves. He walks diferently from the other trolls, showing almost an erect posture and fierce presence. His blue skin is clean and his beautyfull and silver hair, wrapped in braids, goes a long way down from his shoulders, reaching his back. On his arms, long blackened tatoos represent the elements: A huge chain of fire on the left arm, reaching his hand; and a tribal painting resembling strong winds surrounding his right arm, with continuous spirals; on his chest, lies the leaf of Life, tainted in red from the fiery heart he now holds; on his forehead, a strike of lightning to give him a sharpened and quick mind...; and at his legs, roots of earth to embrace the world he walks in. When Ali'Duz casts a spell, the matching tatoo lights itself in a powerfull communion with the spirits and the world's primordial existences. On his body, you can see many war trophies, scars from all the battles Ali'Duz endured on his past, but you feel they are there for a different reason. His small tusks go way up, near his face, wich is painted in black and white, on a symbol of light and shadows joining each other. Longer than his appearance, his age reflects on his deep gaze upon everything he looks to. He seems to seek each detail, each mark, to where his eyes are set to. Usually serious and lost in faraway thoughts, Ali'Duz is commonly found staring at the farthest place his eyes can reach. When spoken to, the Elder shares a good spare of encouraging words, listening with all his attention to any plea, task or need. He is a kind presence, peacefull and gentle. You often see the younger seeking his advices, as you see him learning from the spirits, in his meditations. His smile, marked with many painfull memories, can still light the heart of ones who lost hope. When you look at him at the first time, you can feel his strenght as a guardian, who would willingly give his life to keep another.

Common History ( What you have heard of him before knowing him)
A seasoned troll who has seen many things from his past, both good and bad. Once a savage berserker. Forgiven by his fallen tribe of Duz, slain by his thirst for blood, Ali'Duz now act as a guide to both dead and alive. He is Da'at, one who seeks the aid of many, to fight for a true purpose. He sees above the war against the Alliance, wich he declares aimless. Ali'Duz seems not to live like the trolls, and disappeared during the Northrend campaign. It is believed that this troll once walked on the world of the dead. Those who know him for a long time noticed his age reverting from the old and bald troll to a middle aged troll, wiser and a bit distant from his own people of the Darkspear. Much of his story lies shrouded in mist, but it is known that this troll is related to the dragon Aspects Ysera and Alextrasza.

>>for more, seek me and we RP. <<
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So yeah, I promise y'all I'm not trolling:

I'd -like- to start RP'ing, but I'm not really sure what to do, as I'd rather not run up to some people in Org and start typing with a Jamaican accent hoping I found someone.

So I'll just say reserved and wait for one of you to pst me. Lol.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Step 1: Join an RP guild.
Step 2: Learn to RP.
Step 3: Figure out a character for Mythic to be
Step 4: Write yer stuff.

Duh! Winning!
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
Step 1: Go Alliance.

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85 Troll Druid
((lol nvm))
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85 Troll Mage
So yeah, I promise y'all I'm not trolling:

I'd -like- to start RP'ing, but I'm not really sure what to do, as I'd rather not run up to some people in Org and start typing with a Jamaican accent hoping I found someone.

So I'll just say reserved and wait for one of you to pst me. Lol.

The random people in Orgrimmar method TOTALLY worked though! It was fun, even if it was oddball and silly!

Indeed :D Very much fun.
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90 Worgen Warrior
So yeah, I promise y'all I'm not trolling:

I'd -like- to start RP'ing, but I'm not really sure what to do, as I'd rather not run up to some people in Org and start typing with a Jamaican accent hoping I found someone.

So I'll just say reserved and wait for one of you to pst me. Lol.

When I first migrated to Maelstrom, I ran around in Org and RP'd trying to haggle with the NPC's for a bag (since I was a fresh toon). Eventually a really cool guy gave me a 16 slot bag and some gold and even attempted to RP the whole thing out with me. Sometimes RP happens on an RP realm.
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85 Blood Elf Rogue

The random people in Orgrimmar method TOTALLY worked though! It was fun, even if it was oddball and silly!

Indeed :D Very much fun.

I hope you are taking good care of mah buddy Mythic, because I are a very fierce rogue with sharp pointy sticks.

That is all. :)
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Yeah that's right. I got protection.
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90 Pandaren Hunter
Eikahe Wolfhowl
Male Tauren Hunter

Eikahe, pronounced EYE-kah-hay, was born to Bulor and Falasha Wolfhowl. Bulor was the Chief of the Wolfhowl tribe, Eikahe the heir to the position when his father was to walk with the Earthmother. However, Bulor's reign was cut much shorter than it should have been when the Kolkar clan of centaur attacked and murdered everyone of Eikahe's family and fellow tribesmen. Eikahe would have stayed to fight and die with his tribe, but E'nok, the elder shaman told the young tauren to stay alive and keep the Wolfhowl name the same. To this day Eikahe regrets having leaving to live while everyone he ever knew and loved was killed. Before finding Eth Chaim, he wandered most of Kalimdor seeking spiritual guidance. He still vows to find the Kolkar and get revenge on them.
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I transferred here from Crushridge so I could RP and join an RP guild that likes to develop professions. As a Gnomish Engineer I do like to tinker a lot. There are many wonders inventions yet to be discovered. If you know of a good one, tell me and I will quest anywhere to get it.

I venture into very dangerous places for someone of my size. I have spent most of my career in horde territory getting ganked on occasion but usually get to do my business without to much trouble.
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85 Goblin Rogue

Indeed :D Very much fun.

I hope you are taking good care of mah buddy Mythic, because I are a very fierce rogue with sharp pointy sticks.

That is all. :)

I hope you're not threatening Byuka, or I'll have to carve you open... even if we are friends :3
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Kealas was born and raised in Silvermoon City by noble parents. Kealas is the only son to his parents with an older sister. Kealas has always known that he was not made for nobility. When he was young he saw the Blood Knights protect the city from the Lich King’s invasion force while the Nobles fled for their lives. Since the invasion made Silvermoon City temporarily inhabitable; Kealas’ family stayed in Fairbreeze Village with the Noble Morningray family. Kealas needless to say grew up with Kirashi and Kathriell as friends and classmates. While Kirashi and Kathriell were being groomed for nobility Kealas decided that he would take up the path of the Blood Knight against his family’s will. Kealas has been training under the banner of the Blood Knights and one day plans to be knighted. Kealas is very welcoming to strangers but by training is cautious. Kealas tries not to judge someone by their looks or their lineage but by the character they show. Kealas has always been athletic so through his training has become more muscular. His eyes burn with a bright emerald green and at times almost look white. Kealas stands very confident but seems to relax around friends and family and because of his desire to become one that protects the ones around him he tends to hold on to his beliefs with strong conviction.
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90 Human Paladin
((Well, I've been RP'ing a lot again, wouldn't hurt to post one of these... If you see me in SW, don't hesitate to talk with me, though I'm a bit shy in public. :o))

Name: Cobol
Age: She doesn't know at this point, but she estimates herself around 300-700 years old, though she has said this for many many decades.

Description and Personality:
Cobol stood tall and proud in her plated armor, looking quite lovely with her radiant smile. She always wore the same peaceful expression as she spoke with her human accent, a product of her (now) long time association and love for the young race. Though she had the humor of a human, the complexities of their race became lost in translation, many of her jokes only humorous to herself. She readily admits that her attempts at humor are usually for her own benefit.

If you were to ask where this Draenei was born, she would only smile and reply "Under a rock", her reference to the lost ship of Oshu'gan, again only a guess, for even her own father did not remember. She remembers the fields of Nagrand, the Tabulk that roamed it, and the battle fought with the Orcs, whom she had harbored a hatred for killing her lost husband, she now knows that it was misplaced and has forgiven them. Though her race was all but extinguished from the galaxy, chased from one world to the other from the pursuit of Kil'jaeden, she has kept her optimistic attitude that one day all will be right, and they will atone for the sins of their brethren.

She opens her heart and arms to all that embrace the Light, the aura of love and joy all but radiating from her person.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Alauen Silverbane

Blood Elf Death Knight


Alauen was, like most elves, a 'High Elf' before the Sunwell of his people was decimated by the Scourge menace. After this event, Alauen sought to aid his people in any way he could, often seeking out displaced elves and offering them shelter from the ravenous undead. When prince Kael'thas promised his people redemption and power through the Dark Portal, Alauen refused to allow himself to be blinded by his inherited hunger for magic. Instead, he traveled to the south, doing what he could to destroy the Scourge presence within the Plaguelands.

During his brief, but effective, campaign to the south, Alauen had joined the ranks of the Argent Dawn. He spent hour after hour slaying the vile undead and their masters, growing more and more weary by the day. Finally, Alauen fell against what seemed to be a never ending assault on the town of Darrowshire. Though most of his people had deemed the humans as enemies due to the fact they did not aid the elves during the Scourge invasion, Alauen still had respect for their tenacity and unwavering will.

As the elf fell to his knees, soaked in the blood of both his allies and enemies alike, his gaze lifted to see the towering form of a dark warrior clad in black armor, eyes burning through the shadow of the visor in the helmet in wore with an unholy blue that reminded him so much of his people. The Scourge knight lifted its weapon and all went black for Alauen...

The next thing the elf knew, he was clutching a blade in his armored hands, much like that of the dark warrior who had slew him. Alauen's eyes became filled with both fear, anger, and sorrow at once when he saw the crumpled corpse of his childhood friend before him, the noble woman known as Lady Eonys. The elf felt his stomach churn, his body tremble, and his mind felt as if someone had taken a thousand frozen nails and drove them into his head at once. Alauen had been reborn as a Knight of Acherus... a Death Knight of the Scourge.

However, at the moment of ending his friend's life, something snapped within him. His soul, pure and strong, managed to break free of the Lich King's grasp. Barely able to contain the rage he held, the Death Knight regained his composure when he realized he was not the only one in the area. To escape, he thought, he'd have to put on a charade. He'd act as if he were still a mindless pawn to the Lich King's will.

That was much more easily said than done. Butchering the Scarlet soldiers, raining down icy death on their masses from the back of an undead dragon, and then, at long last, launching a full scale assault on Light's Hope Chapel. The battle ended before it even truly began. Lord Darion fell before Tirion, the Lich King announced his (quite obvious) plan to use the Death Knights merely as a lure, and all was well... sort of.

After Darion called for the Knights to reunite under the banner of the Ebon Blade, to assist the Argent Crusade in their campaign in the Northern Wastes, Alauen returned to his homeland to find it a different place. Shunned and hated by the general population, the Death Knight did what he did best. He went to war.

Alauen stands around 5'10" and weighs in around 164 lbs. Being a Death Knight, his body seems suspended in a type of 'frozen stage', keeping him fit for battle. He was in his mid-30's when he was slew in Darrowshire, still considered young by elvish folk. The man's hair, once a deep raven blue in color, is now a pale, ghostly white. His flesh, just as his hair, has felt the touch of death and his pigmentation seems next to none. When he speaks, his words are often blunt and to the point with a soft rasp to his voice.
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78 Human Paladin
Chaelrin Rhys. Info to come. :D
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41 Night Elf Priest
Elindyth. Profile incoming soon.
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85 Worgen Warlock
Name: Edmuen Bryant
Gender: Male Race: Worgen
Age:20. Occupation: Odds and ends.
Hobbies: Archeology, Anthropology, Exploring, Purveying exotic goods.

Bio to come later.
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