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90 Blood Elf Paladin
<Ex Cinis Cineris>

Faction: Horde

Guild Leader: Sapphiire

Officers/Contacts: Roswarke, Negral, Alsex


Guild Focus: 10-Man Casual Raiding and Socializing

Current Recruitment Status: Always Recruiting Intelligent** Players

Application Method: Website Application, Interview, Trial

Other Information: We are very social but we have a "get things done" attitude while still having fun. Most of our members are friendly and everyone is entertaining in their own way. We are extremely flexible and understanding. We believe RL > WoW and will stick by this no matter what circumstances arise.

Raid Days/Times
Friday/Monday 7:30-11:30 CST (First Group)
Thursday/Saturday 7:30-11:30 CST (Second Group)
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85 Troll Druid

Faction: Horde

Guild Leader: Baal

Officers/Contacts: Mullie, Containment, Valokora


Guild Focus: Hardmode 10-man Progression Raiding

Current Recruitment Status: Check website forums for updated recruitment status.

Application Method: Website Application

Other Information: 10man hardmode progression guild. Raid Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 7pm-11pm Central (Server) Time.
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91 Tauren Death Knight
<Blood of the Fallen>

Faction: Horde

Guild Leader: Bulor

Officers/Contacts: Daxxy, Brayna, Meerzul, and/or Darcus


Guild Focus: 10-man Raiding (Eventually), Casual Playing, PvP (End-Game), Socializing / Roleplaying Events, etc.

Current Recruitment Status: Always Recruiting

Application Method: Contact in-game, website application.

Other Information: Our official guild post -
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85 Human Death Knight

.. -possibly reserved-
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85 Tauren Death Knight
< Smile >
Faction: Horde
Guild Leader: Raziem
Officers: Kuadi, Ierriuqs, Akiko
Guild Focus: 10man Raid
Current Recruitment Status: Core Group - closed. Second group - open. Check at for updates
Application Method: Speak to Kuadi in-game
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85 Human Mage
--Spectral ---

Faction: Alliance

Guild Leader: Azkadelya

Officers/Contacts: --

Guild Focus: Casual 10 man raiding, socializing, and achievement runs.

Current Recruitment Status: We are currently recruiting all classes for our 10 man raids as well as always recruiting casual players who would like to socialize and/or work on achievements!

Application Method: Contact in game. :)

Other Information: Spectral is currently being rebuilt to reform into a 10 man raiding guild. We raid thurs/saturday nights at 9PM server. We are semi-casual, however, we would like to down bosses and make progression a priority.

Along with raiding we accept casual players who would just like to have fun and socialize with us.
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90 Orc Hunter
---Of Them---

Faction: Horde

Guild Leader: Sawhoof

Officers/Contacts: Tigersaurus, Arcadatio

Guild Focus: Socializing, leveling, dungeons

Current Recruitment Status: Always looking for new, active members

Application Method: Contact in-game

Other Information: We are a small guild looking to increase our ranks. We offer help with leveling your character and we're nice people, we'll talk to you and help in any way we can! We run dungeons fairly often and plan on doing raids once we have enough high level players.
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85 Night Elf Druid

Faction: Alliance

Guild Leader: Zapowah

Officers: Zoldam, Panda, Einherjarr, Yourdaddy, Halfstaff, Dewster, and myself.

Guild Focus: Getting gay , getting #@@#ered, getting dinked, /spitting, Raiding, RBG's, W-PVP, and having a good time with all the brogays.

Recruitment Status: If you like to pal around and act like a full grown man child please send a whisper to one of us in game.

Other Information: <PANDAMONIUM>#1
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85 Tauren Druid
< Alpha >

Faction: Horde

Guild Leader: Slivered

Officers: Lionblaze, Fionson , Mimicked

Guild Focus: End game raiding

Recruitment Status: Recruiting 85s only. Recruiting for our core group which needs more for Ranged dps and healers for Firelands but will take anyone

Application Method: Contact our officers or Leader ingame

Other Information: Friendly guild. We do not want any drama in this guild and we also help players. Raid on Tuesdays , Fridays and Saturdays evening. Always looking for those dedicated raiders. Only just starting FL but have experienced raiders most of whom are 5/7 or above.
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90 Tauren Druid
<Casual Hardcore>

Faction: Horde

Guild Leader: Hawkin

Officers/Contacts: Svezim, Dahlee

Website: None

Guild Focus: Raiding (10 man) and socializing

Current Recruitment Status: 1 DPS (Spriest, Mage, Warrior or Rogue ideally)

Application Method: In-game discussion with Hawkin

Other Information: We only raid once a week (Thursday 7PM-12:30 ST) and expect good performance and attendance from our raiders.
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
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90 Tauren Warrior
Atlantis / Lemuria

Faction Atlantis: Horde / Lemuria: Alliance

GM: Atlantis: Huggiee / Lemuria: Huggiie

Guild Contacts: Don't need em, our eyes are pretty sharp.


Guild Focus: Most of us don't actually use Focus, a lot of us use Mana, Rage, Energy, or Runes.

Current Recruitment Status: Sure, why not?

Application Method: /who the guild and send a whisper to someone.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Grand Finale

Faction: Horde

Guild Leader: Cokain

Officers/Contacts: Johnhammond, Seelia, Barce, Shamshamrage, Beefaloaf

(It's the social networking age... less work!)

Guild Focus: 10 man Regressive Raiding

Current Recruitment Status: Open invite to all. Although we have raid group 1 pretty much set in stone were looking to add another raid group in the future

Application Method: Message one of us?

Maelstrom's most regressive raiding guild!
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90 Human Paladin
<Knights Legion>

Faction: Alliance

Guild Leader: Quixus

Officers/Contacts: Exodicia, Jurai, Sithera

Website: Coming Soon

Guild Focus: Progression (Dungeons, PVP, Ect...)

Current Recruitment Status: Recruiting fun and mature players

Application Method: PST the GM or an Officer

Other Information: We are very social/casual guild but we we want to progress while still having fun. We understand that people have lives outside WOW and we encourage you to get out and have fun =)

Feel free to message one of us if you have any questions!
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85 Human Paladin
<Legion of the NRU>
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88 Blood Elf Rogue

Faction: Horde

Guild Leader: Øzil

Officers/Contacts: Aryinaira, Pashtari, Gødlëss

Guild Focus: End-Game Raiding, 10-man Raiding, Casual Playing, Socializing. Funday Monday/Sunday Old Content Guild Runs.

Current Recruitment Status: Always Recruiting

Application Method: contact in-game
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100 Tauren Shaman
Knights Templar

Faction: Horde

Guild Leader: Phaige

Officers/Contacts: Sarduc, Yourkiller, Asahealer, Johnevous


Guild Focus: 10-man Raids, Leveling, having fun

Current Recruitment Status: Recruiting

Application Method: contact in-game

Other Information: Looking for raiders and pvpers
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100 Tauren Death Knight
---Xrills Army---

Faction: Horde

Guild Leader: Xrill

Co GM: Ketchozkytu

Officers/Contacts: Fasicorpati, Caedis, Nerdypal

Guild Focus: Community style guild, PVE, PVP, Leveling, and assisting other guild members.

Current Recruitment Status: Currently open to for trial applicants.

Application Method: Talk to an officer about why you would like to join us.

Other Information: Even though were a bigger guild on the server we are a tight knit
group. No drama and friendly for PG 13 and up. Willing to help and get your dps, heals or tanking setup with class assistants.
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Champions of the Phoenix
Level 25

Faction: Alliance

Guild Leader: Kayess ("Kay")

Officers/Contacts: Kayess, Lilchit, Blaucki, Jaira


Guild Focus: Casual Playing, Eventual Raiding

Current Recruitment Status: Always Recruiting

Application Method: Contact in-game, contact via website, no application needed.

Other Information: Active promotion system that favors tenure over levels, seven bank tabs, 200+ members, most active 12PM-8PM Maelstrom ST, only 2 rules (1. Respect everyone regardless of rank/level/ability and 2. We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for drama of any kind.)
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