[Drenden] List of Active Guilds

80 Tauren Druid

Lets keep the quote spam going see how many cool boxes we can get. :D

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85 Undead Priest
Let me help a little.

  • Brothers of Honor

  • Type: Better than the rsst
    Raid Times: When we want
    Website: bohguild.org
    Contact: Anyone online can direct you to an officer. Please stay away from Gape, as he bites.


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    100 Blood Elf Paladin
    Fine, fine. More horde guilds need to chime in from this getting embarrassing.

    25-man raiding
    8-12 (yes, at night) Tues, Wed, Thurs (schedule has been tweaked)
    Wesbite: http://www.heresiarchguild.com
    Contact: Bearforceone (GM), Rohanna, Len, Wrathblood

    Our motto: "Heresiarch - come for the raiding, stay for the 4 hour seminars on block mechanic theorycrafting"
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    100 Troll Shaman
    Bored enough to do Requiem

    Name: Requiem

    Faction: Horde

    Type: 25-man

    Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 10 PM to 1 AM and Sunday 9 PM to 1 AM

    Website: http://www.req.dkpsystem.com/news.php

    Contact: Rainmaker, Issues, or Holspam
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    90 Draenei Paladin
    The Procrasti Nation


    Casual 25

    Tuesday nights, 10s throughout the week


    GMs: Aluminum, Grunjoe; For questions contact an officer.
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    85 Human Paladin
    Guild name: The Mourning Evolution

    Faction: Alliance

    Type: 10-man

    Raid Hours: 7 - 11 EST

    Website: http://themourningevolution.wowstead.com

    Contact: Cianden / Donpablô / Tyrànt / Darkez
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    90 Pandaren Shaman
    Guild name: Focused Aggression
    Faction: Alliance
    Type: 10-man
    Raid Hours: Tues/Wed/Thurs 9p-11:30p
    Website: http://focusedaggression.guildzilla.com/
    Contact: Edvard (GM), Windfurious (AGM), Dracille

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    85 Night Elf Hunter
    Faction: Alliance
    Type: Casual 10-man
    Raid Times (EST):
    Group 1-Tues/Mon 11:00 p.m.-around 1:00 p.m.
    Group 2-Sat 8:00 p.m.-11:30/12:00 p.m.
    Raid times may change/be added once we start raiding again after Cataclysm
    Website: guildmomentum.guildportal.com
    Contact: Sonofshorts, Sonofdeath, Freight, Chueco, Greyd
    Edited by Sonofshorts on 11/27/2010 7:57 AM PST
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    85 Dwarf Paladin
    Guild Name: Sacrosanct
    Faction: Alliance
    Type: 10-Man
    Raid Times: Thursday, Friday, Monday 10pm Server
    Website: http://www.sacrosanct-guild.com
    Contacts: Sarineth, Xannadi, Furnost, Høts, Mcgnugget
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    90 Human Priest
    Our motto: "Heresiarch - come for the raiding, stay for the 4 hour seminars on block mechanic theorycrafting"

    Hahahaha! Isn't this true of all raiding?

    Guild name: Knight Watch
    Faction: Alliance
    Type: 25-man
    Raid Hours: Tues/Thurs/Sun 8p-11p
    Website: http://knightwatch.guildomatic.com
    Contact: Grybold (GM), Nuriel (AGM), Littlebugger (AGM)

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    90 Night Elf Warrior
    I'd appreciate if you could add <Frosty Forever> to the list. :D

    Guild name: Frosty Forever
    Faction: Alliance
    Type: Casual 10-man
    Raid Hours: EST evenings, flexible, at least 1 night/week
    Website: http://frostyforever.proboards.com/index.cgi?
    Contact: GM = Axunari, Officers = Zwonkers, Zaragoz
    Edited by Axunari on 12/3/2010 12:02 PM PST
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    90 Human Rogue
    Guild: Phenom
    Faction: Alliance
    Type: Casual 10-man & Leveling
    Raid Hours: Weekday evenings, after 7pm, usually 1 weekend night
    Website: www.Wow-Phenom.com -or- Phenom.Enjin.com

    Contact: Namssob (GM), Kudzu, Bloodeagle, Pixistix (Managers)
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    90 Gnome Mage
    Hi. We exist too.

    Guild name: Dsylxeic
    Faction: Alliance
    Type: 25-man and possibly some R-BGs PvP
    Raid Hours: Tues 8-Midnight, Wed/Sun/Mon 8:45-Midnight
    Website: http://www.dsylxeic.com
    Contact: Thormaine (GM), Selmak (RL), Celdrid, Karalana, Minimemage
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    89 Draenei Hunter
    Guild name: With Feeling
    Faction: Alliance
    Type: 10-man
    Raid Hours: Typically two nights a week per group
    Website: www.withfeeling.net
    Contact: Alpacaa, Jefferson, Roofeo, Demetria

    Notes: Our guild is mostly made up the old Aetherial Circle crew if anyone is looking to get back in touch with us.
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    85 Gnome Priest
    Guild name: Hug Me
    Faction: Alliance
    Type: 10-mans and PVP shenanigans
    Raid Hours: late nights, 11+ server
    Website: hugme.guildomatic.com

    Hug Me is now recruiting anyone who likes giving and or receiving hugs!
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