Cataclysm Progression - Updated 2/14/2011


85 Orc Shaman
Glad to know things are cool. By the way, our 10 man group has a girl in it...which isn't really notable, other than the fact that her presence keeps Zanny silent about 90% of the time.

My other toons are still on this server, I'll drop by sometime.
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85 Goblin Priest
85 Goblin Rogue
Please keep reporting for a sticky on this thread please
55 Blood Elf Death Knight
So is this going to be just a handlebarz thread since it seems you guys are the only ones caring...nice way to steal the thread too synith. Love the hard work.
85 Goblin Rogue
I would have made the thread a long time ago before Feel did because gordon wasn't updating it, but I didn't have access to the forums because of my account getting hacked back in vanilla. I asked Feel/Alye to do it back then, and now I have the opportunity to do it when I couldn't before. This isn't just gonna be handlebarz, I will be keeping everything up to date for everyone, but if you got a problem with me, come out on your main and talk. I don't think many people on this realm have a problem with me, I'm a nice guy outside of raids, so whats your deal with call me out?
85 Orc Death Knight
Sounds like we have another worthless alt trying to be all big and bad but doesn't want to say who he is.

As long as you keep this updated and make it look good I have no probs with you Synith.
85 Undead Mage
I think he is referring to only handlebarz members being the ones who have been bumping and posting up until now, and trying to get it stickied.

Honestly the "Love the hard work." comment seems like a legitimate compliment.

Oh wells, maybe I am mistaken.


PS I'm not calling anyone out. just stating an opinion. :( <3 <3
46 Human Paladin
Dear progression thread on Agamaggan,

Oxymoron says hello.
85 Goblin Rogue
If other people help report it for a sticky, we would get it by now. So please help out.
85 Goblin Priest
I think he is referring to only handlebarz members being the ones who have been bumping and posting up until now

Dont think anyone else cares, clearly or all the other progressed guilds would be bumping, just sayin'
85 Blood Elf Warrior
Im only here to call out synith
85 Gnome Mage
What about:
85 Blood Elf Warrior
Progression threads have been sticky'd on forums since Vanilla, and a lot of those sites bug out when new members join who have downed more bosses than the new guilds they join.
85 Blood Elf Warrior
No because we have a lot of friends, friend
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