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85 Blood Elf Paladin
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87 Human Paladin
Storm - Alliance
Raiding, Social

We raid 25's and talk about stuff. Australian based, so late night for you yanks.
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Mithril Dreams Reborn - RP
"A few who share a dream of a respect and honor that transcends the boundaries of race."

We hope to aid newer folk with mini events such as care package giveaways and leveling teams. All are welcome who wish to share in the dream, or even have a spot of tea (or mead) and share a few stories around a fire.
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90 Night Elf Druid
AMICA - Alliance

PVE-Social- Light RP

Casual-Raiding, Family Friendly

Most have us have known each other since the beginning of WoW, but are always looking for new friends

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85 Orc Shaman

PvE, Some PvP, hopefully more with rated BG's and such.

We are a small group of people with similar goals. We are mostly "older" and more laid back.

Not currently recruiting but you would have to ask Larathus about that for the future. We currently field a steady 10 man group when content is relevant and a large percentage of us love our alts.

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85 Undead Priest
<Eastwind> - Social, Light PvP and PvE
Casual, family friendly
Eastwind’s school of raiding was founded in 2006 and has had a hand in helping many Silver Hand veterans reach their in-game potential. We are about providing a low-stress and supportive atmosphere for all type pf players.
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<Aggressive ßy Nature> Alliance

EST PVE Focused Family/Friendly Guild
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
<Dark Sun Army> (DSA)

Social, Optional RP, Casual raiding

We're still here, alive and kicking. 272 members as of today. We're A casual guild of sorts, we do raid as a guild, but it is NOT our focus. We're here to have fun, enjoy WoW, and make friends with guildies. On a personal note, DSA does have some RP, and if you're an RPer looking for a guild, a few of our members would love to have you along.
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Guild Name: Celestial Advocates
Faction: Alliance

Guild Foci:

Guild Style:
Casual but each of our groups embraces their own play style and each group leader has their own idea of what that style is.

Guild Website:
RP Post:
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85 Gnome Death Knight
Army of the Lost - Social, Leveling, PvE
Casual, Family-friendly
Info: Post #30
"Full bank tabs, tabard, website, and a fairly active player base. We are a group that likes to hang out, have fun, get achievements, and attempt to raid."

Alliance Guild

We have full bank tabs, a tabard, a spiffy website, and a fairly active player base. We are a group that likes to hang out, have fun, get achievements, and attempt to raid occasionally.

Taken straight from the Soldier's Mandate on our website (rules and expectations of our guild):

We don't allow everyone into the guild. If we did, things would be crazy and you'd have all sorts of people that don't like each other, so we must discriminate. It is possible, therefore, that you won't qualify for membership. It isn't about the best gear or the highest level, we don't care if you can beat us in a duel or not. We don't recruit based on who will be able to contribute, we recruit based on how well you fit in with everyone; how well you interact with others.
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85 Night Elf Rogue
Thirteenth Legion

Primary focus is on progression raiding, but guildies also enjoy battlegrounds, occasional rp, and basically whatever's fun to do together.

Guild style is semi-hardcore--we take what we do seriously, but as a guild of mostly mature professional types, real life obligations come first.

--We're a raiding guild that sets high standards, but we recognize that people on this server generally value real life commitments, a fun game experience, and a decent social environment over the hardcore raiding-as-a-second-job scene. We are therefore willing to work with recruits that might not yet be up to our standards in gear or experience, as long as they show a good attitude, strong potential, and continuous progress under the guidance of their guild mentor.

--Many of us have been burnt in the past by impatient elitist leads that looked down on the "mere" normal members of the guild, so we have created a guild environment where the input and opinions of each and every member of the guild, lead or no, is listened to and considered without fear of retribution or punishment (other than the risk of a brief assignment to the rank of latrine digger). If you are a member of the Legion, you are every bit as important to the success of our goals as the GM or the other officers are.

--We generally raid 25-man progression content four nights a week: Tues/Weds/Thurs/Sun 6-9 p.m. server time. We expect apps to be able to make at least three out of four raid nights in any given week (although we liberally allow leaves of absence when real life obligations are posted about in advance).

--The Legion has some rp flavor to the guild and many of us enjoy roleplaying, but rp is not our focus nor is it required (other than you having to deal with rp-flavored guild rank titles). We DO expect members of the Legion to treat other people, inside and outside the guild, with courtesy and respect.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Handle It


PVE: We handle it

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80 Human Mage
Alahni lo Andu

Alliance-side RP with casual 10-man raidiing and PvP

Moving websites atm.
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90 Troll Hunter
Moon Ascendant - Horde

PVE - PVP - Social - Achievements - Casual - Alts!
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Invisible Pink Unicorns

Social, leveling

Family friendly casual

This guild was created with Oxhorn for Oxhorn fans to a place to hang out and chat with other Oxhorn fans.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

PVE, Social, Casual Raiding (eventually)

We're a small, new guild looking to expand a bit.
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85 Tauren Hunter
Tauren Thunder
Started on 3/16/05 Tauren Thunder has been following and teaching the ways of the Earthmother for a long time. Roleplay centric but not required, casual, fun tribe open to all who hear the Earthmother and love the Tauren ways.

We are mostly people with heavy RL's and as such have long inactivity cycles due to college, work, families etc... we have a few bank slots, Teamspeak server, and are affiliated with some of the oldest and most respected guilds and players on SilverHand.

Good Journey
Chieftain Gorachlenor
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85 Draenei Paladin
Known To Cause Death


Not a huge guild, but always welcoming and helpful. We don't raid as a guild presently, though many of our members do raid separately and can offer advice in regards to raiding. A good guild to get started in, but don't expect us to start selling Cata raid titles anytime soon.

Edit: Thanks for doing this Kretol. It's definitely helpful to anyone seeking a guild, and to those of us who are seeking recruits as well.
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85 Human Death Knight
Sawed Off

Casual PvE, Social

Founded on 11/23/04, Sawed Off has been on SH since the beginning. Many of us are former guildmates from EQ (Walkers, on Vazaelle), but we've welcomed quite a few new friends and family members to the guild here in WoW. We've quietly contributed some quality members to LO raiding charters over the years, and intend to do some guild-only raiding in Cata as schedules permit. Overall, we enjoy a casual, social PvE setting, as most of us are older players with careers and families of our own. Getting into the guild begins with sponsorship by an active member. The guild is comprised mostly of our staunch, yet vertically challenged allies, the Dwarves. Our thane is Ringo Flinthammer, who's been our guild leader (in both this guild and our former EQ guild) for over a decade now.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Few Against the Many

Guild focus is mostly raiding, but raiding is by no means a requirement for membership. We have all walks of life, PVPers, Levelers, Merchants. Some members never step in a raid with us.

Guild style - The raiding style is a casual-progression. The guild itself is friendly and social. We do require all members to be 18+. We have several ex-military members, as well as many husband/wife teams.

We are looking for like-minded, mature players who want to work together as a team to further the guild and all its members.

**We are not a stepping stone. We will work with you in obtaining your goals as a player. If your goal is just to gear up your character and move on, then this is not the guild for you. We are striving to make this your last Home.**
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