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How is the RP community on this server?

The big one! RP on our server is always growing. Both Horde and Alliance have several RP guilds of varying levels, and both have multi-guild events and events in their own guilds. Most guilds host their own plots and it isn't uncommon for individuals sitting around when they're being discussed (guilded or not) to get hauled in.
While random RP in cities isn't overly common, it does happen and the more RPers that join the server, the more it can happen. We have our fair share of baRP, too. We've had people try other servers and come back to Farstriders just because of our RP community. (Take that, Moon Guard!) Organizers Hordeside pick a city to RP in three times a week as well. Alliance has at least one big public event a month and numerous smaller random gatherings.

What about RP channels?

Both sides have OOC channels. We don't post them in public for obvious reasons. Most use the channels to just chat with people outside the guild, hunt for other RPers and generally to be silly. If you're interested in joining the channels, contacts are readily available on both sides.
Alliance: Anyone in The Shadow Hall or any of the RP guild GMs
Horde: Any of the RP guild GMs

What about RPPVP?

Since Alliance outnumbers the Horde so extremely RPPVP events are, generally, so lopsided they don't turn out well...

FlagRSP or MyRP? Do I need one?

I believe MyRP is the more popular of the RP addons.

Vampires? Catgirls? What about lore?

Generally, if you claim to be anything like this, you'll be laughed at by the general population. We play that we are the class and race that we rolled those characters as. I'd say 99.9% of the population follows lore and goes out of their way to avoid those that do not.

Where can I find random RP? Where are the hot spots?

For the Alliance, most RP takes place in Stormwind, but we do RP everywhere and have wound up in every city and even some more obscure places. Take a peek behind the Cathedral or at the Blue Recluse. The Harbor is a big stomping ground as well.
For the Horde, Silvermoon tends to get the most attention, but that doesn't stop RPers from RPing all over.
Both sides RP all over the world, so finding centralized RP can be a tad difficult. Ask around in the channels or amongst known RPers. We do tend to keep track of these things.

What are some of the events you host?

Alliance has auctions - both guild and individual - holiday parties, taverns and more.
Horde has RP workshops, storytelling contests, debates, and events every Thursday.
Both sides have unplanned events, and lots more, both big and small.
Both sides also host several events a month, so don't hesitate to ask around to find out if there's any you're missing on your calender! Guilds on both sides of the line also host public events.

What should I have prepared for the guilds that require interviews?

Most guilds that require an interview look for the same basic information. They want to know, obviously, if your character fits the guild. Having a basic personality and back story made up and ready to go (Even if it's simple) is always a good idea. If you're missing parts of your backstory, let the guild know! They're just looking for people that fit into their guild, just like you're looking for a guild that you'll fit into. Know what both you and your character are looking for in a guild, and make sure you find a guild that fits your character (and you) well enough that you'll want to stick around for a while. Also, don't hesitate to turn the interview around and ask the guild all sorts of questions. If they have a website, visit it, read up on them. We're a small community, so most guilds can point you in the direction of a guild that fits you best.

I want to start an RP guild. Is there any assistance I can get?

YES! Both sides have people that will roll alts/unguild an alt to sign your charter if it promises to be RP. We're always looking for more RPers and guilds and will do everything we can to encourage it.

I need a guild added to the listing!

Contact Ura (Alliance) or Roxy (Horde) with your guild name, level of RP, a SHORT sentence or two description and contacts for potential recruits. Please remember to keep your description short or we won't have room for all the guilds needing to be listed. Take a look at the current descriptions and use those as a guide.
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Exactly what it sounds like. A blog dedicated to encouraging new RPers and helping out.

Farstriders Wiki-

Lore, rules, etc.

Wowpedia -
The big one. Search for something. You get lore, quest information, pictures, etc. Excellent for doing research into something.

World of Warcraft Storyline -
Official from Blizz.

Warcraft Encylopedia -
Missing a lot of stuff, but still handy for quick look-ups.

WoWWiki's Guide to RP -
I only skimmed it, but it has some interesting bits. Worth a quick read for new RPers, I think.

Guide to Races -

Guide to Night Elves -


Too Many Annas
A very interesting blog that discusses both RP and raid, while delving into bits of lore, discussing a variety of things the common RPer runs across.

Interesting looking blog throwing all sorts of RP stuff out there.

Words from Riverdawn
RP blog ran by RPers. Has regular character, guild and art features as well as lore articles weekly.
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Handy things to improve your RP experience!

Character Information:

Same as the above with a TON more. Names and descriptions for your mounts, create items like GHI, use sounds, etc. Also enables you to track RPers on the map! Real cool.

Easily one of the most popular RP addons. It allows you to add a physical description, surname, middle name, etc. It's all kept out of the way on your character screen.

Similar to MyRP, just a different layout. Haven't used the Cata version that's in the link, myself.

Similar to all of the above, with varying features, including the option to hide your UI except the chatbox.

(I don't use any of these, so I'm not sure which is best. Have a recommendation? Post!)

Lets your character 'speak' other languages. Doesn't actually speak them, nor does it translate. I haven't used it, but have heard of some others doing so.

Similar to Tongues. Lets your character speak different languages. I couldn't get it to work, but know others that are running it so I probably just suck. Out of date, but still capable.

(I don't use any of these, so I'm not sure which is best. Have a recommendation? Post!)

GryphonHeart Items-
Allows players to create their own linkable items (No actual use,) buffs, etc. Makes for quest-style RP being easier. Was buggy when flying before. Haven't tried it since. I've heard it's been fixed.

Arcane Workshop-
Similar to GHI, but allowing the transfer of items to other players with the same addon.Other:

The goal of LFRP is "to quickly let players find information about guilds, events, active rp spots, open taverns/inn's To improve random RP greatly and making finding rp around azeroth easier and there by support roleplaying OUTSIDE main cities."

Degaine -
Redraws your weapons after you do an action where they've been sheathed (ie: Talking, opening a merchant window, etc)

Whatsex -
Allows you to figure out what gender a shapeshifted player is by typing a simple command

/ooc puts everything said afterward into brackets.

GryphonHeart Reputation
Player made reputations. I had a project started on our server for the lulz, but no one else had it so I removed the addon. If interest perks up I can get it going again.

Allows players to carry the text of up to 12 in game books with them. Handy for holding onto snippets of lore.

Guild Bounty Hunter
Put bounties on NPCs, players, etc. more of a PVP thing, but something could be arranged.


Adds a button to the dressing room that strips your character so you can see what an item looks like. Handy for those that wear tabards or robes.

Similar to WoW's outfit option, but if you use Fubar or a similar UI it takes a simple couple of clicks to update an outfit or set it.

Turns your hat, and optionally your cloak, on in combat and off when you aren't fighting.

Aubcrom's Enviroment Emotes
Reformats emotes on your side for appearances. Example: John|| Loud crows scream above. becomes just: Loud crows scream above.


Persistence of Chattiness
Remembers the last channel you spoke in. Not needed if you use MyRP.

Misspelled - RECOMMENDED!
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Claimed for future use.
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Ura, that was an excellent FAQ! Thanks for posting this :D
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Ura, you are simply the best. When it comes to RP, Farstriders owes you big time.
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12/11/2010 7:07 PMPosted by Ludmilla
Ura, you are simply the best. When it comes to RP, Farstriders owes you big time.

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11/18/2010 10:31 PMPosted by Ura
Alliance: Ura, Hanzon, Illunara, Aegisian, Sorrel (Or anyone in The Shadow Hall.)

Hanzon, Illunara

I feel important! Long live Farstriders.
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Just a note: If anyone would like to volunteer to be listed for the contacts for either side, let me know.
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Updated the TRP2 link.
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13550 should be updated to In October of 2010, the admins of Wowwiki left the Wikia domain because Wikia screwed them over hardcore and Wikia still will not allow them to take their domain name back. is the resource that's actually maintained now, and is endorsed by Blizzard. It's also part of the Curse network, so it's more trustworthy than Wikia, because you don't have a -million- ads across each page. There're just 2 banner ads per page. no longer has administrators.
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02/28/2011 6:06 AMPosted by Sahare should be updated to

Thank you. Haven't had the time/effort to browse through sites to make sure they were all still going.
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Added some more add-ons. Updated a couple links.
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Updated some of the addons again, removed some never-used addons and added another.

Updated the FAQ itself a little bit.

I'd like more contacts for Hordeside, as well as a guild to act as the counter to The Shadow Hall for channel contacts. I know Horde doesn't use the channel all that much, but having it there is still a handy option.
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This here thread needs some updating, although the main thing that I'm seeing is just the fact Yoji's name is still on it. Yoji left us /crai.

Edit to add Agonaga's and Chai's names are still there too. Ago, miss ya man. Chai, goes for you aswell.
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This here thread needs some updating, although the main thing that I'm seeing is just the fact Yoji's name is still on it. Yoji left us /crai.

Edit to add Agonaga's and Chai's names are still there too. Ago, miss ya man. Chai, goes for you aswell.

See, no one tells me things things!
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Updated the Resources page to include RP Made Simple:
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*Walks right in* Ooops...I forgot my Scrubs dvds. You guys seen those around here anyplace?
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...oh...those were YOUR Scrubs DvD seasons 1-7...?
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