Reasonable Mage nerfs and dispel changes.

85 Undead Mage
12/20/2010 9:25 PMPosted by Silvashank
add a 8 second cooldown to ice lance... Win?

actually that is fail. there are better ways to fix mages
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90 Human Mage
If I'm reading this correctly, the point of contention is that frost mages can chain a lot of ice lances. So, why not remove generating fingers of frost from the pet snare, and just increase the fingers of frost proc rate from frost bolt?

The potential downside is that it would mean that fingers of frost might not be up when deep freeze comes off of cool down, which would make the spec more RNG dependent in PVE. (Naturally, more RNG dependent would also mean that it could be procing a lot more, allowing for more ice lance spamming than otherwise. So really, just saying that there is more variability isn't entirely a bad thing.)

The benefit is that it would make haste more valuable as a stat than it currently is, because haste would mean more casts, and more casts would mean more chances to proc fingers of frost.

Another advantage of removing the frost from the pet snare is that it would offer an open route to nerfing PVP frost without as negatively affecting PVE frost, as if frost has too much control, it would be easy enough to just increase the cool down on the snare.
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85 Undead Mage
12/20/2010 11:12 PMPosted by Sttx
Frost is Op in pvp because of the insane control it has over melee. The roots need to share DR, being rooted over and over and over and over... it gets old really quick and the class just has too many escape mechanics to also have so much control. Not to mention getting caught in a deep freeze is pretty much game over, which is stupid because it has such a short cd.

Between sheep, cone of cold root/snare, pet nova, deep freeze, and frost nova, a mage can keep 2 melee completely off their targets for a long time.

In before "where is your dispeller?". hes either sheeped, or getting his ass focused by the mage and his team because im sitting in a the 8th nova in a row to last full duration.

frost control went down actually. imp CoC replaced frostbite (not to say it doesn't need to be changed, it causes uninteresting gameplay) and shattered barrier was nerfed. no winters chill so its easy to dispel. the only thing that makes it have more control than WotLk is ring of frost which will get nerfed, but outside of RoF, control did go down from wotlk.
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