Need help choosing a healer for Cata.... :O

85 Draenei Shaman
I have all four healers at 80 and have been struggling to choose which to go with. Perhaps you guys can help me decide if I list some pros and cons about each that I feel. I'm also leveling with a group of friends and we made our own guild and will do 10 mans come Cata.

To keep it relatively simple I'll limit my pros to 5 for each class and 3 cons. And I'll also list my friends group.

Thanks for any help! (And I'm mainly going to be raiding with some BG's on the side)

1. Two healing trees, can't go wrong.
2. Shadow is interesting and seems to be powerful in Bg's (I haven't played Shadow much yet though)
3. I like how cloth looks on humans, and I love the visuals of Penance, Barrier, Sanctuary, etc
4. I like the "holy light" concept more than "nature"
5. Disc feels very natural to me, and I like having angel wings

1. No melee DPS or tanking
2. I switched to holy and heals hHoR and got wtfpwned (given practically no practice with it)
3. Cata abilities are kinda boring

1. My main currently, and resto is my favorite healing spec so far to play and I love how chain heal looks
2. Has a rocket mount, and more on topic, I'm excited about the new abilities.
3. The element (earth, fire, air, water) concept is awesome to me, I love it.
4. I love shields (both the magic shields and the physical shields)
5. I love having utility, and Shamans bring a lot of it.

1. Enhancement and Elemental are two of my least favorite DPS specs (I will be mainly a healer but I'd want to do some DPS in my off time too). This isn't to say I hate enh/ele, but I find them rather bland. And weak.
2. I've seen a huge influx of Shamans on my server and they are all resto/ele
3. Dreanei = bleh to me. Dwarf I like even less.

1. Can fulfill all roles (huge for me since I'm so indecisive)
2. I like the Hot's style of Resto (mainly because it's different from what I'm used to)
3. Bear tanking and Cat DPS were very very fun when I leveled them
4. Tranquility is my favorite WoW spell (Thanks to WC3)
5. Moonkin is a lot of fun, and having all these animal forms (including flight form is awesome). Plus my Druid got lucky and got the Brewfest mounts.

1. Lots of Druids in my guild (including my brother)
2. Conceptually I like light and elements better than leaves
3. I feel more helpless healing when someone takes heavy damage

1. I love the holy knight concept, and Plate is nice.
2. Cool abilities come Cata (at least I think they are)
3. Can fulfill all three roles (I'm not big into tanking but I wouldn't mind maybe trying it one day..maybe. But tanking feels off to me whereas healing feels so natural)
4. Fights with two handed melee weapons as DPS (which I like more than dual wielding) and I like Ret a lot. Prot is cool too. (Though not as much as feral imo)
5. Holy with Holy Power is fun and I like having "powerful" heals

1. Lots of Pallies, including two in my group
2. I've noticed they can get boring. It's as if Pallies are my favorite class conceptually but in practice are relatively boring to me.
3. I hate healing when taking group damage because I feel helpless

And lastly here's my group (as of now):

1. DK (Tank)
2. Paladin (Tank)
3. Mage
4. Druid (Feral DPS / Tank)
5. Warlock
6. Hunter
7. Paladin (Ret)
8. Mage
9. Most likely a Druid as heals but not for sure yet
10. Me

Any help would be fantastic! Thanks a lot :D
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100 Draenei Shaman
Simply put: If Resto Shaman is your favorite healing spec, why not just go with it?
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85 Troll Priest
Priests are like Rogues for healing in cata. You must maintain Rupture (renew) by healing targets before it falls off to refresh it.

You must maintain Slice and Dice (Chakra) either by using specific spells which may or may not be the right spell for the situation, or by pressing the button every 30 seconds.

If you take damage you need to Bandage (Lightwell) due to no self healing talents and Binding Heals prohibitive cost.

If you get agro you can Vanish (Fade) to drop your threat saving your hide. But just like vanish it doesn't work in pvp.

But we don't have Holy Power combo points, so I can't complete the analogy. :P
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85 Undead Priest
But just like vanish it doesn't work in pvp.

%@!*in lol'd. Anyway, OP I'd go with a Druid or Paladin.
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80 Draenei Shaman
Im on the fence between resto shaman and disc priest myself.
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75 Orc Shaman
Im on the fence between resto shaman and disc priest myself.

Same, but I think i'm going to go resto, having heaps of fun and I hear disc is pretty ##** atm (Yes I know things will even out eventually) but i'm kinda over disc anyway need a fresh change. So I think shaman it is.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
You should go with the one you enjoy most.
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73 Human Warlock
Imo, for raiding, shammy or priest. Personally... I LOVE PRIESTS. So I'm totally not biased. But I also think that the skill base fits your group really well.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
If I had a shaman I'd play that, only healer I dont have at 80. Other then that I'm partial to my pally always have been since I started healing.
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85 Draenei Shaman
Resto Sham! :3
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