Cataclysm TN Progression Thread [FINAL]


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12/29/2010 1:04 PMPosted by Vendric
- Progression Updated

I'm sharing a thought with you. With the way Blizzard has abandoned achievements pertaining specifically to 10-man or 25-man, it's going to become very difficult to determine whether kills are what they say rather quickly.

An example: A guild kills something on 10-man for the first time one week, the next week they say they kill it on 25-man. The guild achievement already says they downed that boss, so the next thing to check would be personal achievements and try to count out the number required. Another way would be to check that guild's recent news and see who obtained what items and how many dropped. That would require me to be a virtual database of all items dropped to know which boss drops which without a lot of hours going back and forth checking and rechecking.

What does all this mean? In the near future I'm considering combining the 10-man and 25-man progression formats into one format before it becomes too convoluted. It's something I'm mulling over and wanted to share my thoughts so no one is caught off guard if/when it happens.

Progression Kills are still easy to check through the guild achievements, just not their size difficulty. I don't know how I feel about this.

TLDR - I might combine the 10 and 25 man charts into one.

Require a screenshot with raid frames up. Perhaps an easy fix?
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What is this shenanigans? No Empyrean Dawn guild website? Need to trip on my Old School electronica bro.
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- Progression Updaged

12/29/2010 8:49 PMPosted by Aozotorp

From what I gather wowprogress is buggy when it comes to 10 and 25 because guilds can kill it with two separate 10m groups and it considers it a 25m kill. Audhoma has a site that is pretty accurate and I am sure will have no problem divulging the url for your use on making sure the progression is what people say it is.

That would probably be very useful. I'll contact you in game or on your guild page. Thanks, Aozo!
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After finally having gotten around to them...

Conclave of Wind 10 Normal Down - 1/2/11 @ 8:11PM
Edited by Alduris on 1/2/2011 6:29 PM PST
85 Troll Druid
Al'Akir 25 normal down
85 Draenei Paladin
Ascendant Council 10 Normal Down - 1/3/10 @ 9:58PM
85 Goblin Mage
Atramedes and Conclave of the Wind killed on 25 man normal for Simplicity tonight.
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<Winners make it happen>
Valiona and Theralion 10n
Ascendant Council 10n
Maloriak 10n
Atramedes 10n
Conclave of the Wind 10n
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Atramedes down for Impervious on 10-man.
85 Goblin Mage
Chimaeron 25 man normal killed by Simplicity tonight.
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I suppose we should get ourselves on here. Gossip Girls (10 man guild) has no website but we have killed:
BWD: Magmaw, Omnotron, Maloriak, and Atramedes
BoT: Halfus and V&T
Throne: Conclave of Winds

Thanks Ven =)
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Nefarian 25 normal down
Edited by Zach on 1/5/2011 7:34 PM PST
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For Borrowed Time

Al'akir 10 Normal down

Atramedes 10 normal down
85 Blood Elf Priest
For Acumen

Magmaw 10 normal down
90 Blood Elf Paladin
< Winners Make it Happen>
Chimaeron 10n
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Nice site. The TN-specific link is:
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- Progression Updated

Thanks Aozo! Looks good! Will definitely be making use of that.
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Ascendant Council 10man Normal
85 Tauren Paladin
For <Borrowed Time>

Maloriak 10 normal

Chimaeron 10 normal
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