Active RP Guild Listings [Cataclysm]

85 Blood Elf Priest
Guild: The Aegis

Faction: Horde

Created On: 12 / 7 / 2010

Guild Leader: In character leaders Ashle/Asheline, Gwrtheyrn, Tiradell

Persons of Note: Ashle, Gwrtheyrn, Tiradell, Sidoran

Guild RP Theme: Private military

Guild Chat Style: In character at all times through guild communication devices.

Raiding/Instancing Style: A mix of in character and out of character.

Pvp Style: A mix of IC and OOC. Ideally we aim for in character BG's.

Special Requirements: Level 10 minimum to join

Website Link:

About Guild: The Aegis primary goal is to renew the spirit of the Horde. We fight for the Horde and will die for the Horde.
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Information needed: (Stolen from Elexandre who stole it from Shryndael)

Guild Name: The Serpentvine Tribe

Faction: Horde

Created on: about two weeks ago

Guild Leader: Zulzando

Persons of Note: Zulzando

Guild RP Theme: Displaced trolls of the Gurubashi Empire in search of a new home

Guild Chat Style: out of character.

Raiding/Instancing Style: decided upon by the group dungeoneering. if they simply wish to lvl and get some gear, thats cool. If they wish to do the afore mentioned while in character, then thats Great!

PvP Style: In-Character

Other RP Thingies:

Special Requirements: Be a troll.

Website Link: none

About Guild: The Serpentvine Tribe is comprised of trolls who were formerly of the Gurubashi Empire, whether they were of the Gurubashi themselves or one of the tribes under the Gurubashi Umbrella. Disillusioned with their leaders after the corruption and subsequent fall of the Go Hakkar, Zulzando gathered other like minded trolls from among the refugees in Zul'Gurub and trolls wandering in the surrounding Jungles. Decidin to forge a new tribe he gathered them together and decided a coarse of action. To see to the safty of the serpentvine, Zulzando took his trolls across the ocean to Kalimdor, followin the Example of the Darkspears. There he is curently searching for a place his tribe can call home.

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85 Tauren Paladin
Guild Name: Aegis Wolves

Faction: Horde

Created on: March 2011

Guild Leader: Sunwalker Koltaraus Grimtotem

Persons of Note: Roskaa, Koltaraus' adviser and Co-Founder of the Guild.

Guild RP Theme: A small-unit, Elite Mobile Infantry of the Horde. Originally tasked with deploying to protect Horde settlements in Kalimdor, the Shattering has expanded their operations.

Guild Chat Style: Mixed IC/OOC Until large events kick off or until the Order dictates a change.

Raiding/Instancing Style: Pseudo IC/OOC. We Use /say and /yell for IC communication, /party for OOC coordination.

PvP Style: Active but casual, light IC work sometimes.

Other RP Thingies: We are available for hire as bodyguards and traveling companions.

Special Requirements: A good attitude, and an understanding that we are a chapter of a larger roleplaying gaming organization. We are a social guild, not a support group, and we give little sympathy to those that try to bring down the mood of the collective.

Website Link:

About Guild: We are a chapter of a larger organization that has seen the Aegis Wolves name roleplaying in many games, From EverQuest to League of Legends. The common denominator across all games has been an enjoyable social atmosphere, successful players, and high spirits and camaraderie.
In Shadow Council, we materialize as an elite group of Horde Infantry, mobilizing to protect Horde assets across Kalimdor with special missions to other parts of Azeroth. Our roleplaying style matches that, if you think we're the guild for you, you're probably right! And we look forward to hearing from you!
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85 Tauren Druid
Guild has been server changed.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
((EDIT: The Farstriders guild, run by Elaeryn, has broken off from this guild and now is its own entity. ERC still has active Roleplayers in it, but will be shifting to a social guild with a story behind it. ))

Guild Name:
Eversong Ranger Corps (ERC)


Created on:
March 7th, 2011 (3/7/11)

Guild Leader:
Moriurya (ICly Ranger General Brightwing is the leader)

Persons of Note:
Moriurya (Ranger-Captain, 5th Farstrider Company)

Guild RP Theme:
Defenders of the people and lands of Quel'Thalas (includes Silvermoon, Eversong Woods, Ghostlands, Isle of Quel'Danas, etc) based as members of the Farstriders and their Allies (Militia/Citizens) working together to protect and aid the people and lands.

Guild Chat Style:
We use it as an in-character radio-type program to allow for the members of ERC to easily contact each other. There is an out-of-character channel for all random conversations, and we promote the use the the /haven channel.

Raiding/Instancing Style:
Casual to almost non-existent. We would enjoy to do some random instances with some casual RP mixed in, or even an In-Character infiltration if it can be explained, but for the most part we don't plan these things.

PvP Style:
Again almost non-existent. We have members who like to PvP, but it isn't something we actively focus on. If any Alliance come within Quel'Thalas, ERC members are to see them as a threat and either attack them or report their activity.

Special Requirements:
1. Application process available on website. Form to be filled out in detail.
2. Citizenship of Quel'Thalas ... does not have to be a Sin'dorei.
3. No demons; we are not against demon roleplaying stories, but they do not fit our guild theme.
4. Ask questions if concerned/confused and accept feedback/comments/critique when it is given.
5. Request of members to be at least 16 years of age, as some conversations can get on the PG-13 rating, as can RP, though we try not to.
6. Registration and participation on guild website.

About Guild:
Eversong Ranger Corps is under the Ranger General of Quel'Thalas, currently being Halduron Brightwing, previously Sylvanas Windrunner. The guild was created in hopes to bring together the Ranger roleplayers out there and have them work together, then it grew to become a location for Fatstriders and citizens to aid their homeland.

The Eversong Ranger Corps is an organization that is dedicated to providing assistance to all our communities in Quel'Thalas. The ERC will provide members to assist their local communities in everything from helping in a disaster and emergency, to assisting local authorities in locating missing persons and provide prompt assistance to any local community. All members of Eversong Ranger Corps should act under Lawful guidance; the D&D definition of the 'Good' alignment best describes this guild.

Ranks are based on character storyline, not how much you are trusted or how long you have been in the guild. If you can explain in a detailed post on the forums why your level 10 character is actually an amazing hero of the Second War, an RP session will be scheduled some time in the next week to see how capable you are of playing such a role. On top of character creation abilities, further questions/tests may be put in effect if you are trying to become an officer, including a basic ooc conversation on the dedication toward the guild.
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70 Human Rogue
Guild: The Mistrunner
Faction: Alliance
Created On: 2/11/2010 (recently revamped)

Guild Leader: Lynxfaye - Captain Lynx D'Lancri of the Kul'Tiras Noble House Enturose. She has a twin sister, Zarya Enturose (Entu In-Game) and no parents to speak of.
Persons of Note: Festernis (First Mate) and Dryvan

Guild RP Theme: Shipping Company of the Alliance; sometimes has neutral dealings. Also very firm against the Forsaken specifically.

Guild Chat Style: Mostly Out-of-Character, though it has been used for In-Character communication either through communicators or as an actual setting (like the office).
Raiding/Instancing Style: Often In-Character with some Out-of-Character moments or instances.
Pvp Style: Out-of-Character usually, though sometimes In-Character depending on how it is received by other involved in the PvP. We don't do much PvP.

Special Requirements: Must be level 10 and willing to improve on the roleplaying community. Request age 16+, but will make exceptions depending on maturity in roleplaying style.

About Guild: The Mistrunner is a shipping company originally based from Menithil Harbor until the Shattering. They used to run supplies to Northrend during the advancement against the Scourge, then spent some time as a hired crew for escorting passengers and/or going on adventures to find rare artifacts and items. Since the Cataclysm, however, the Alliance 'commandeered' the last ship of The Mistrunner for war purposes. The business isn't quite at a halt, but it has slowed down significantly; they are searching for a new crew and hopefully someone to be a patron and support the funds for a new ship!
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100 Human Paladin
Guild Name: The Silver Dragoons

Faction: Alliance

Created on: May 26, 2005

Guild Leader: Alynore Forrester

Persons of Note: Lirriel Meterein (my former main), Bennet Harrigan (Sowelu), Pinapple Peppercog (Darlain), Delphiee Callaghan (Fiyonna/Shiva)

Guild RP Theme: Pseudo-militaristic good guy mercenaries.

Guild Chat Style: In Character via magical communication stones that you receive upon admittance. Invite-only OOC custom chat channel.

Raiding/Instancing Style: We raid alongside The Meddlers for now, though we 5man and Scenario as a guild when possible! Full rules are among the many things we have on the website.

PvP Style: City defense is up to individuals. We don't do IC offense, though players are welcome to participate in faction raids. No current BG or Arena teams.

Website Link:
PLEASE READ THE WEBSITE! It not only has IC info, but OOC policies, and RP & Lore advice and information in our dropdown menus to help our players. We also have front page News & Info posts, and a forum for sharing RP stories, among others.

About Guild: The Silver Dragoons hosts an open, public meeting every Wednesday at 7PM server time at the old Argent Dawn building in Stormwind's Cathedral Square. All members will be in uniform.

Having been discharged from the Stormwind Army's service, the Silver Dragoons have become a mercenary unit, based in Elwynn Forest/Stormwind. Their primary mission is still the assistance and defense of the Alliance and its interests, and helping citizens where they need it. The occasional help-save-the-world antics crop up in there, usually due the Meddlers' dragging their Dragoon buddies into a mess.

Also, not to be confused with "Silver Dragoons", another guild with a very similar name!

Special Requirements: We are IC really hard on Death Knights and Warlocks who try to join. Warlocks cannot use IC demons, while DKs cannot use ghouls IC. Be prepared for a more intense interview and dislike by some characters. OOC, no one has issues, and several members have these classes as alts.

Other: We mostly like playing good guys, though some characters do have darker sides. We have applications on our website, and do IC interviews for promotions. We do have pseudo-IC alt/friends-of-the-guild ranks available. We're pretty big on IC Actions having IC Consequences, but try to talk things out and compromise OOC where we can.

Many of us enjoy the lore, but it's OK if players wanting to join are not experts. We're happy to help people learn, and provide links and advice to find out more. We at least try to stay on roughly the same page and close approximate translations of the lore to make group RP easier.

(Reposting from first page, as that player/character's no longer in the guild and I can keep it updated myself here! UPDATED 9/16/12)
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100 Night Elf Druid
Guild Name: Children of the Stars
Faction: Alliance
Created on: August 18th, 2010
Guild Leader: Ktar Cloudwaver & Mystie Rainwater
Persons of Note: Linaarra
Guild RP Theme: Nature-themed good guys. Trying to restore the balance, and now, put down the Horde.
Guild Chat Style: Guild chat is In-Character, via a "guildstone" or whatever you'd like to call it. Some form of magical device soulbound to each guild member that allows us tracking and voice communication.
Raiding/Instancing Style: We are doing an in-character guild run following each guild meeting weekly. These will start with some old world content, and be lessons on the lore of the content, but will develop into Pandaria instances and guild runs.
PvP Style: With the fall of Theramore, PvP is completely accepted, although our members do not have any arena teams, BG teams, or the like.
Other RP Thingies: We meet every Sunday at 4pm Server Time, at the gazebo behind Stormwind Cathedral.
Special Requirements: We generally play good guys. We believe that IC actions have IC consequences. We have an Alt rank, and do interviews prior to accepting anyone into the guild, in-character.
Website Link:
[b]About Guild:
The Children of the Stars is a small fighting force that works with Tyrande and Malfurion to attempt to restore the balance to the land. This force, because it is small, can go undetected through much of the land, but have a great impact.
We are working with the rest of the Alliance more and more, and share information with the Meddlers and The Silver Dragoons.
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