Alliance takeover of Orgrimmar

85 Human Death Knight
I hereby dub thee... ALLIAMAR
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85 Human Death Knight
Gratz to the horde for taking it back. The sheer laughter I got from doing casual things in there was great. Allimar is now Orgrimmar again :(
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85 Dwarf Hunter
Was definitely a site to behold, I will post a video soon.
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85 Undead Death Knight
I'm saddened I wasn't there to see, but I hear it was quite the sight!

Good job Alliance.
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80 Undead Warlock
This thread needs more BW/PM "I beet u har har".

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80 Blood Elf Paladin
Alliance has outnumbered horde a lot recently in Wpvp (at least when I go out to Wpvp), It seems for some reason you guys have an easier time to pull in numbers.

But regardless of numbers, there were just to many alliance that night, and not enough willing horde (at first) to drive them back.

(It was fun picking off a few stragglers though (Hint hint: Shallaryn))

Sadly, it seemed to be about the time when WAM left.

It's sad really, when I don't notice Hillsbrand Security rallying up the Horde for stuff I barely see any attendance now a days aside from some highly unorganized stragglers here and there. Or like what happened last night and people were either too afraid to attack that large of a group or generally too stupid and flagged themselves for no reason.
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79 Tauren Druid
Should be interesting in Cataclysm when the Grin no longer has RP reasons to actively avoid defending Orgrimmar. Not a HUGE change, but probably a reliable 10-20 more hardened grunts to participate in defense. Moar Fite, Moar Fun.
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85 Human Paladin
Its times like this i'm proud to have stuck through the rough times and still be a member of the Alliance...

its hard to hold back the manly tears...

Also horde needs to bring it harder! Wintergrasp lately has felt kinda easy lately for us. Years of us getting our butts kicked by you guys. Its weird feeling like we have a edge...

Ah well what do I care! FOR THE ALLIANCE!
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