The purpose of Life Grip.

85 Undead Priest
bumping this thread to ridicule all those people who think this skill wont turn out to be another intervene .. blizz please give us a different lv 85 spell, the last spell in a spec should be something amazing like titan's grip .. not a gimmick
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85 Night Elf Priest
Everyone know's Lifegrip was designed for 1 purpose:
Revenge Griefing.

Remember that guy that always dropped trainsets on a stacked up raid, right as the boss was pulled? Lifegrip fixes that.
Remember that tank that always intervened a cleaving mob onto you? Lifegrip fixes that.
Know that Shaman thats been afk (with the Drinking bird, auto bobbing onto the chain heal key) since Ulduar? Lifegrip fixes that.
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85 Undead Priest
i dont even know what you are trying to say, how did an ally dg you?

p.s. "life grip" will not be be useable while falling

Life grip in the hands of a pro is going to be so amazing it will make all your heads spin. Sure there might be some asshats (like myself when I level my worgen priest) that use it to grief but thats just a fun perk of the spell.

The most pro Life Grip I've EVER seen, and probably one of the most amazing uses of any spell I have ever seen was performed by - believe it or not - A DEATH KNIGHT! I stepped to close to the edge by the BET in EotS one day and got myself MCed by a priest. I got hopped in a circle and then thrown into the abyss. As I facepalmed at myself an ally DK Death Gripped me back up to ground and we smashed the priests face into the ground.

So priests...dont tell me you are gonna get outdone with your own sh^t by a DK. Death grip is one of the funnest toys in the game. Dont start compaining about your slice of the pie before you even get a taste and have had time to explore all the possibilities this spell has to offer besides just griefing.
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100 Draenei Priest
I don't want to heal stupid. Stand in fire and DIE, it isn't my job to watch 24 other peoples feet.

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85 Human Paladin
It's kinda like Hand of Protection, isn't it? It's an oh %!@! spell which is often best used to save someone who messed up but can also be used for griefing. I think the concerns over Life Grip are exaggerated tbh. Once players tire themselves out (we're like kids, lol), it won't be used for griefing all that often. How often do paladins HoP the tank, or how often was Divine Intervention used for a joke? It's not common and it certainly hasn't broken the game.

I'm sure clever priests will find some good use for Life Grip in PvE. It's supposed to be situational there, though. In PvP, it's awesome. I wish Ret was getting this sort of creative ability on the road to 85 -- Life Grip, Dark Sim, Smoke Bomb, etc -- they sound like so much fun! Instead we're getting boring DPS stuff and a little more offhealing.

I'm not here to complain about Ret, but to say I'd be very, very happy with Life Grip if I were a priest.
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90 Night Elf Druid
11/19/2010 5:33 PMPosted by Ozo
Running into the fire and Life Gripping a DPS into it

If Blizzard ever forces another fail raid like ToC again on us, I will life grip fails into fire or other deadly things. One less stupid to heal brings a smile to my face.
Edited by Noctemtenchi on 12/4/2010 4:29 PM PST
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85 Draenei Priest
priest looks at rotface. priest approches rotface. priest does not want to die alone so priest lifegrips warlock. warlock portals outside of room. :(
another use is to get a slow tank to get going.
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85 Goblin Priest
Of course it will be very situational but when the time comes it will be amazing when used right.

Im so tired of people listing ways they will grief with lifegrip in every thread, it is not funny anymore /sigh. No you cant lifegrip off of cliffs and pulling dps away from the boss or into fire isnt going to be funny to anyone its just dumb so get over it already.

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85 Troll Priest
So much Leap of Faith ignorance in this thread. :P

-You CANNOT use Lifegrip while falling. You can't jump off a cliff and take someone with you.

-Your target must be in your group. So you're not going to be picking on randoms or snatching people away from mining nodes.

-Unless they've changed something since beta ended. There are lots of buggy problems if you try to grip someone to a ledge or something, not on the same vertical level as you (ie you're standing on a roof and you want to grip someone up to it). The usual pathing up cliffs etc works fine though.

-If you're holy it's barely possible to grief people with it anyway. They get run speed and can make it back in seconds.

Having said all this. Even though it's situational. It is the kind of spell you'll miss when you play another class.
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85 Human Paladin
its purpose is however you use it, you need to try something before you can accuately assume what it is like and how it works.

personally i wish paladins got a life grip simply because most DPS are immature childish and pull before people are ready, depending on the cooldown on this ability it could be my way of punishing kids for being bad :)
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64 Troll Priest
It allows you to nanny the group a bit easier. So many times I've had to heal some mage through fire because they are chain-casting spells without moving. With lifegrip, I could pull them to me without wasting mana on preventing the person in question from roasting like a turkey.
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