A Paladin Healer *Please Help*

85 Human Paladin
Hello & Thanks You Everyone That is Going to Try to Help Me.
First Off Ive been a Paladin Healer Since Day One I Started Playing which was like two year ago. with the last patch that just recently came out lots of changes have taken place. I want to understand some of these changes and ways i can bring my Healer back to where it Belongs.

Some of The Stuff I Would Like to No.
The Talents Tree
Spell Rotations/New Spells
Gear Specs (Intel,spirit,Str,Stam,or Agil)
Geming & Enchanting.

So If Anyone can Please Help That Will be Awesome... :)
If You Would like to Help me in-Game I Am Located on The
US-Server Misha
If You Inbox me ill leave you my ventrilo info so we can talk.. Please & Thank You.

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86 Blood Elf Paladin
Talent tree, I took what I liked click my name, gear/gems/chants I still focus on int. As for heals there isn't a rotation per say, its more situational.

Flash heals for a fair amount with a quick cast timer but eats up mana fast now.

Holy light heals for a small amount, still has a long cast timer, but you can cast it all day long and never run out of mana. Just remember that if your tank is taking a fair amount of damage it will probably not be enough to keep up with it now.

Holy Shock when ever you are able, not only does it still have a decent amount healed but it builds up your holy power.

Word of Glory, I use this every time my holy power bar is full, mana free, instant, and large.

Divine Light is what Holy Light used to be, big heal, long cast, much mana. My personal healing style doesn't use this like I used to use Holy Light. I tend to rely more on flash, shock, glory the most, with a few holy and divine lights thrown in when I know I can get the casts off.

I Divine Plea and clicky my Sliver of Pure Ice when ever I can. Some might not agree with how I do play, but I keep our tanks up in raids and still help out with the raid heals and thats all I care about.

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6 Troll Shaman
Shameless plug:

Spec, talents, glyphs, rotations are all in there. I tried to back up my analysis with as much math as possible. Let me know if you have any questions.
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I have two Holy builds...One is more for PVP' the other for raids. Check them out on the armory. Here is a link...


Gems: There are some that will tell you to put intelligence everywhere, I go a different way mainly because of my deep love of socket bonuses. I will look for purple or orange gems with intelligence on them to put in blue or yellow slots. I have a number of gems that add both intelligence and spirit and others that add intelligence and haste.

Enchantments: trying to add the same stats through enchantments.

Rotation: I've written a couple of posts about my approach already. I lead off with holy shock followed immediately by a holy light made almost instantaneous by my set bonus. After that I have like 4 seconds to go reactive....I can deal a bit of damage...If someone needs a heal, I can do a slow light, a flash of light, light of dawn or word of glory. I let the situation determine which. As I healed the Lich King fight last weekend, I found that simply waiting for the cooldown on holy shock to expire was also an option. When Holy shock is redy to pop, I start over. This system preserves your manna for when you really need it...In periods of heavy demand, I can spam flash (do this a lot in PVP). When I run out of manna, I can build it up again with the original rotation.

I did reforge a couple of pieces to add mastery.
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