My fellow Paladins!

90 Human Paladin
What's your favorite Paladin ability, or the ability that inspires the most holy/righteousness feel to you?
Mine would probably be the Charger ability, followed by Hammer of Wrath.
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75 Blood Elf Paladin
Righteous Fury. The name alone invokes the feeling it should, and the animation is pretty nifty. A close second would be consecration, for its name alone.
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74 Human Paladin
I guess this is prot specific, but pre-4.0 Holy Shield was my iconic skill.
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85 Blood Elf Warrior
Lay on hand duh! Ladies love to scream out "Lay it on me"
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Im a prot paladin so my love is for DG.

I love this ability. Nothing is as much fun/ or feels as much a part of a tree CALLED PROTECTION than protecting the entire raid!!!
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Divine Shield for all those times I would bubble hearth. No other class was amazing as us because we could hearth out of a wipe, bad PuG or a gank. That is of course before Blizzard took that away from us and decided to give us a dangle.
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My favorite Ability would be Avenging wrath, nothing like blizzard giving us "wings".
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100 Human Paladin
Avenging Wrath, or Templars Verdict better yet, both together.

Aside from those, Equipping Ravager from scarlet monistary and yelling. Blades of Light!!! when it procs.
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89 Draenei Paladin
Righteous Fury, on PTR it has a sexy new animation.

Avenger's Shield, just cause throwing your shield at someone is awesome.

Shield of the Righteous, nothing like a holy %@#@@ slap backhand, especially when it's topping 20k on the crit o meter (I know, nerfed big time come 4.0.3a)

Divine Guardian, cause protecting my team is what matters most to.

Avenging Wrath, when I am about to mete out some holy justice.

The list can get extensive hehe.
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