What does a rogue unlock at 68?

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So I'm in a random with my rogue alt, my XP bar is pixels away from dinging 68, and we've just entered the last room. I get disconnected. I log back in but get stuck at a full-blue-bar load screen for almost four minutes. By the time I get in, the group is disbanded, but apparently the server didn't figure out I was offline until after the final boss died.

How do I know? Because now I have the achievement for killing him (first time there on that toon), and I'm level 68. Was 67 before the disconnect, 68 after I get back. Okay, so, chuckles all around, now I have a funny story to tell about dinging while offline.

Except... since I missed the whole "welcome to 68, here's what you get" popups, I have no idea what just unlocked. Before 4.0, it'd just be "even numbered level, time to see a trainer," but with the new scheme I have no idea what happens to rogues at 68. I don't have a new talent point. The trainer has nothing for me, and there are no new "go see your trainer" flashy lights in my three ability spellbook tabs.

Is 68 just one of the occasional nothing-happens levels?
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Must be, if you look through spell book it tells you what you unlock at what levels. I think you're perfectly fine. when loading with the bar at loading screen your char appears in game, just its still loading for you, but you are there so its all fine.
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Uh....you don't get something trainable/tangible like that anymore. Once you learn an ability it auto-upgrades while you're levelling. It's not the way it used to be.

Patch notes would tell you this, but you probably don't read them. The game doesn't make you a new level and says to itself "well, he dinged but he went offline so lol I'm gonna not give him things".

If your trainer and spellbook have nothing, and you can't put 2+2 together, then......yeah.
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You aren't actually reading the question, are you?

There are other things besides talents and new abilities granted when leveling up. (A trio of glyphs is the easiest example.) I would like to know what, if any, happens at 68. Nothing seems to be new in any of the usual places, so I thought I'd ask before assuming that 68 was a rare "empty" level. So sorry if you couldn't handle that question.

Patch notes do not list what gets opened at each level. Good try at an insult, but fail. This has nothing to do with auto-scaling spells/abilities.

The game doesn't make you a new level and says to itself "well, he dinged but he went offline so lol I'm gonna not give him things".


It's the graphical popup that was missed, not the actual unlocking.
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"well, he dinged but he went offline so lol I'm gonna not give him things".
My god you are slow.
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