Silvermoon Cataclysm Guild Listing

100 Draenei Paladin
Guild Name and Faction: Intrepid - Alliance
Guild Website:
Raid Focus (10/25/PVP?): 25 mans
Raid Schedule: Tuesday 5pm to 8pm, Friday 6pm to 9pm, Sunday 4pm to 8pm (All are -8 GMT, AKA Server Time)
Contact Person(s): Catriss, Golyith, or Prokne
Are you Recruiting for Cataclysm?: Yes
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100 Tauren Paladin
Guild Name: Placeholder
Faction: Horde
Guild Website:
Raid Focus: 10
Raid Schedule: Thu/Fri 7pm-11pm ST
Contact Person(s): Zeck
Are you Recruiting for Cataclysm?: No
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90 Orc Death Knight
Charlemagna if you please update Minion to the following would be much appreciated
Guild Name and Faction: Minion - Horde

Guild Website:

Raid Focus (10/25/PVP?): 10

Raid Schedule: TBD

Contact Person(s): Davorian, Grindergg, Leopard, Thalaxia

Are you Recruiting for Cataclysm?: TBD

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85 Human Priest
<Victorious Secret> [A] (social/casual raiding/casual PVP) (still a work in progress)
Mostly focused on 10 mans at this point, probably more 25 mans in the future
We do put together PVP activities every now and then
There's no fixed schedule for raiding, although you'll get at least a week's notice
You can get in touch with anyone that's on in the guild if you'd like more info or an invite
We're always recruiting and looking to expand :) (anyone willing to have fun and socialize/work together)
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85 Gnome Death Knight
Guild Name and Faction: Short Fury - Alliance
Guild Website: TBD :(
Raid Focus (10/25/PVP?): Casual PVP/Social
Raid Schedule: TBD
Contact Person(s): Lolipop, Taiyaki, Gwendy
Are you Recruiting for Cataclysm?: Yes
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85 Gnome Warrior
Psychos and Unicorns - Alliance
Raid Focus: Casual/Fun 10 man
Raid Schedule: once a week, TBD-Sunday afternoon/evening most likely.
Contact Person(s): Madcap, Darkluba, Blaknite, Blockbusta
We are recruiting all types.
Guild Vent: Yes Guild Bank: 6 tabs
We've been around for almost 5 years and we just like to have fun.
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85 Human Mage
dirge is not recruiting at this time
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90 Undead Rogue
Guild Name and Faction: Group 2 co-op - Horde
Guild Website:
Raid Focus (10/25/PVP?): 25
Raid Schedule: Friday and Saturday, 6pm-10pm
Contact Person(s): Kamikazestab, Altaego, Gorgoru
Are you Recruiting for Cataclysm? Yes
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100 Night Elf Warrior
While I still think is a better permanent place for guild listings....

Guild Name and Faction: Minions (A)
Guild Website: Private (closed membership) Facebook Group and out of game mailing list.
Raid Focus (10/25/PVP?): 10man
Raid Schedule: 8:30pm Wed &Saturday and we will be running two groups so second times still TBD (most likely 6:30pm Thurs and 8:30pm Sunday)
Contact Person(s): Gater, Daemed, Randomly, Peturb, Jerum
Are you Recruiting for Cataclysm? Yes

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85 Draenei Shaman
Guild Name and Faction - Grand Theft Kodo
Guild Website -
Raid Focus (10/25/PVP?) 10 man
Raid Schedule - Wed/Thu/Sun 5-8 server
Contact Person(s) Trelious, Skorn, Jordinn
Are you Recruiting for Cataclysm? Yes

Edited by Jordinn on 12/27/2010 2:07 PM PST
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85 Draenei Shaman
Guild Name and Faction: Summit [A]
Guild Website :
Raid Focus (10/25/PVP?) : 10
Raid Schedule : Tues, Wed, Thurs 6-9PM
Contact Person(s) : Chammois, Dorlex, Slaid, Ekibogamii, Dejia
Are you Recruiting for Cataclysm? : YES

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100 Blood Elf Paladin
<Enclosed in Brackets> raid times have changed to Friday/Saturday 8pm-midnight
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90 Blood Elf Mage
Guild Name and Faction: Vertigo - Horde

Guild Website:

Raid Focus (10/25/PVP?): TBD

Raid Schedule: TBD

Contact Person(s) Nowaterforu, Necrovore, Kataclysmic, Skullstep

Are you Recruiting for Cataclysm? Yes, for social /casual / leveling purposes.
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100 Night Elf Warrior
So this thread idea is not working. There's a significant lag of 1-2 weeks between updates and the information people include on the guilds isn't always included in the listings as they're at the mercy of the original poster who may or may not like their comments.

I suggest people who really are looking to keep an up-to-date listing and those seeking an up-to-date listing help maintain the Silvermoon page.

I'd like to solicit a couple of volunteers in fact to update it in the next few days to give it a more organized layout.
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100 Human Mage
I keep it updated every few days as there are updates.....What are you talking about 2 weeks?? I updated the listings posted on Dec31/Jan 1 five days after. Sorry I wasn't sitting around updating this post during my holidays.

This thread was not designed to update daily, its a listing/reference a phone book of all guilds active on Slivermoon. That was the design idea and that's what I've been doing. I'm pretty sure you don't get a new phone book at your door every day. I stated this in the Original Post. If Silvermoon wants something different, someone will create it and I will delete my thread.

at the mercy of the original poster who may or may not like their comments

I'm sorry, what? Go back and read my original post. I am keeping specific information to keep everything neat and organized. I welcome people to add additional information to their post or to point people to their website for further information. A thread that was updated daily with recruitment needs and progression was tried on SM forms and it failed. Not surprisingly, the updater got tired of updating the thread 3 times daily to keep up with the demand. I know, its shocking.

This thread is open to use if people want to use it to get their guild's name out... If you don't like it or don't want to use it simply don't. I LAUGH if you think the wowpedia page is any better. Ilterendi?? Incursion of the Arcane?? Those are both raid groups who have not been together since Burning Crusade. In fact, a quick glance shows that the listing on wowpedia for Alliance has more inactive guilds listed then active ones. Stop being a nitpick and trolling my thread. If you want to recruit volunteers for the wowpedia site do it elsewhere.
Edited by Charlemagna on 1/14/2011 11:17 AM PST
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90 Troll Druid
[Horde] Aftermath
Raid focus: 25/10 man
Tues - Thurs 5pm - 8 pm
Contact: Miz, Sarunlin
Are you Recruiting for Cataclysm? YES
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100 Night Elf Warrior
I knew you'd get all defensive, but the issues I cited are a problem.

Case in point: People have posted information to this thread regarding their guilds, myself included, with all the information formatted according to the standard you wanted, yet they are indeed at your mercy as instead of the information posted, something ad hoc is in its place.

Second point: I kept an eye on this posting after adding information to it for our guild, and it did take over a week. You can argue that it was some holiday or other, but this along with the above point prove quite well that a better option than relying on a single person is to use a site that can be edited by multiple people.

And yes, the page is out-dated as was mentioned when you started your endeavor, but that is easily remedied.
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100 Human Mage
I wish you the best of luck with your wowpedia listing and I thank you for alerting the internets about my moderating failures.
Edited by Charlemagna on 1/16/2011 4:18 PM PST
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100 Human Priest
Unrestrained - Alliance
Raid Focus 25
Fri 6h30-11h00 pm / Sat 2h30-7h00 pm

Recruiting: Yes

Unrestrained is an Alliance 25 player raiding guild on the US-Silvermoon realm. We enjoy raiding effectively. We are proud of the progress we have made with very limited raid windows (two raids per week). We've been around for quite a while now (5 years) and we still have high expectations of ourselves and our fellow raiders. High quality players are welcome to apply to our website : we priorituze talent, raid awareness and raid preparation. We have a tight raiding team and very high attentdance a commitment are expetected.
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