Friends, allies, colleagues, and sundries! You are invited to attend a special edition of the famed "Song and Tankard" this evening, in various places around our beloved world of Azeroth. As it happens, our new location at the Blue Recluse in Stormwind's Mage Quarter has been pre-empted – or maybe there's damage to the building – the authorities were vague on the subject. In any event, we will take the opportunity to travel about the world, visiting and drinking at different places that are meaningful to us. I believe the Dwarves would call this type of thing a "pub crawl," presumably because some of the smaller pubs would need to be crawled into by larger-statured races.

We plan to meet in Stormwind's Park District, to toast the Moonwell there, at our usual time of 7 o'clock in the evening, local time. From there we will move on to visit the ramshackle inn at Sentinel Hill, and take in the warm welcome of Thelsamar (and gaze upon the evening waters of the Loch). We'll then take ship across the sea to the lands of our Kal'dorei friends, and sip the local wines of Auberdine and Astranaar. From there, we'll simply see where the night winds take us!

So if an endless stream of elementals in the cities has gotten you down, join us this evening for some time on the road! Who knows when we'll have the chance again.


[[For those who don't know, the "Song & Tankard" is an RP tavern hosted every Monday evening by <Renewal> and attended by members of many RP guilds. This week we've decided to do something a little special, since all signs point to the Shattering happening tomorrow. Today may very well be our last chance to see the "old" Azeroth, for tomorrow, the Park District will be a smoking crater, Westfall will have a big rift in it, Loch Modan will be drained, Auberdine will be gone, and Astranaar will rest on the slopes of a volcano (and be under Horde attack to boot). Who wants to stay in a comfortable inn in Stormwind, on this the last quiet night before you-know-who returns?

[[Since we'll be moving around, join one of the common custom channels, like /rpchatter or /holylight, to find out where we are at any given moment. Or simply whisper any member of <Renewal>. We'll probably be staying 15-20 minutes in each location before moving on. Feel free to share your favorite stories or memories of these places. IC'ly, of course, we don't know what's coming, so we may have to stretch credulity a little for one night. But Azeroth only gets shattered once!]]