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To add your guild to the list below, please make a post with your guild name, website, and raid times/days. Will be starting a fresh list due to I'm sure many guilds have been created for Cata and also many disappeared from previous thread

To update your guild's progression, post on your guilded character the boss/bosses killed. For the purposes of this thread, a guild may be credited with a kill provided their members constituted a simple majority of the raid (8/10 or 20/25).

With the changes of 10 and 25 mans having the same lock outs it will not matter what raid size you complete something to be added to progression. They will be equal in progression when listing guilds in top 10s for horde and alliance and combination.



Horde Guilds:

Tues/Wed/Thurs 7:00pm-10:00pm

Tues/Wed/Thurs 6:00-9:00pm server time

Militiae Templi-
Tues 4:15-8pm server, Thurs 4:30-8pm server

Fri/Sat - 8-12pm server

Steady Progress- No Guild Site?
Tues/Weds/Thurs 6:30pm-10:00pm

Sun 2-6 server, Mon/Tue 5-9 server.

Envy- Website Unknown
Raid Times Unknown

We Are All Pretty Ugly- Website Unknown
Raid Times Unknown

Origin- Website In Progress
Raid Times : Sat/Sun 12pm Server

Alliance Guilds:

Tuesday, and Sunday 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Coilfang Guild Rankings:

Key: ░░ - No kill yet ▓▒ - Normal mode ██ - Heroic mode

Blackwing Descent_____Bastion of Twilight___TotFW

|MM|GC|ML| AT|CM| NF| _ |HW|VT |TC|CG|SN | _ |CW|AA| __ #. Guild Name
|▓▒|▓▒|▓▒|▓▒|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|▓▒|▓▒|▓▒|░░| _ |▓▒|░░| __ 1. (H) We are all Pretty Ugly (9/13)
|▓▒|▓▒|▓▒|▓▒|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|▓▒|░░|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|░░| __ 2. (H) Origin(7/13)
|▓▒|▓▒|▓▒|▓▒|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|▓▒|░░|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|░░| __ 3. (H) Dreadnaughts(7/13)
|▓▒|▓▒|▓▒|▓▒|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|▓▒|░░|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|░░| __ 4. (H) Steady Progress(7/13)
|▓▒|▓▒|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|▓▒|░░|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|░░| __ 5. (H) Tränscëndëd(5/13)
|▓▒|▓▒|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|▓▒|░░|░░|░░| _ |░░|░░| __ 6. (H) Envy(4/13)
|▓▒|░░|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |░░|░░| __ 7. (H) Incursion(2/13)
|▓▒|▓▒|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |░░|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |░░|░░| __ 8. (H) Anomaly(2/13)
|░░|░░|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |░░|░░| __ 9. (H) Boosh(1/13)
|░░|░░|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |░░|░░| __ 10. (A) The Deserters(1/13)
|░░|░░|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |▓▒|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |░░|░░| __ 11. (A) Trademarked(1/13)
|▓▒|░░|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |░░|░░|░░|░░|░░| _ |░░|░░| __ 12. (H) Militiae Templi(1/13)
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If the data from the previous thread will be helpful to you, I can email it to you. Catch me in-game if you'd like that (Lyssa is my druid, we've met). But I hear preformatting is broken or not possible, so you might not want it. Best of luck to you!
85 Blood Elf Warlock
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 6-9pm server time

and we're quite obviously 11/12 HM ICC
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Militiae Templi

Tuesday 4:15-8pm server
Thursday 4:30-8pm server

12/12 ICC 25m
85 Tauren Paladin
Post edited to meet the extreme quality required of the Coilfang progression thread.
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85 Troll Warrior

Friday/Saturday - 8-12pm server

12/12 ICC 10 man
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Lacks progression? Everyone seems progressed besides you who hasnt killed LK... You need a hug. Also leave this crap out of the thread. Its for Progression posts come Cata

Look at his name...are you really that clueless?

You're probably the only one who doesn't get the joke...
Edited by Viciousqt on 11/25/2010 4:06 PM PST
85 Tauren Paladin
Lacks progression? Everyone seems progressed besides you who hasnt killed LK... You need a hug. Also leave this crap out of the thread. Its for Progression posts come Cata

Where can I claim my hug?
80 Orc Shaman
I reported this thread for sticky about a week ago and I'm sure many other people have as well and still nothing. Even the RP character profiles thread on Steamwheedles forums got it's sticky ~2 days after it was posted.

Have the mods forsaken us?
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