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90 Human Priest
Requited Pride has moved to Whisperwind server as of 2/20/2013.

Please folllow this format:

Guild Name:<Requited Pride>

Guild Level: LVL 25

GM: Ussjvin

Officer(s): Ussjvin, Caesonia (aka. Khatep)
MoP Plans: To continue Raiding 10 and to rebuild our 25 man to progress through content including Heroic Modes and achievements.

Specific Classes Needed: All classes except for rogue and warlock. We will review and consider applications from any class. At this time as we are running 10 man and working towards rebuilding our 25 man group for new content. We are also accepting any and all classes as non-raiding members - whisper any officer to join.

Apply at:

About Guild: Requited Pride is a raiding guild that pushes for progression in both 10 and 25 man raids. We are currently running 10 man raids and looking for new raiders (especially Tanks). We have a fun and friendly atmosphere and enjoy raiding together which can be rare to find in a guild. We also currently have open enrollment for Friends & Family (non-raiding) members- so if you enjoy getting achievements, running old content, pvping, or just hanging out with a great bunch of people then talk to an officer about joining today! If you would like to trial to be one of our raiders, then please submit an application to the website listed above! Thanks!
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85 Night Elf Druid
Guild Name: <APEX>

GM: Aliisza

Officer(s): Eradorn, Elissa

Cataclysm Plans: APEX is raiding full time. As always, APEX will progress through content as it is released, always keeping guild and player achievements in mind.

Specific Classes Needed: We have open recruitment going on right now. We have a very solid core group of players and currently two raid groups. Our goal is to add more players like us, whether that be for raiding, PvP or fun.

Apply at:

About Guild:

APEX stands for Achievement Points, Expected!

As the name suggests, our members love achievement points. But more important than that we love playing all aspects of the game. APEX is not just a raiding guild. It is not just a PvP guild. It is not just a social guild. APEX is all of those types of guilds rolled into one.

While we aren't a raiding exclusive guild, most of our members are in one or more in-guild 10 mans. Our 10 mans vary in intensity from Hardcore to casual, so as a guild member you have access to a wide variety of activities. You do not have to raid to be part of this guild, but that is a WHOLE lot of achievement points :P

Our guild currently boasts members from some of the server's best raiding guilds, and members whose former guilds have won Blizzard awards for their social gameplay. Our crew is diverse, and we like it that way!

Are you APEX?

Do you like playing multiple aspects of the game?
Do you /cheer when you see your guildies get their latest achievement?
Do you want to be part of an active and social guild?
Do you like to do things just because they give you more points?

If you answered yes to these questions, you probably have what it takes to be APEX. See one of our officers in game or send an application via the site.
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80 Night Elf Druid
Guild Name:<Motorboat Mafia>
GM: Owachi
Officer(s): Arasminna, Rockthrower, Salvplz, & Frozenpain/Moedrunkard
Cataclysm Plans: To continue Raiding 10 man content including Hardmodes and achievements. As well as rated bg's.
Specific Classes Needed: Open recruitment for our second and third runs, as well as friends and family rank.
Apply at:
About Guild: Motorboat Mafia is a guild founded by friends who originated on Perenolde and will continue to call it home, we got a late start in wrath but got a lot done in a short amount of time, the majority of us have been playing together for around 2 years, we founded on the principal we were tired of being held back by other guilds raiding methods, we are a casual-hardcore guild that gets things done on a casual raid schedule.

Note: we have an 18yr+ plus age requirement.
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85 Human Mage
Guild Name: Not the Face
GM: Schitzo
Officer(s): Domenik, Kagsie, Murky

Cataclysm Plans: We will be raiding 10 mans only when everyone has reached 85 and geared appropriately. To help do that while leveling and even once we're 85 our raid nights we will try to get multiple 5 man groups going.

Specific Classes Needed: (DPS) Warlock, Boomkin or Hunter / (Heal) Holy Pally..

Apply at:

About Guild: We've been called Team Reliable for it's irony during Wrath due to us always having to fill spots due to people quitting or not being available for a particular change. We still managed to get some progression done even with attendance boss interfering quite a bit. We're out to do things a little more serious and get the guild achievement perks so here we are. The people in the guild are pretty laid back and know one other pretty well.

Our raid days in Cataclysm are Wed (7-10) and Sun (6-10) server. We may tack another hour onto Sun making it 5-10 if we really need to try and push some progression but, it's not a guarantee.

Please do not apply if you cannot make 85%+ attendance.
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100 Tauren Druid
Guild Name: <Higher Breath> [H]

GM: Karra

Officer(s): Kristik, Kriztik, Irridian, Cchan, Lorale, Swang

Cataclysm Plans: To help guild mates level to 85 and then eventually continue raiding 10 man content.

Specific Classes Needed: None, come as you are

Apply at: (no application actually needed)

About Guild: Higher Breath is a well established mature social guild that does raiding on the side. While we enjoy progressing into end game content, it is not the bread and butter of the guild. The central idea of Higher Breath is to provide a mature, fun, and enjoyable atmosphere where you can relax and just enjoy playing WoW. If you enjoy raids, but don’t enjoy the number crunching and drama of hard core raiding guilds and are looking for a casual, fun place in which to hang out, Higher Breath may just be the guild for you.
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73 Worgen Priest
Guild Name: ShadowSkill [A]

GM: Gymma

Officer(s): Nocturnist, Gibbz, Furiousfur, Mophmoph

Cataclysm Plans: Long term plans are to run 10 man raids and just enjoy the new content as it comes.

Specific Classes Needed: All Classes are Welcome

Apply at:

About Guild: We are a laid back group who mainly plays during the evenings and weekends on the West Coast. We are looking to add members whom generally work hard and need a fun group to relax with in the evenings. You'll mainly find us on between the hours of 6pm - 1am PST (Mon - Fri). Weekends are hit and miss as everyone is leveling their old or new toons. When everyone in the guild hits the cap, we will come back to the raid topic and setup times for those who want to start to enjoy the end game content. Till then, we are a social leveling guild for the most part. Feel free to message any of us in game or apply on our site at

Currently we are a small guild and don't plan on growing to the point of doing 25 man content, so please keep that in mind if you plan in joining our guild as we will only be doing 10 man content in the future.
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84 Gnome Warlock
Guild Name:<League of Light>
GM: Polyneices
Officer(s): Sauder, Andrua
Cataclysm Plans: To level to 85 and enjoy end game content.
Specific Classes Needed: We are looking for all roles!
Apply at:
About Guild: We are a fairly new guild of experienced players. We are currently recruiting all roles, races and classes. We are extremely active, but do not currently have a required schedule. We are leveling up right now, and we intend on doing end game raiding once we have enough players. Our only current requirement is that you remain active. League of Light!
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85 Gnome Priest
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85 Worgen Hunter
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85 Worgen Warlock
Guild Name:<ARGH>

GM: Volgar

Officer(s): Monz, Tryton, Holÿ, Lethe

Cataclysm Plans: 2 10 man raiding groups, the first being a hardcore progression group and the second being a semi-hardcore group. Quick and efficient progression is our goal.

Specific Classes Needed: Restoration and Balance Druids, Restoration and Elemental (high demand) Shamans, and Prot Warriors/Tank DKs are currently needed in group 1, but all outstanding applications will be considered and, if worthy, assessed in a trial run.

Apply at:

About Guild: Argh Group 1 is an intense progression 10 man with extremely capable raiders and none other than the top 10 raiders of the guild will be in the group. Group 2 is a secondary progression raid with a more semi-hardcore attitude. If your application is accepted, you will most likely be tried out by Group 2 and assessed as to whether you would be capable of Group 1 progression. The guild raiding structure functions similar to a meritocracy; if you are not pulling your weight or are unable to be present for the vast majority of the Group 1 raids, you will be replaced. If, on the other hand, you are clearly performing at a higher level than a member of Group 1, you will replace them if you are able to raid at our times. The raid nights of group 1 are as follows:
Sunday- 6:30-10 Server Time, 8:30-12 EST.
Monday- 6:30-10 Server Time, 8:30-12 EST.
Tuesday- 6:30-10 Server Time, 8:30-12 EST.
Wednesday- 6:30-10 Server Time, 8:30-12 EST.

Please contact me, Probro, in game for any questions you have that are not directly addressed by this post or our application form.


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90 Undead Priest
Guild Name:<Mystery Men>

GM: Anaksunamun

Officer(s): Florreith, Skooba, Makina, Mordinick, Rokoko

Cataclysm Plans: Raiding 10 man content including Hardmodes and achievements. Also offer organized achievement events, fun social and special events, pvp, etc. Our goal is to provide diversity and good times in a great guild that people enjoy logging in to.

Specific Classes Needed: Primarily need tanks and dps atm to round out our rosters for TWO 10-man raids. We welcome pvp and achievement junkies, and ACTIVE players who want a guild full of adults to hang out with!

Apply at: or talk to an officer on-line

About Guild: Mystery Men is a mature, semi-progressive 10-man raiding guild that also offers structured and organized pvp events, achievements and special events (raffles, races, etc.). We have many veteran raiders, offer a fun and friendly atmosphere (no dictators, tyrants, or ego's here!) and we genuinely enjoy raiding, pvp and doing achievements together. For membership just speak to an officer in-game or submit application to the website listed above. We look forward to hearing from you!
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100 Human Warrior
Guild Name:<Shock N Awe Elite>

GM: Takk
Officer(s): Cynnstis, kurogane

Cataclysm Plans: Get a solid group of people who enjoy the game and wish to explore and beat endgame content.

Specific Classes Needed: We are looking for all roles and all lvls!

About Guild: Newly formed guild. Looking for new members of ALL lvls. We're helpful and fun, but we'll get #!@* done. We will be workin on helpin each other gear up and get into weekend raiding asap.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Guild Name:<Soldiers of Fate>

GM: Majii

Officer(s): Demios, Carbonbeauty, Diesy, Buxo, Thea, Terkror, Leiden, Arostion, Darkren

Cataclysm Plans: To start 25man raid content and rated battlegrounds

Specific Classes Needed: We actively accept all classes and levels.

Apply at:

About Guild: Soldiers of Fate is a casual raiding guild that aims are creating a relaxed atmosphere that players can raid in, level in, pvp in and find the help they need from the guild. We have been around since 06' and have been going strong since then. We have yearly events, active raids, active pvpers and try to help our members in as many ways as possible. The main thing we look for is a good attitude and the ability to get along with our other members, if you can do that, you're in. For more info and to see what we're up too, check out the website listed above. Thanks \:D/
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85 Human Paladin
Guild Name:<Midnight Carnival>(Alliance level 11, 7/12 normal mode.)

GM: Lutara

Officer(s): Kratoria, leluna, Janyice

Cataclysm Plans: 10 man progression raiding, to include hard modes.

Specific Classes Needed: All exceptional applications will be looked at and considered, raid spot openings are currently for a paladin or priest healer.

Apply at: new posters approved daily, or in game whisper.

About Guild: Midnight Carnival is a 10 man progression semi-hardcore raiding guild, with 3 nights per week dedicated to raids(wed/thurs/mon 7pm server). We are a close knit group of some real life friends, couples, and exceptional players. We work with struggling raiders, and expect 100% effort from our core group.
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86 Undead Warlock
Guild Name: Drifters (Horde level 8)

GM: Jazul

Officer(s): Morrag, Shokture, Saet

Cataclysm Plans: 10 man raiding
Wednesday 7PM - 10PM ST
Sunday 7PM - 10OM ST

Specific Classes Needed:

1. Fire Mage
2. Boomkin/Resto Druid

Please have 10k minimum raid DPS, and proper gear/enhancements for your spec. We are willing to help you gain gear past this requirement.

Apply at: Send an in game mail or tell

About Guild: Drifters (Horde) has 2 slots open for our 10 man raid. We recently started raiding and have gotten down Magmaw and Conclave and we'll be starting on Halfus soon. We offer a dedicated casual team and are looking for regulars on our Wednesday and Sunday raids 7PM ST - 10PM ST
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85 Worgen Warrior
Guild Name: [A] <The Magic Kingdom>

GM: Borric

Officer(s): Snowpetal, Finegan, Telmarine, Alenya

Cataclysm Plans: A return to relaxed, yet dedicated 10-man raiding.

Schedule: Mon/Wed, 9:30pm - 12:30am server time.

Specific Classes Needed: Priest (Holy or Discipline)

Apply at: Contact any officer in-game to apply.

About Guild: <The Magic Kingdom> is one of the few remaining guilds that have been active since launch. Originally formed by a group of Disney employees, TMK has evolved into a more traditional casual raiding guild. We value friendship, camaraderie, and the complete absence of guild drama.

During Burning Crusade, we were one of the top 10 Alliance guilds on Perenolde. Raiding during Lich King continued, making the shift from 25-man to 10-man content. With the release of Cataclysm, TMK is looking to return to the raid scene, and is aiming to work our way towards 10-man hard-modes.

We currently have an IMMEDIATE opening for a healing priest (holy or discipline) in our 10-man raid group. Contact us now to get in on the ground floor of something great!
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
Guild Name:<Motorboat Mafia>
GM: Owachi
Officer(s): Arasminna, Rockthrower, Salvplz, & Frozenpain/Moedrunkard
Cataclysm Plans: To continue Raiding 10 man content including Hardmodes and achievements. As well as rated bg's.
Specific Classes Needed: Open recruitment for our second and third runs, as well as friends and family rank.
Apply at:
About Guild: Motorboat Mafia is a guild founded by friends who originated on Perenolde and will continue to call it home, we got a late start in wrath but got a lot done in a short amount of time, the majority of us have been playing together for around 2 years, we founded on the principal we were tired of being held back by other guilds raiding methods, we are a casual-hardcore guild that gets things done on a casual raid schedule.

Note: we have an 18yr+ plus age requirement.
Motorboat mafia is nothing but alt storage now.
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86 Goblin Priest
Guild Name:<Anthonys Pissed Off Wife>

GM: Aghnya

Officer(s): Dumass, Unglued

Cataclysm Plans: To continue to gear members and prepare for possible future 10 mans

Specific Classes Needed: We are recruiting all classes

Apply at: In-game to any officer

About Guild:<Anthonys Pissed Off Wife> is a social group of casual players. We are fairly new to the Horde side, as we have played on Alliance for several years. We like to have fun and joke around. We hope to eventually get in to 10 man raids, but currently run heroics and epic trash runs.

PS: Yes, Anthony is a real person whose wife does not like WoW.
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85 Tauren Druid
Guild Name:<The Einstein Crew>

GM: Mastadin

Officer(s): Jakani, Allmanna, Nerfmyhammer & Pamplona

Cataclysm Plans: 10 man raiding and casual dungeon runs.

Specific Classes Needed: Healer & DPS. All classes/specs welcome but currently looking for more people who would enjoy running with at least one healer or DPS spec.

Apply at: Can apply through Looking For Guild tool, or whisper/ingame mail officers or at

About Guild: The Einstein Crew is a raiding guild which runs two 3 hours raids a week (Strict no going late policy), we’re currently 10/12 normal, and working on Nef. We are quite casual but expect effort and performance during raid times as a respect to everyone else’s time. We’re looking mostly for healing and DPS specs to fill out our raiding roster as we do already have a good and regular group of tanks but if you enjoy tanking but are willing to also play other specs don’t hesitate to apply as we enjoy rotating roles around when appropriate. We also enjoy running very casual 5man runs with guildies (causal fun on voice chat but serious performance on your toon) so if you’re interested in raiding and 5man-ing for fun please send us your application.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Guild Name: <IRS>

GM: Alzarius Officers: Nysta, Tulgaat

Plans: 25m Heroic 5/13
Continue to clear content and prepare for t12. Currently run a 25man heroic raid with plans on starting up a 10man guild run.

Specific Classes Needed: Rogue, Elemental Shaman, and Ret Paladin are the classes we are currently seeking for raid content. We will consider exceptional applicants.

Apply at:

About Guild:
Somewhat casual raid guild schedule with a more serious raid environment.

Before applying, make sure the following are not a problem for you
•Be on time and CONSISTANT before raid. Raid times are M-W 7pm-10pm server.
•You must be able to regularly make our raid times. Any issues with the schedule should be mentioned beforehand.
•You have the drive to constantly improve yourself inside and outside of raiding.
•You are open to criticism (even if sometimes harsh) to better improve your play-style.
•You take raiding seriously, but are still able to have fun.
•You will have pots, as well as flasks for progression fights, as well as some farm fights
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