What the title says.

Ran PHD last season and did ok with a pretty inexperienced Hunter, would like to find a partner with 2200+ experience for Season 9, possibly an Affliction Lock, but more interested in skill and personality than class.

As far as personality goes, we are looking for someone who is patient, easy to get along with, has a short memory, and a small epeen. We are interested in getting our first Gladiator title sometime during this expansion, but not at the cost of having to play with a goofball partner to do it.

If you think you might be interested, feel free to check out our armories (Paladin's name is Pwninobrian), and then respond to this thread or PM me in-game.

(just to avoid starting another thread... our guild is recruiting for end-game raiding and Rated BG teams, apply at www.LuminariumGuild.com)
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