Why the change to Seal/Judgment again?

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Was there ever any explanation as to why the Seal and Judgment system got revamped yet again? I could swear that system was something they really liked in WotLK, something they were proud to introduce into the game. So why exactly was this removed?

Was it because it was to useless and over powered? I say it like that, because if I remember correctly, JoW was only really needed for melee mana users, not many out there, and JoL was pretty over powered. Wouldn't fixing it be a better solution to just removing it? Personally being someone who enjoyed the system, I think so. I personally would of removed Seal of Justice and Seal of Insight, but kept the 3 judgments and their effects. Obviously it'd work like it did before, but not be set on seal, a slight change, but still the 3 choices. No matter what seal you had active, judging Light would heal the paladin (or maybe everyone still) for X amount, wisdom restore some mana, and of course justice slowing.

Personally I thought TBC judgment system was the best, I understand it wasn't very hard, but still, having to Judge Crusader before, was pretty interesting, and I like thinking I had to keep a debuff up. (Even with that said I don't like Inquisition, it does not buff our finisher moves and I don't find it fun, buffing passive damage is boring and RNG exorcisms are to unpredictable, I'm sure druids probably think buffing auto attacks isn't very fun either)

Now I know Judgment is already pretty overloaded, but I just find this system to not be as fun as the WotLK, or TBC, versions and I'm just curious as to why it had to change.

Did you enjoy either of these systems? Or is there a flaw that this new Cata way fixed? (Was the system good, but the buffs it gave just not working correctly?)
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The new systems works pretty well except for Seal of Justice. I really think this should have stayed as a ranged Judgement.

I can understand why they want 1 judgement and many seals, it seems like better design, but in this case Justice worked. They could have Justice Judgment deal more instant damage and less dmg over time thru dots or swings. It wouldn't be any different then an Enhance choosing Earth Shock in PVE and Frost Shock in PVP.
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