Missing Icecrown Quests

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I'm doing the Loremaster of Northrend achievement and I'm stuck at 132/140 quests completed in Icecrown.. I can't find any more quests to do in the zone. I do remember on a different character I was given dailies to complete in one f the Vyr'kul villages where you had to use a spear gun to shoot down drake riders.

I didn't have the option to do that quest on this character. There seems to be a whole line of quests missing from Ebon Hold (I think that was the name of the place) and off the coast in the Scarlet Harbor that I don't have access to.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?
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Having recently completed this, hopefully you haven't done the same chain that I did:

Go back to Ebon Hold. They have a chain then they send you to the middle of the zone to do another chain. I honestly cannot tell you how I opened those quests, but it will give you your final 8 for sure.
Also in the Vyr'kul village on the west side of the map, there is a banshee in a cave that has a rather long chain of quests to complete. Not sure if you did that already.
As for the Scarlet Harbor, there should be a daily quest you get to open chests and find something. While doing that quest you have a chance at getting orders, which starts a quest.

Hopefully someone else has more detailed information.
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Here is a very good list of them, from my count seems to be liek 170 or so. Hope this helps.
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The quests you refer to are all locked behind a single quest which people sometimes overlook. The quest-giver is phased, so you won't see him (and won't see the ! on the map) unless you're right there in his area. Another quest does send you to that same area, but if you happen to overlook him while you're there, it's pretty easy to be confused (because you can fly around and not see the ! to highlight the missed quest, on account of phasing).

Anyway, the dude you're looking for is named Vaelen the Flayed. (If you Wowhead him, you'll see he has two locations: hence the phasing.) Go to the part of Jotunheim just over the mountains from Shadow Vault, and inside the structure called Ufrang's Hall. At the far back of the place you should find him. Do his quest (and followups etc.) and that should solve your problem both with Shadow Vault and Death's Rise quest availability.
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I was stuck at 136/140 for two hours, reading every forum thread and Wowhead article I could find. Finally, after reading the post by Bubblicious, I determined that I hadn't spoken to Darkrider Arly at Black Watch, a small, icy pinnacle situated above the Fleshwerks. Arly gave me three quests, including Spill Their Blood. This quest in turn unlocked, "I'm Not Dead Yet!" which turned out to be my 140th quest. Other areas I searched for my last few quests included Death's Rise/Onslaught Harbor, the Skybreaker, and the Shadow Vault. Each of these zones supplied me with well over a dozen quests - some I had dropped and others I missed entirely.
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There are a couple of drop item ones, that are usually the ones people are stuck on.

Usually, looking in the thread for the icecrown achievement helps (on wowhead.) They mention the ones that are usually the sticking points.

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did all that you guys said but am still stuck, have been flying around for a few days searching but have come up dry.
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Talk about a necro post...

You get the battle for Valhalas?
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i am stuck with only 5 more quests to go for Lore title and cannot find them out here i am sure there one's i have droped but cannot find anyone to get them back from looking for any kind of help / suggestions been reading lots of stuff here no luck. this is in icecrown as well
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You should probably not post to an ancient thread, but rather start a new one. In any case you should probably check out http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4253898080 as it should offer some suggestions that can help. Good luck.
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Just letting you know I was missing around 8 quests also, apart from a lot of chain quests mentioned above the other places people may be stuck is there where 2 quests at Deaths rise at Icecrown just off onslaught harbour, and I got my last 8 completed with a quest I forgot I had from Crusader Bridenbrad at Silent Vigil, he sends you to Moonglade, then do a few quests in Icecrown, then you go to dragonblight before heading to Shatt city then back to Icecrown, total about 10 or 11 quests, Hope this helps!
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I have been working my Lore and it has come down to four quests in Icecrown. I flew around for about 2 hours searching and searching like many others have.

If you are stuck with these few of quests check out Moonglade to see if you have quest in Shrine of Remulas. If you do the quest should be Hope Within the Emarald Nightmare. Very easey, you pick up 3 enchanted achorns and your done. Turn it back in and you get a portal back to Icecrown once you accept the new quest..
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Teddy- Thank you! You were right!
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