Beginner Role Player's Compendium -/join WeRP


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If you are:

-new to role playing
-having difficulty keeping others near to role play with you
-afraid to initiate role play or are uncertain how to do so
-just plain not sure where to start or how to do it

Then this thread may be helpful to you.
Things this compendium will give you:

1) a link to our faq for the shared community of WeRP (We Role Play) at,

2) a link to opening communications with our role play community within our realm on either Alliance OR Horde side, in an out of character manner by typing: /join WeRP

3) links to be copied and pasted into your URL bar which will take you to helpful threads currently available in our realm forum provided by Blizzard AND/OR to articles of interest in the Guild Relations Forum

4) Informative links to be added as determined or recommended by members of our community

5) a character profile thread:
Character Profile - Cata Style
started by Carstine (Thanks Carstine!)

6) Dungeon Role Play contacts and Indices

This compendium belongs to our community and is open to criticism and recommendation. As the author of this thread and maintainer, I commit that I will not troll or attack anyone for disagreeing. I welcome different opinions with new perspective and invite you to participate in raising your voice for others to hear you, because you are valuable. Without you, Lightninghoof's community would be smaller, and no matter what aspect of this game you enjoy best, the community is what makes us unique compared to others.

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What is WeRP?

WeRP - a combination of the following --> We Role Play

Recognize our identity as role players and this is OUR channel for communication. Respect others, don't bring your differences here or hostility. Bring your courtesy and communication. Use this channel for finding other role players.

Looking for RP.
Anyone want to RP?
Any RP scenes going on?
Communicate your RP events. Share information.
You may also use it to socialize out of character and banter with other gamers.

What we don't want is to turn this channel into Trade or General. Avoid trolling or driving others away. We are trying to bring role players together, to find others we enjoy role playing with and to immerse ourselves in our enjoyment of Azeroth.

Title Thread
Thread address (copy and paste into your URL bar)

*Edit 01-25-2011 removed links to old forum which has been removed and is no longer accessible. New stuff may be added later.
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Reserved for articles of discussion (WeRP), new perspectives, thread links, and updated RP hotspots as we define them in Cataclysm with the RP community.

1) Appreciate RP partners - Discussion 1 - WeRP

2) Discussion of RP Addons

RP Hotspot example (to be updated):
Sometimes the horde side WeRP community gets together for random RP in the Valley of Wisdom next to the waterfall, as happened 01-24-2011.

1) Roleplayers Anonymous
by Kageshiro on Lightninghoof

2) RP - Open Tavern Night
by Forgehammer on Lightninghoof

Also, if you have an ongoing story arc you wish to invite others to RP into, you are welcome to start a thread and then post here @Gentle requesting a link be installed in this post.

When a Healer is Broken - RP Chronicle

Edit 01-25-2011 removed outdated material, i.e. broken links to old deleted forum.
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For Hoofers by Hoofers

This thread is holding relevant information for the Lightinghoof's RP forums as managed by Shannondryl, who does an execellent job of it. She is well known in our community and her guild has been here since day 2 for the server.

Lands of Lightninghoof RP Forum
Copy and paste this into your URL bar:

This one is not by Hoofers but was still excellent. I found it on a wiki walk.

That Damn Role Player

Other Perspectives:

1) Mary Sue Litmus Test (Avoid Mary Sue-ism if you want other RP'rs interaction).">

2) Where's the RP?! - A Concise Guide (link added 01/25/2011)
by Abotu on Emerald Dream">

3) RP Forum Game: What You Never Knew (exploring the mysteries of your character)">

4) Looking for a medium to large RP Guild (thread that lead to RP discussion of note)">
(discussion between LH rp'rs)

5) An Example of Mundane RP">
(another discussion between people about rp perceptions)

6) Roleplaying Question Collective
by Slywyn of Wyrmrest Accord
Found in the World's End Tavern Forums (RP forums)">

7) Roleplay Guildmaster Compendiumby Arialynn of Earthern Ring
Found on the Raid and Guild Leadership Forums by Blizz">
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Guild Information gleened from forum threads (last updated 01-25-2011)

RP Guilds
(found in forum threads, may or may not be active, contact thread starter for more info).

The Scarlet Crusade - (A) - whisper Paultren

Royal Apothecary Societ (H) - Whisper Cromweller

Four Winds (H) - Whisper Shannondryl

Gran Arcanum (H) - Whisper...Zombobwa with a funky symbol over his first o....
perhaps you should whisper Disany instead or check /join WeRP and ask

Raven Moon Clan (A) - Whisper Faerune
found quite a few posts down in this thread:

Wyrmscar Clan (H) - Whisper Agonyblade

The Ebony Phoenix (A) - Whisper Taniel

Silvermyst Conclave (A) - Whisper Damaras

The Crimson Order (A) - Whisper Jaster (the a has two dots over can do /who Warlock and look for his name)

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Story Arcs (Past and Present) that I am aware of on our realm. Unless they are currently looking for contact (and you never know until you whisper them, go ahead take INITIATIVE to find us/start something!), most of this is to give a new role player examples of RP interaction and story lines.

1) Late one night in Ironforge
by Spotlore on Lightninghoof

2) [RP] Another Hunting List
by Chibi on Lightninghoof (Lycans of Lightninghoof Guild - RP H)

3) From the fires of Orgrimmar
by Meemoo on Lightninghoof

4) [RP Info]: The Cataclysm, Magni, and Cairne
by Shannodryl on Lightninghoof (Four Winds Guild - RP H)

5) RP: A Little Turn of Events
by Svenhard of Lightninghoof

The below stories, I listed last and without author because they are mine. Also, the stories are short arcs of interaction with different role players that lead into other story arcs. Stories are progressive. Stories and good rp require drama (of the good kind) and conflict. The end of the story comes with the resolution of dramatic tension. And sometimes it comes when you want a new character.

The first story arc:
Dawnblade - Hawkstrider Saga - RP Chronicle

The second story arc:
Chasing Morning Glories Saga - an RP Chronicle

Murder Trial - SMC 01-15-11

From chasing morning glories to pushing daisy

The third story arc:
When a Healer is Broken - RP Chronicle

6) Priest & Paladin Story Arc - A Spin Off from activities originated with Thgix's Paladin Court involving the Shadow Priest Kotominei and members of The Ebony Phoenix (RP A Guild) -Completed draft -Rough draft - Act II - ACT III
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Current projects:

1) Operation "Bring Back World RP"
by Tallgeez on Lightninghoof

2) RP Quest Line: Start It Up Again!
by Liddy on Lightninghoof

Do you want to role play your character in instances? Check out this thread for contacts.

Index of known Dungeon RSVP events:
1. RSVP RP - Dungeon RP - TG HoO 06/13/11 -
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Yay for sticky!
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Isn't there a forum thats dedicated to this sort of thing? It was posted on the old forums but I lost the link.

Might be a good idea to post that as well..
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I wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped get this stickied. Since it IS stickied now, I do not wish to give new role players misleading information. I have removed old broken links. It is considerably shorter now.

If you have things you want to contribute, please feel free to let me know. I welcome all role player initiative and work.
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<. Shadowbane Seal of Approval.

Although I'm no longer IN the community, this thing, along with plenty of other people, helped me become the good roleplayer I am today.
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Added two guilds to the RP guild post. Updated RP storylines with the Priest and Paladin arc.

If you have something to be added, please let me know. I don't want this thread to be a showcase for just a few RP'rs. Let's show others that LH RP collective is strong. We just tend to be hard to find.
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Added the Dungeon RSVP RP threads for contacts.
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Added Priest and Paladin Act II, removed link to the Palehoof notation : Forensic Evidence

Considering removing Spotlore's post, I am not sure if he got blocked from forums or not as I haven't seen him in quite a while.
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->> Gilnean seal of approval

This must live on! Let this never be forgotten! *raises fist/paw in the air*
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I am looking into roleplaying and have toons on feathermoon and wymerst accord. Looking for guild to help a beginner, but no takers. I even tried for an interview on feathermoon and failed because of spelling. What is a beginner supposed to do if there are no guilds to train us or help us. Obviously, RP is very complex requiring rules and procedures that beginners would not know. I have seen the information on the internet about RP for wow, it is so not enough. So how do real beginners start? I certainly do not feel very welcomed by the rp community.
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