noob mana regen question

90 Gnome Priest
Was raiding a toc25 for something to do and went oom on the northern beast really fast. Wasnt that big of an issue had cds up and got through fine but struck me odd that it happened and never before. Check mana gained from recount and there was no replenishment listed. Had ret pally and resto druids in the raid along with a destro lock. Had pally link me the talent and it showed 1% every 10secs for 15 secs. Any ideas why I wasnt getting it and when did this change?

Sorry if this is posted else where or if Ive completely missed it in patch notes.
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85 Tauren Paladin
Well what is you spirit?? at my lvl i never run out of mana
well i hope you can take a look at the site i use its for pallys but same concept
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    37 Blood Elf Warlock
    If you are using Skada instead of recount, it will give all replenishment mana gains to whomever casted the replenishment buff, not who gained mana from it. Sounds like this is the case
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    90 Gnome Priest
    @ faelyne

    Im using recount but will look into it more and make sure im not missing anything. Anyone know when replenishment went from 1% every 5 secs to 1% every 10secs?
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    80 Tauren Death Knight

    I do believe Replenishment got changed to 1% every 10 seconds with 4.0.1.
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    100 Goblin Warlock
    Well my first time I healed, I did go from full mana bar in TOC Northrend Beasts just first phase. I was in good gear and had all the buffs even flask way back when Mana regeneration seemed infinite.

    With time you will learn how to manage mana. This is a good thing because in Cataclysm healers will be limited by mana not HPS. Healers will also not want DPS gear with haste/crit on it anymore.

    I can't wait to heal in Cataclysm on my Discipline Priest because I'm sort of a masochist. My favorite dungeon to heal and DPS was Halls of Reflection Heroic BEFORE all the nerfs and toning down they did to it. Nowadays HOR H is just another heroic dungeon, pretty boring.
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