Character Profile - Cata Style


As a way for new roleplayers to the server to at least let people that their character is out there, and for old ones to continue to let others know we're around, the new forums deserves a new character profile thread.

The format has been "stolen" from the previous forum, and I have no doubt it'll continue to be reused and and spread around.

"This survey serves several purposes... to help us flesh out our characters, to get to know each other's character's better, and find good RP hooks for one another!" - Garnet @ Argent Dawn

Family/Marital Status:
Current Home:
FlagRSP/MRP User: (yes/no)

Brief Physical Description:

Brief Character History:

A Typical Quote:
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
This character as originally posted, Tsor Hawkstrider is now deceased.

When a significant other went to break off a relationship, she discovered Tsor was deceased. And that she was the prime suspect.
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25 Blood Elf Rogue
This character is removed from play. She successfully killed off her brother and then disappeared to a life of freedom she thought she always wanted.
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90 Orc Warrior
*Form is returned smeared with blood and other indiscernible materials.*

Name: Skathac
Titles: Legionnaire
Professions: Berserker and Lady Elf Ogler
Age: Old enough to know better, still too young to care.
Family/Marital Status: Single, no children that he knows of. Adopted father, mother, and sister.
Current Home: <Crudely drawn picture of a floating city with stick figures in dresses>
FlagRSP User: no

Brief Physical Description: A fine specimen of Orcish physique, Skathac's body is further accentuated by a multitude of burns, lacerations, and contusions. He bathes rather regularly for an orc, and keeps his hair well maintained "for da ladies". He physically looks older than he really is.

Brief Character History: He was found as a young boy by his adopted family of trolls. His family has a great understanding of the primordial forces of magic, but Skathac was more interested in breaking things and working on his war cries. Once he was old enough to swing an axe he set out on his adventures. He has dimension hopped with his family once and retired from adventuring twice.

A Typical Quote: Yes I know you want me to "Kill Dat", but dat elfie isn't hurtin nobody she's just dancin in her underwear.

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80 Night Elf Priest
Name: Faerune Winterdream
Titles: Oracle of Elune
Professions: Herbalist, Alchemist, Prophet
Age: 1,342
Family/Marital Status: Unmarried with 3 children
Current Home: Darnassus
FlagRSP User: yes

Brief Physical Description: Her eyes shimmer with an ancient wisdom, as if possessing some secret lost to the rest of the world. She moves with natural grace, filling the air around her with the scent of peacebloom and mageroyal as she passes by. When she speaks, her voice is soft and ethereal.

Her jewelry is adorned with crescent moon pendants and other symbols common among followers of Elune, but one stands out more prominently than the others… an amulet around her neck bearing the image of raven in flight atop a full moon. A similar image can be seen engraved on one of her rings, ensconced in esoteric runes and sigils.

Brief Character History: Faerune has always felt a profound connection her diety, Elune. She led a simple, pious life, becoming a Priestess of the Moon at an early age. She was content to remain within the cloistered halls of the Temple of the Moon until recently, after receiving several disturbing visions of future cataclysmic events. Convinced the visions were granted to her by Elune, she set out on a journey across the realm to warn others of their impending doom.

Her soothsaying was not well received by the local crowds which would gather to hear her grim warnings. But when signs of her dark prophecies came to pass, she gained many followers and converts to her faith. She organized her followers into a guild of zealous missionaries of all races and walks of life seeking to spread Elune’s warning of the coming cataclysm. Faerune’s guild became known as Raven Moon Clan, and is actively recruiting new members today.

A Typical Quote: “People of Goldshire… heed my warning… dooOOoOoooOOOoom is nigh upon us! But it is not too late to accept the wisdom and illumination of the Moon Goddess… she will protect and guide her faithful followers thru the coming Cataclysm!”
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85 Tauren Druid
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
Name: Gentlestride - the original character is deceased.

Caedon was the rename. He's a bard. Not much else to share. Grew up in an orphanage with Tsorn Sundrake and Ahdri. He's got the typical blood elf build and dark red, whild hair.
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85 Human Paladin
Name: Taniel Walker

Titles: Knight Altor of The Ebony Phoenix, former Knight of the Sliver Hand

Professions: Engineer

Age: 27 (ish)

Family/Marital Status: One blood sister,who does her best to drive Taniel crazy. A friend she grew up with whom she views as a brother, and his wife, who is a dear sister-in-law./Single

Current Home: Stormwind

FlagRSP User: (yes/no) Yes

Brief Physical Description: Between 5'8" and 5'10" Muscular but not bulky, broad shouldered. Hair is prematurely lightened from a dark brown. Blue eyes. Youthful, pretty face when smiling and/or not covered with grease or blood. Fascinated by/admires the elves

Brief Character History: Father was a blacksmith the served the Alliance military during the first and second war. She was apprenticed to him when she was younger, along with the son of a captain in the Stormwind Army. After her father died of Blacklung she became a mercenary and eventually hired out to the Silverwing Sentinels to Defend Warsong Gulch. She was grieviousy injured by a combined attack by tauren warriors and a foresaken warlock. She was saved by an alliance warlock and taken from the field by a paladin.

She was sent to the Cathedral to recover. Once recovered she recieved the offer to be trained as a paladin. She reluctantly accpeted. Shortly afterwards she assisted in the founding of The Ebony Phoenix.

After a disagreement with her superiors in the Silver Hand, she cut ties from the group and devoted herself to her guild and its cause. She has served in some capacity on most fronts of the Alliance and against the scourge.

With the attack by the Lich King, she reconciled with the Cathedral, though she still declined an official membership in the Knights of the Silver Hand. She served both the Wyrmrest Accord and the Argent Crusade in Northrend.

With the Shattering of the world she has begun trying to strengthen her guild's ranks while at the same time combatting the forces responsible, as well as the horde.

A Typical Quote: After barking her knuckles trying to tighten a bolt on a machine she's working on : Dur lo'shano!
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43 Troll Druid
Name: Kizami Tru'jin
Titles: Tru'jin Tribe Leader
Professions: Clan Leader of the Tru'jin Trolls
Age: Her early 30's. She mauled the last person that tried to say it.
Family/Marital Status: She is single. Her cousins, like Zombobwa, are still alive.
Current Home: Orgrimmar
FlagRSP User: No

Brief Physical Description: She is a tall and thin average Troll. She smells of herbs, blackthristal, and sweet smelling incents. Her hair in many islander briads and tied back into a pony tail. Her skin a nice dusky blue and everything about her perfectly groomed and clean cut, with a island feel about her.

Brief Character History: She lived on an island just off the coast of Stranglethorn Vale with her family. After the death of the clan protector, Mandora, she was taken off the islands as her tribe started to split. It was hard to keep track of her but, the last apperance was with Zen'tabra and the other the drudic Trolls.

A Typical Quote: A typical exclimation after Zombobwa got into a copter crash, "Zombobwa, Ya dead?"
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85 Troll Death Knight
Name: Zombobwa Ley'jin (Tru'jin)
Professions: Engineer
Age: His late 20's, though he no longer ages.
Family/Marital Status: Married to Disany Ley'jin
Current Home:
FlagRSP User: No

Brief Physical Description: He has the thinned muscle tone he had befor death, but his strangth is far from its appearance. His hair pulled into many dreadlocks and only one eye. His tusks a slight dark palor and his skin frostbitten. His eyes glow blue with a aumber undertone. His skin and appreance usually rough and gritty.

Brief Character History: Zombobwa lived most his life on an island with his family. He was born sicly and small. His father, Mandora, died when he was eatten alive by an opposing tribe. His brother ended up on a ship to the North to help take on the undead threat and died, being turned into a Death Knight. Zom and his mother fled and hid into the Darkspear tribe living with them from then on. Zombobwa joined the Frostriders where he met Ezura and married her. Ezura died at the birth of their child, Tashal. Zombobwa was then killed by a group of loyal Death Knights and turned into one. He had lost his memory, but then regained it. He came to find Disany and his daughter, for she took in his child after his death. Zombobwa went on to live his life and fight for the Horde and then soon married Disany.

A Typical Quote: A reply to Kizami after his crash, "...Ya mon"
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80 Human Rogue
Name: "Rai"

Titles: Master

Professions: Combative Arts Instructor

Age: 37

Family/Marital Status: Single

Current Home: Old Town, Stormwind

FlagRSP User: (yes/no) Yes

Brief Physical Description: Barrel chested and a couple inches shy of six feet tall. His widow's peak has receded some in recent years, but it's hardly recognizable due to his devotion to maintaining a freshly shaved head down to the scalp. Tired eyes set back in his skull still gleam an unreal green, being perhaps the most unusual part of his otherwise normal appearance. He can typically be found wearing the easily recognizable uniform of Stormwind's SI:7 instructors. He walks with a slight limp, especially on cold mornings.

Brief Character History: Came up a street urchin in Stormwind, running the streets like so many other orphans of the time. At sixteen he enlisted with the Guard and served three years stationed in the city's Trade district. He was eventually pulled for another assignment, and did not reappear until some years later. There are a solid fifteen years of Rai's life missing on the official record books where he seemed not to exist, though anyone with the desire to do a little digging would be able to uncover much of the truth. An injury landed him an early retirement semi-recently, and he has spent the last few years educating the new recruits of Stormwind-based alliance forces on the finer points of basic weapons techniques.

Those who know Rai intimately would describe him as a drunk and a womanizer with a penchant for good bourbon, second only to his love for Home. A true patriot.

Typical Quote: When Master Mathias Shaw asked about the jug of bourbon in his hand while on duty: "What? Don't give me that, it's a weapon of opportunity."
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Name: Atric Amistill
Titles: None
Professions: Ex-miner, wanderer, hero
Age: Unknown
Family/Marital Status: A twing brother, single
Current Home: Whatever Tavern he falls asleep in
FlagRSP User: (yes/no) Nope

Brief Physical Description: A short muscular Dwarf, with grey skin and reddish brown eyes. His beard, reaching down to his waist, is braided, with iron bands around it. His hair is dark, with a small ponytail at the back. He has various Wildhammer tattoos, which are covered by his armor (ingame excuse). His hands are caliced, and his skin is scarred from the mines and Troggs.

Brief Character History: Atric does not know where he was born, he remembers a dark metal place, but that's about it. His next memory, is that of Ironforge. He had to work at childhood, his mom was no help, and he left her at a young age. He had never met his father, though he never wanted to either. He had forged his own life, and eventually made it into the mines.

After a horrible mining accident, from Gnomish explosives, he was buried under tons of rock for weeks. He dug his way out , only to find a group of Wildhammer scouting the area. This was a short time before they joined the Alliance, but they were nice enough to tend to his wounds, and let him rest. But, after learning of his predicament they brought him back to the Hinterlands, where they let him stay. He learned the ways of Shamanism, and lived a peaceful life.

When he heard about going back to Ironforge he was resentful, but he trudged onward. When he got home, he went back to the mines, his communication with the Earth helped him in working with the rock, and finding the right laces to search. The elements allowed it, so long as they mined with care, and did not carelessly defile their lands.

He thinks he has everything worked out... He's wrong. His father was a Dark Iron, and many, many other secrets as well.

A Typical Quote: "Drunk!? I'll show ye' drunk!"
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85 Goblin Rogue
Name: Offically Unkown, However occasionally refers to himself as 'Eld'
Titles: Shorty (Use at your own peril )
Professions: Bounty Hunter
Age: Unknown. Speculatively in his mid 20s
Family/Marital Status: Unknown
Current Home: Bilgewater Port
FlagRSP User: Occasionally

Brief Physical Description: Generally keeps a set of leather armor highly modified through engineering and possibly other means on his body at all times, making a complete description impossibe.

Brief Character History: A bounty hunter who, like the rest of the Bilgewater, fled Kezan after the island's Volcano erupted. He was considered the best among those who worked his proffession. Unlike many who paid for passage on Gallywix's vessel off that doomed island, he 'convinced' the Trade Prince that he was under no conditions a slave like a majority of the rest of his passengers by incapacitating his entire security regiment without even taking out his daggers. He now looks to expand his business from internal goblin matters to the world at large, for no other purpose than to prove that it doesn't matter how big you are, he can take you down.

A Typical Quote: "I'm never unarmed."
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90 Human Paladin
Name: Thgix Shadowbane

Titles: Lord, Crusader

Professions: Master of Retribution(Private Master, Guru "of sorts.")

Age: 21

Family/Marital Status: Wife: Fherlia Valkhrest(Deceased), Father in law(Lord Valkhrest), Caliani Shadowbane(Sister)

Current Home:

FlagRSP User: Yes.

Brief Physical Description: About 6' 1", average skin, faded brown hair and blue eyes. Due to his Paladin training, he is built, but still is on the normal side.

Brief Character History: Thgix is just an average Paladin, born and raised in Stratholme for a short while, until the plague forced him south after his folks died. He traveled with his father's friend, whom he considers his mentor.

After he was forced out of his homeland, he took up the Paladin's way, like his father. As soon as his training was finished and he was knighted into the Silver Hand, he quickly joined forces with a Local branch of the Army, called "Reinforcements".

However, due to a falling out, Thgix resigned from the branch and set off to fight independently for his faction. Still working valiantly both the Alliance and the Church.

Months after his falling out, he resigned from the church to continue his work in solitude. Eager to tell his beloved fiance' about his new-found purpose and his courage to finally quit his work, he discovered something that wrecked his world. He found that his evil other that was made from his cleansed spirit, Thaen, murdered her while she was being held by her father.

Crushed from this turn of events, he remains rather distant in his mind. All that people have noticed from him recently is a chain around his neck and his hood kept on almost all the time.

A Typical Quote: Standing over a person, holding a sword up to his neck. "I'd hate to be you right now."
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85 Night Elf Warrior
Name: Tal'yir Sho'nal

Titles: "Jack of the Veiled Sea"

Professions: Privateer.

Age: 328

Family/Marital Status: Laru'tan Sho'nal (Deceased), Layira Sho'nal (Mother, alive in Darnassus)

Current Home: Gilnean Coast, unspecified.

FlagRSP User: Yes

Brief Physical Description: Built broadly, developed muscles for his two-handed weaponry, Navy-Blue hair and pale blue skin.

Brief Character History: Tal'yir grew up with his mother in Darnassus, always went out to Rut'theran Village to fish in his youth. Extremely fascinated with naval travel. Especially Naval combat and tactics. However, at the age of fifteen, he took up piracy to make some extra cash.

He fell into the Privateer's world soon after, then into the world of gambling recklessly... Then being booted from the crew he joined.

After he was booted, he decided to take up his chances at Booty Bay, which didn't go over so well either. Joined the Blackwater Raiders, gambled and cheated the local goblins... Then he had to high-tail out of there. All the way to Stormwind, where he currently resides.

Since the Sea swallowed his boat whole during the Shattering.

However, shortly after the sea took his boat, he decided to take refuge with a local branch of the Military, Reinforcements. As their new Naval Captain.

However... He recently gave up being a Naval Captain, and went back to being a Privateer. No one knows the reason why...

A Typical Quote: "Come on, then Lads! Quick game o' chance!"
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