Character Profile - Cata Style


100 Draenei Paladin
Name: Thrift (nickname)
Titles: None
Professions: Mechanic and combat medic
Age: Unknown, it's been a long while
Family/Marital Status: Is aware of only one cousin who survived the crash, Gentlestride
Current Home: Dalaran
FlagRSP User: (yes/no) No

Brief Physical Description: Standing tall and possessed of a lithe, lean frame. The smooth skinned, pale purple Draenei, when not in battle armor assisting her fellow military minded folks, can be found in a workshop happily fussing with power tools, manual tools, and widgets. She is frequently found to be wearing cut off leather trews, a soft white tank top, and specially crafted white sneakers over her hooves adorned with small blue rockets. She most often wears her dark brown hair in a messy ponytail, uses the jeweled hair clips for impromptu screwdrivers, and has dark brown eyes behind or under her rose colored goggles, depending on if the goggles are shoved up on the base of her horns like unused sunglasses or currently being worn. She also wears a low slung utility belt and is frequently trying to wipe schmears of grease off her hands, arms, and face if she's been working beneath her motorcycle.

Brief Character History: She came to study the balance of wise judgments originally. Her path was one of fair retribution after her ship landed on Azeroth. Over time she found herself more enamored with healing than delivering judgments, particularly after getting to speak with A'dal. She discriminates between horde and ally on the battleground but outside of her duties, finds she agrees with the Naaru.

Most recently, she discovered her cousin Gentlestride was fiddling in her workshop after a nameless tauren engineer with a penchant for gnome engineering advised Gentlestride of hoof adornments of laced elementium. Since then, Gentlestride has gone missing.

Thrift headed out with an assortment of tools and concoctions of an alchemist friend and ambushed the engineer in his workshop, tying him up with goblin jumper cables while using a shield deflector to scatter his hologram temporarily. After some misunderstanding of her poor Taurhe via communicator, they worked out a deal.

She is still looking for her cousin.

A Typical Quote:

As she hears it, "Where is my cousin?! Tell me or I'll kill you to death so hard your soul won't recognize your body!"

What the tauren heard, "Where is my cow brains?! Tell me or I'll kiss you to death so hard your soul won't recognize your mail receptacle!"

Hilarity ensued.
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70 Draenei Shaman
Age: adult
Professions: herbalist and archivist
Family: widow
Current Home: the Exodar
Flag RSP user: sporadically

Brief Physical Description: She is tall and slender with dark skin. Her hair tends to stick out with unruly curling angles. When she is working, she always wears the tabbard of Darnassus. Her demeanor is usually reserved and polite; bordering on deferential.

Brief Character History: Raised on Draenor, Kalepsa was among those who followed Velen in the flight from Shattrath, to Zangarmarsh and the subsequent escape from the besieged planet on the Exodar. Among those wounded in the Exodar's crash onto Azeroth was Kalepsa's spouse Laoosh. (Made up name, if there is a character with that name on this server, it's not the same person) She spent the first months trying to build yet another home and tending to the sick and wounded while Laoosh remained in critical condition. The herbs used in remedies they knew were not available on Azuremyst Isle. There were also the mist-tainted crystals of the shattered ship negatively effecting the survivors. So she and others studied both the herbs and the crystals in the area in the hopes of finding solutions for their woe.

Kalepsa was experimenting with the tainted crystals on her own when an overzealous scout spotted her in the wilds. Thinking she was performing some blasphemous Eredar ritual, he attacked. The ensuing fight was short and brutal. As consciousness faded, she heard a voice twisted by righteous hatred; “now I send you to rot in the void, you treacherous demonspawn!” The voice had a face and name she knew; one that only days before had spoken of the importance of protecting Azeroth at any cost.

Days later she woke in the infirmary to learn that Laoosh had died and that the scout who attacked her had been sent away. While the physical wounds healed quickly; those to her spirit festered into resentment. She grew certain that, had she not been attacked she would have been able to save her spouse. Thus she believed it was the fault of the scout, and by extension the Kaldorei suspicion towards Draenai ancestry, that caused Laoosh to die. The Light of the Naaru was not the panacea promised and she is weary of squatting on other peoples’ planets. She found solace only in continuing to work and in the more immediate, and ambivalent, balance exhibited in nature.

Recognizing this, her superiors sent Kalepsa to study Shamanism under Farseer Nobundo. The reassignment went well, though it did little to help her accept the alliance with the Kaldorei. Time and the study of the elements has blunted her resentment, but its roots go deep. Knowing that she must address this before she can reach her full potential, Farseer Nobundo sent her to Darnassus to aid their cause. She complies reluctantly, but is determined to do her best

TLDR: Personal tragedy results in bitterness towards the Night Elves. She discovers an affinity for Shamanism. Her mentor sends her out into the world to work for the Night Elves so that she can better understand the Light and the purpose of the Draenai on Azeroth.

Typical Quote: none
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85 Human Hunter
Name: Vakali Pollard

Titles: "The Grizzled"

Professions: Tracker and an assassin to some extent.

Age: 25

Family/Marital Status: Mother, father, three older brothers. No spouse.

Current Home: A campsite outside Amberpine Lodge

FlagRSP User: Yes

Brief Physical Description: Rogue-style pony-tail, van dyke beard. 6' 0" with a very light tan.

Brief Character History: Vakali was born and raised in Grizzly Hills, he was an avid tracker even at a young age. Priding himself in his marksman skills and ability to find anything. He, his father and his brothers enjoyed hunting quite often. Vakali left his folks when he hit eighteen, to go to the Eastern Kingdoms and continue to hone his skills. Not much is known about this man's history, but is known as a tracker-for-hire in town amongst many.

A Typical Quote: "AMAZING, let's go!"
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Name: Falira DelForn
Titles: none
Professions: Tailor and Enchanter
Age: early 20's
Family/Marital Status: None that she is aware of/ Single
Current Home: Stormwind
FlagRSP User: (yes/no) Yes

Brief Physical Description: Most of her fire red hair falls beyond her shoulders in a loosely bound ponytail, though a beautiful face no older than 22 is still framed by coppery locks. Her deep blue eyes generally have a look of happiness in them.

When in the city, she can generally be seen wearing either a low cut pirate style shirt or a cerulean doublet and accompanied by a black cat which she seems to regard as much as a friend as a pet. She seems at home walking the various streets of Stormwind.

Pinned to her belt, one can see an enameled broach or medal, a violet background with an Ebony Phoenix in the center.

Brief Character History: On her tenth birthday Falira mistakenly triggered a ritual that (super abridged version) made her a warlock. Her father sent her away as she would be an embarrassment and a hindrance to his political career. She went from the Cathedral, to Ironforge's Mystic Ward, and finally to the newly built city of Darnasuss. She returned home when she turned 18.

After many trials and much research she managed to rid herself of the corruption she suffered on her tenth birthday and began harnessing her natural talents with the arcane. Since then she has suffered attacks from the blue dragonflight and faced the scourge in Northrend.

Upon returning to Stormwind, she helped evacuate a friend's family when the earth began to quake. Shortly thereafter Deathwing shattered Azeroth. Now she uses her studies to do her part to stop the Twighlight's Hammer and their masters.

A Typical Quote: (to her warrior "friend") You smell like a rusty pot! I'm just saying you might want to clean up before wandering out in public!
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Name: Tsorn Sundrake
Titles: None
Professions: Mindhealer and doctor, learning jewel crafting as a secondary skill
Age: Mature Elven Male (equivalent to early thirties of humans for reference)
Family/Marital Status: Single, raised in the orphanage in Shattrath
Current Home: Wyvern's Tail in Orgrimmar, renter
FlagRSP User: (Yes)

Brief Physical Description: The healer was always fit but with the loss of his healing abilities, he has been putting on some muscle while sparring with his trainer, the orc warrior Grusk. He is small and corded, with tousled spikes of black hair and pale green eyes. His gaze is observant. His mannerism tends to be direct if sometimes impatient, an indication that behind his disciplined doctor's persona is still the spirit of a wild child.

Brief Character History: Combat medic and specialized mind healer for the horde military. In an encounter on the Isle of Quel'danas when he was loaned out to assist, he burned out his healing abilities trying to save a severely injured commander. He's been placed on probation in Orgrimmar as the other healers try to figure out what's the problem. Currently submitting to a battery of tests and gaining leave to go off base when he can to meet Morniel, he is in training with Grusk, a retired orc warrior and Onetusk, a troll rogue, both of whom he once healed. They remember him, he them not so much. Grusk is teaching him the art of sword and board as he has not propensity for damaging things. He is very much a healer and protector of life in philosophy, though he can be aggessive when healing.

A Typical Quote: "Just because I heal doesn't mean I'm weak! Healers fight every day to save lives, now stop harping on me or I will take this holy light, shove it down your throat and out your posterior, and show you exactly how a healer can fight!"
--upon being sneered at and harped on for being seen as a passive personality, said individual managed to hit his berserk button
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Name: Hergin Broadhammer

Titles: "The Mace"

Professions: Herbalist.

Age: 118

Family/Marital Status: Mother/father, sister. No spouse.

Current Home: Aerie Peak

FlagRSP/MRP User: Yes

Brief Physical Description: Hergin is normal for a Wildhammer, reddish skin, various tattoos cover his body. Light-brown hair.

Brief Character History: Hergin grew up into shamanism at a young age, but loved practicing with weaponry. So, he started following the path of totemic enhancement. Often whittling his own totems in his spare time.

Hergin is also a rather loud dwarf, rough around the edge and violent. Easy to anger, and a reveler once he's had a lot to drink.

He happily continues to practice the Elements with the shamans of Stormwind.

A Typical Quote: "Think that's funny, do yeh?" (said after pulling out his Stormhammer.)
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85 Draenei Death Knight
Name: Bahuul Ya'mahe

Titles: "The Crashing Tide"

Professions: N/A

Age: Unknown

Family/Marital Status: No family or spouses, as far as he knows.

Current Home: N/A

FlagRSP/MRP User: Yes

Brief Physical Description: Bahuul is a strongly built Draenei, even in his death. Silver-blue hair, horns. Blue skin. He smells of Blood.

Brief Character History: Bahuul is an enigma, he doesn't remember where he comes from, what he was like back in the day... Just nothing comes to his mind. All that's known about him is that he has a strong sense of justice and duty. A strong fighter, and a caring person.

But all that changes once he gets into combat, he is a senseless killing machine, kinda like an enraged Ogre. A brutal person. He rarely gets into fights because of this fact. However, when he isn't all gun-ho on something, he is rather childish in his ways. Looking at things in a positive manner, even his new-found powers.

A Typical Quote: "SO MUCH BLOOD!" (When enraged)
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23 Worgen Warlock
Gaddson has gone missing for quite some time now, no one knows his whereabouts.
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49 Night Elf Rogue
Name: Leisiel Owlwing(a.k.a. Lisi)
Professions: Skinning and Leatherworking
Age: Young Adult
Marital Status: Single
Current Home: Pig and Whistle is where she tends to go for R&R.
MRP User: Yes
Brief Physical Description: She is about 6'4" with an athletic, sort of boyish body type. Her hair is very dark blue, and very short in a no muss no fuss style. She has periwinkle skin, and the blades tattoos on her face are indigo.
Brief Character History: She was born in Darkshore, and lived there almost her entire life, rarely travelling to other nearby parts of Kalimdor. She would occupy her many years growing up by doing miscelanious things to help her people. Soon after Teldrassil was grown she got the urge to do something more, so she travelled there with many other Night Elves and began training. Eventualy she was ready to go out in the world to explore. She thought she was first going to be sent back to Darkshore, as she heard they needed
quite a bit of help, but instead she was sent to the Eastern Kingdoms to show support for their allies. She is very proud of the leather armor and accessories she makes for herself. She prefers dark leather for herself, with sparse simple patterns. She has a habit of saying a prayer for the animals she skins, and she only uses the skins of memorable kills for her own armor.
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85 Dwarf Death Knight
Name: Leperchaun (AKA Spindy)
Titles: Brewmaster, Bloodsail Admiral
Professions: Jewelcrafter, Enchanter, Retired Engineer, Investment Banker.
Age: 69
Family/Marital Status: Bachelor, no kids.
Current Home: Dwarven District and Gnomeregan
FlagRSP/MRP User: (yes/no) Negative Ghostrider

Brief Physical Description: 3'2''. Green beard and hair. Leper has a terrible smokers cough. He is overweight and is missing 3 fingers. He has blue eyes and a perfect smile. He is partially blind from an engineering accident.

Brief Character History: Leper was born in Gnomeregan to a Leper Gnome and a disease free gnome. Unfortunately, due to his mother's prostitution job he inherited her diseases, hence the nickname. At school the other children teased him for being short and called him a leprechaun and teased him about finding gold. That fueled him to make countless amounts of gold as an adult. When he reached his 30's he became depressed and indulged himself in mead and older night elf women for a fee. He caught several diseases and got several women pregnant, but used an enchanting spell he created to get rid of the baby. He has had to go to rehab several times and has been arrested for illegal plant possession. Overall he is a successful Gnome with several flaws that he has kept secret from the public and his parents for years.

A Typical Quote: I'm not addicted to mead, I jusht like it, a Lot... Hic!
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90 Worgen Warrior
Name: Daniyel Methias (Dani)
Titles: The Explorer
Professions: Skinning and Mining (supplier)
Age: 22
Family/Marital Status: It's complicated
Current Home: Stormwind City, Dwarven District
FlagRSP/MRP User: (yes/no) Yes

Brief Physical Description: Dani has crystal blue eyes, he's about 5'10''. He's skinny but muscular from training. He bears extremely large scars across both his chest and back (about two diagonal ones on his back and three on his chest at multiple different angles). In his worgen form, he is about 8'12''. His eyes are yellow, with his Iris/pupil being a almost white yellow color. Luckily, he's able to still fully close his mouth and even tuck his K9 teeth inside his mouth, feeling more human and proper.

Brief Character History: Daniyel grew up poor in Gilneas City for his life. During his youth, he met a woman named Sarrah Nomadia and later got engaged to her. But after his parents died, he joined the Gilnean military. But three days before the wedding, the worgen attacked the city and her life as well as about all of his friends were killed and he became afflicted. After wandering around Azeroth trying to find a purpose, he decides to help the Alliance fight against the Horde and any other threat it faces, as well as trying to fight off the insanity and control of the Cursed Worgen within him.

A Typical Quote: "If at first you can't find your way in life, take note and know that you aren't lost in the eternal dusk of the past, but exploring the endless horizon of the future." - Nathaniyel Methias (Daniyel's father)
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85 Night Elf Druid
Name: La'rutan Sho'nal

Titles: Talonite

Professions: Scribe

Age: 329

Family/Marital Status: Tal'yir Sho'nal (Younger Brother), Layira Sho'nal (Mother)

Current Home: Darnassus

FlagRSP/MRP User: Yes

Brief Physical Description: Pale blue skin, average body mass, navy-blue mane

Brief Character History: Very little can be remembered through La'rutan's memory alone, due to his shaky recovery after the destruction of Auberdine. All he remembers is his mother and his brother and small moments before the Tsunami that destroyed his home.
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48 Orc Mage
Name: Gimronk
Titles: None
Professions: Fishing, Herbalism, and Tailoring.
Age: 29
Family/Marital Status: Married with two children.
Current Home: Northern Durotar
FlagRSP/MRP User: Yes

Brief Physical Description:

Brief Character History: In many ways Gimronk is your everyday average peon. Cook, fisherman, herb farmer, and doting parent, he is one of the essential cogs in the labor intensive backbone that is the Orc Horde of Kalimdor.

Recently Gimronk has been found having a small amount of ability with which to wield arcane energies, and at the prompting of his superiors has taken up the studies of a Mage. His first priorities, however, still belong to his two daughters and the fishing boats of Durotar.

For more information please visit:
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Name: Bodua Bregolis
Titles: Dark Regent of the Dark Sun Cabal, Mistress of Time.
Professions: Herbalism & Inscription (capped)
Age: 1,125 years, 4th Brood of Nosdormu.
Family/Marital Status: Married to Lady Truenoir Ashenlight, Confessor of the Dark Sun Cabal and representative of the Red Dragonflight.
Current Home: The Master Bedroom of the Dark Sun Cabal Guildhall in The Drag of Orgrimmar.
FlagRSP/MRP User: (yes/no) yes. TRP2 as well.

Brief Physical Description: Her humanoid form resembles that of a Blood Elf Death Knight, albeit an oddly shimmery form. Most chock this up to Bodua's affinity to the frozen lands of the North, however this point can be argued by those that truly know her history and whereabouts. There is something "off" about her, but none can truly put their finger on it...

Her current Draconic form is that of a Sandstone Drake, as she is currently performing a reconnaissance mission in Deepholme and lands beyond. This form keeps her from being recognized from unsavory characters.

Brief Character History: One cannot shorten such a long lifetime into a brief history, but if one were attempt to, here is what it would look like.

Bodua's earliest memory is of awakening in the midst of the Lich King and beginning her life as a Death Knight. Slowly, under the guidance of the demi god Nerox, Bodua began to unravel what she thought was her life before her death. Meanwhile, a power and strength rose in her at an unexplainable exponential level. This strength was explained shortly after the Cataclysm, when the Aspect Nozdormu appeared to her, along with his prime consort, Soradormi. They revealed to her the true nature of her existence; that she was in fact one of their children, set into the life of a Blood Elf to learn the ways of the short lived races and prepare them for the battle to come. She continues to this day, recruiting and teaching all who are willing to learn in the hopes that one day, she can live a life free from the threat of the havoc of the old gods.

A Typical Quote: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If all else fails, [Obliterate]."
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85 Human Death Knight
Name: Helgax
Champion of the Ebon Blade
Late 30's. Well, that's how old his body is.
Family/Marital Status:
Everyone is deceased except for his squeeze.
Current Home:
FlagRSP/MRP User: (yes/no)
Brief Physical Description:
Always plated in the heaviest of armor, the man easily weighs in at about 240-260 pounds. His form is always slicked over with a thick coating of ice, leaving a mist around his figure.
Brief Character History:
Not much is known about Helgax, but it is known he is a second generation death knight, and if he is still loyal to the Lich King or not, is unkown.

A Typical Quote: "..."
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