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Name: Carstine Wyvernjack (Original name: Carstine Lorastina Woodsoul)
Titles: Combat-General (Former Scout-General)
Professions: Leatherworker
Age: 141 (Died at the age of 127)
Family/Marital Status:
Father Leoros Woodsoul - Alive
Mother: Alimorel Woodsoul - Deceased (Died during The Fall of Quel'Thalas)
Twin sister: Zephsace Woodsoul - Alive
Niece: Claudia Woosould - Alive
Adopted daughter: Inyka Woodsoul - Alive
--Marital Status: Single (but dating)
Current Home: Lycans' guildhall, Silvermoon City
FlagRSP/MRP User: Yes, MyRoleplay

Brief Physical Description:

Carstine doesn't look like your usual undead. After looking her over for a minute, one can see her ears were once at a point, now a bit tattered at the tips. Her eyes glow blue between the few locks of blonde hair that falls in her face which are quickly pushed back with clawed fingers. A thin scar runs from the outer points of her eyes. Her pale skin is the only thing that truly gives away the fact that she is a Forsaken for there is no rot that mars her flesh. While her eyes might shift from side to side, her pierced ears twitch ever so slightly.

Between her armor, a blackened jagged scar runs up near the base of her neck, as if the skin was tainted. Behind her left ear is a blade tattooed there of black and blue. Without her gloves on, her hands, wrists, and forearms are wrapped in bandages.

Brief Character History:

Many do not know who Carstine Wyvernjack is or where she came from though they can all tell that the rogue has seen her fair share of battles. Those who do know her tale spin it like this:

Scout-General Woodsoul was head of Silvermoon's top scouting groups, appointed there by Prince Kael'thas himself. She would always boast that she has never been caught while out on a mission and joked that the day she did, it would be her last.

Woodsoul was dispatched to Ranger-General Sylvanas' camp along with the best of her group to help scout out the impending attack that the fallen Prince Arthas planned against her city of Silvermoon.

Scout after scout were relayed back to Silvermoon only to be cutdown by the undead. With no one left to warn Silvermoon, Woodsoul set out. She had made it within eyesight of the gates when the undead captured her there. The fallen prince himself took great joy in carving out the scout's eyes and leaving the wounded woman for dead.

For four years, Woodsoul struggled against the call of the Lich King, fighting to keep her soul hers. She finally awoke near a town outside of Brill. The gravekeeper there had tired to explain to the scout what had happened but delirium took over. She fled from the town and slowly worked her way back home.

She soon found herself stuck in what was is now Western Plaguelands, hiding in an old inn. There, she met a gnome who seem to pulse with great power. With a smile and a nod, the gnome passed the scout a book filled with blank pages with one request:

"Fill these pages with what you discover from this day forth. This book will never run out of pages as long as you never run out of ink."

With that, the scout set off back to Silvermoon.

When she finally made it back, she found her city in ruin, her people changed, and herself unwelcome. As she began to leave, a friend recognized her, unable to believe that she had come back from the dead. At the friend's home, she found out that her home and family were all lost except for her sister's daughter.

Her heart began to beat softly on that day, a new reason to fight burning within her. As she hugged her niece, she turned to her friend, her eyes narrowing:

"My death only guaranteed his."

A Typical Quote: "Good luck and good hunting."
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Name:Jonathan Robert Deltoran

Titles:Cathedral Archievist
Professions: Inscription, Herbalism, Archeology, Fishing, Cooking.
Family/Marital Status:Single
Current Home: Stromwind
FlagRSP/MRP User: (yes/no) no

Brief Physical Description: Average height and build, nothing to distinguish him in a crowd.

Brief Character History: After entering the priesthood at age 18 Jonathan has worked in the archieves for his entire career and has gained the trust of the church hierarchy.

A Typical Quote; "Everything is strictly confidential."
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Name: Nathaniel Thomas Tankard a.k.a."Ratsbane"
Titles: "What did you call me?"
Professions: Engineering/Mining
Family/Marital Status: Undisclosed
Current Home: Darkshire
FlagRSP/MRP User: (yes/no)maybe in the future

Brief Physical Description: Ratsbane is about average height with a lean and muscular build, keeps his head shaved and his mutton chops and stash neatly trimmed.

Brief Character History: Like any good citizen Ratsbane enlisted in the Stormwind army at the age of sixteen, serving his time as a scout in the musket corps. After the standard six year enlistment he was honorably discharged.
Ratsbane's time in the service taught him that there are many threats to the Kingdom and not all of them wear the insignia of the Horde. Keeping his ears and eyes open Ratsbane now travels the lands hunting for these threats.

A Typical Quote:
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