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82 Human Paladin

Once, long ago, a great kingdom stood in the northern Eastern Kingdoms. This kingdom was Lordaeron. It lead humanity through the great second war, and the time after. It was a bastion of hope, and peace, and even mercy for the enemy. But it was betrayed and destroyed from within. This great nation fell to treachery, and that betrayal was from it's prince, Arthas. We turned our gaze from Lordaeron while we fought other threats we deemed greater, and allowed another great evil to rise there. Now the Lich King is dead, and the scourge pushed back. And now we must turn our gaze back at Lordaeron. For now, the Forsaken of Lordaeron threaten us all.

The Forsaken of Lordaeron have stood as staunch enemies to the Alliance, and all others who live. They have committed unrivaled atrocities. The least of which is their ongoing aggression towards the Alliance. They have claimed the lives of countless innocents, and many heroes of the Alliance.

The Forsaken have developed a plague to wipe out all who oppose them, scourge and living alike. They have tested this plague on living subjects and on the Alliance navy as it sailed to Howling Fjord. The plague also fell into the hands of Putress who used it against Alliance forces at the wrathgate, an event that cost us the lives of many heroes including Bolvar Fordragon.

How long will you wait until you act? Will you wait until the Forsaken rain their plague upon your streets? Will you wait until their armies have returned from Northrend to surround us and our allies? Will you wait until it is too late, or will you act while you can?

Hear Lordaeron's Call, and join us in our cause. We take the battle to the Forsaken, bringing war on their lands. We will fight their Banshee Queen's evil regime at every turn. We will make the Forsaken fear for their unlife as we tear their world apart. We will fight to reclaim Lordaeron for it's people, and we will win.

Lordaeron will rise again.
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80 Human Death Knight

[[OOC: <Lordaerons Call> is an Roleplaying Player Versus Player guild on the server Twisting Nether.

Our guild is open to all levels and people who are interested in joining as long as you show an interest in roleplaying, at improving yourself in PvP, and follow our simple rules.

Backstory: LC is a revolutionary group that adopts unorthadox tactics, such as bombing 'civilian' areas and guerilla warfare to strike fear into the enemy. We are seen as terrorists by the enemy, but as far as we're concerned we are fighting for the freedom of Lordaeron (and in the future Gilneas). We lack the forces to fight a true war, due to the Alliance being occupied fighting elsewhere. Because of this we are forced to fight as we do. We also defend our enclave, a small territory of land we have claimed as our own where civilians have begun to relocate. We are also running out of soldiers due to our numbers, and because of this we aggressively recruit in Stormwind and other Alliance cities.

Alignment: LC is loosely aligned with the Alliance, though we are not an officially sanctioned group. We have been accused of being zealots and terrorists, think of us in the sort of relationship that the Scarlet Crusade had with the Alliance before they became a problem. We aren't necessarily anti-horde either, and any help we can enlist from the other side we will welcome, simply because the Forsaken regime is our enemy, and the Horde is simply her ally. Use the allies of your enemy against them, and you gain a powerful weapon. However, as long as the horde remains an ally to the Forsaken they are our enemy and we will seek out and destroy them, in an attempt to dissuade them from continuing their support for the Forsaken regime.

PvP: This is a PvP oriented RP guild. We do promote it, and we will take part in organizing small PvP events on our own, and we will collaborate with other guilds to organize larger events. Cap level characters are required to keep their PvP flag up at all times, as we see it as a way to promote more PvP. In cataclysm our primary focus in progression will be rated BGs and arenas, we feel this fits in the best way with our guild setup, and will further increase our force in world PvP.

Roleplayers: We are open to new roleplayers of any experience level. We are not an elitist over the top guild, though we do recommend that you keep your character within the confines of acceptable lore. Just as we do with PvP, we expect you to improve yourself over time. Good roleplayers still have room to improve, as do new roleplayers. We are here to improve the server as a whole, but first we must improve ourselves.

Membership: LC is not confined to just humans from Lordaeron. It is open to all Alliance races who have qualms with the Forsaken and wish to bring down the regime. Come Cataclsym we will be opening our doors to welcome our new allies from Gilneas. While Lordaeron's Call will remain our name we will fight equally to restore both kingdoms.

Level requirements: Lordaeron's Call has no level requirements for entry into the guild. We accept all players who wish to throw in their lot with us. We ask that you at least reach the level of 10, however, so we know that you are giving the character a shot. Until that point you cannot progress beyond the minimum rank, which lacks guild chat privlages.

Rules: Lordaeron's Call has simple rules. Do not be a douche, do not cause drama, stay in character in the proper channels (/s, /y, /g), do not grief roleplay (see: don't be a douche, do not cause drama), do not exploit (See: rooftop camping in old world pre cataclysm), and follow orders. If you can't follow our rules, your stay with us will be brief. ]]
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85 Worgen Warrior
Declaration of War

To all who read, know that this is a formal declaration of war on the Forsaken regime by the revolutionary group Lordaeron's Call. The Forsaken regime under the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner, have committed atrocious crimes against all who live, and all decent souls who live cannot stand by idly and watch it continue.

The Forsaken regime have from their earliest existence sought conflict with the good people of this world. And as a force we, Lordaeron's Call, seek to make the Forsaken answer for their crimes. The extent of their crimes include, but are not limited to:

-The earliest crime after their separation from the scourge was against an ally they could not have claimed Lordaeron without. Lord Garithos's forced fought with the Forsaken to liberate Lordaeron from demon control, under the agreement that the Banshee Queen would hand Lordaeron over to the Grand Marshall. The agreement was reneged, the Banshee Queen murdered Garithos and his men in cold blood.

-The next crime is the development of a plague to annihilate all who live, and the means in which they tested it. With captured living subjects, the Forsaken tested their plague in the bowels of Undercity for years, few escaped to bring this information to the world. The excuse that some were members of the Scarlet Crusade will not pass. The plague has since been tested on enemy Vrykul combatants, Alliance prisoners, and a pet dog in Hillsbrad farms.

-The open state of war in Hillsbrad against the remainder of Lordaeron against all settlements in Hillsbrad Foothills including that of Southshore. The Forsaken unlawfully slaughtered innocent non-combatants in the surrounding areas, and even released a powerful lich on the city of Southshore. Southshore itself is regularly assaulted, and the area is a hotspot of open war.

-The Forsaken insurgency into the Kingdom of Arathor, where the Forsaken have unlawfully cut off supplies to the Stormpike Guard and other northern Alliance settlements, and claimed countless lives in the area known as the Arathi Basin. The Forsaken group known as the defilers continue to raise their arms in open warfare against the forces of the Alliance, and continue to hamper all efforts to restore the noble Kingdom of Arathor.

-The attempted poisoning, and the defilement of our allies lands in Ashenvale. The Forsaken crept into the border lands of Ashenvale and crossed into Night Elven lands where they tested their vile poisons and attempted to spread them over the land. Their continued presence is a defilement to the lands.

-Upon their arrival in Howling Fjord Alliance forces were assaulted ruthlessly by the vile Forsaken, the Forsaken bombarded the hastily built Alliance fortifications and slaughtered all upon the area now known as Vengeance Landing. The Forsaken proper also used their vile plague on the Alliance proper for the first time, bombing the Alliance navy from the air.

-The continued testing and 'perfection' of the Forsaken plague through Northrend, and testing of it on captured living subjects, including those who were allied with the Alliance, as well as the Vrykul and Scarlet Onslaught.

-Allowing the Grand Apothecary Putress to rise to power and thus use the plague upon joint Alliance-Horde forces assaulting the wrathgate, costing the Alliance some of their greatest heroes, including Bolvar Fordragon.

-The continued supply and use of the Forsaken plague in the region of Wintergrasp.

We hereby declare war to not only make the Forsaken answer for their crimes, but to prevent all future atrocities from occuring. We will remove the Forsaken from power and reclaim Lordaeron for the just.

We demand that following:

-The Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner, alias 'The Dark Lady', and all others in power be removed from such position and made to answer for their crimes through trial, and if necessary execution.

-All other war criminals brought forward to answer for their crimes.

-The cessation of all hostilities against the Alliance nations.

-The immediate destruction of all plague containers, and all further creation to cease.

-The dissolution of the Forsaken regime and governement, as well as all military forces linked with the Forsaken.

-Discontinued Horde intervention in Alliance-Forsaken affairs, and their withdrawal of all their forces from the lands of Lordaeron.

-The lands of Lordaeron to be given back to it's lawful citizens, and the allowance of its people to resettle without hindrance.

-The former monarchy of Lordaeron to be restored in full with the Menethil line restored. If an heir cannot be found another noble house of Lordaeron shall be chosen to lead.

When all demands have been met the open state of war shall cease.


Alexialas Xennmas
Karelle Morrigen
Bevros Irondown
Reignier Nightmane
Trysteza Wright
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