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11/29/10 Please Read: Thanks to the help of Mysterio, we have purged the list of guilds that seem to either no longer exist or are inactive. I suggest you take a look at the lists (or for your guild contact info) if you would like to make sure the information is accurate

This is a place to list your contact information so that someone can quickly find the decision makers, so to speak...who they need to contact within your guild for everything from recruitment to ninja reports etc.

*This is NOT a recruitment thread, although you can obviously contact the guild members listed in this thread for recruitment information (since not every guild posts that info in the recruitment thread).

Please list your guild information as follows:

Guild Name
Guild website URL (if applicable)
GM's Name and / or names of any officers / contacts you want listed


GM - Kharmaa / Ninsianna
Officers - Whoever, Whatever

Guilds will be listed in alphabetical order and by faction.

Please make a new post for any information you need updated / changed. Do not go back and edit your original post. Also, to prevent confusion, please keep it to 1-2 people from the guild in charge of updates.

If your guild has broken up, please let me know this too. I will not assume that a guild is gone and delete it, only to find it has been passed on, is an alt guild etc etc. So, in short YOU are responsible for how you would like to appear on here.

Thank you and good luck!

***Last Updated 3/29/14 (updated - Dragon Slave)***
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100 Tauren Druid
Alliance Guilds:

Abuse Machine
GM - Korgull
Deputy GM - Northernfist
Officers - Legênd; Krodys; Salsamouth; Totemoka; Valkyriehit; Cptnkangaroo; Melødy
Overview - Casual Raiding guild, 6th year in existence, Family oriented, Available on Facebook

Officers - Aliisza, Elissa, Eradorn

Aphotic Souls
GM - illfated
Officers - Jameover, Babybonez

GM: Volgar
Officers: Monz, Tryton, Holÿ, Lethe

At Death's Door
GM - Kitey
Officers - Mahonri, Mikehuman, Salminella, Seething, Vashu, Gavyn

Axis of Anarchy (we really don't use it too much but there it is)
GM's Name: Lunessa
Officers: Barros, Hugeguy, Raijin

B r o t h e r h o o D
GM- Alanise/Cynanne
Officers - Ashina, Impish, Twizzy
(We currently have 2 websites.
Our recent one with Epicmount is open to both guildies and friends.
Our Guilduniverse site has a public post area for visitors and friends and alot of info about the guild.)

Call of the Phoenix
GM: Larallysa
Officers: Zeiya, Timidin, Somejerk, Oogslady, Gidgers, Everlyn, Elduche

Cold Fusion
GM: Amadora
Officers: Captkief, Avonderre, Annagon

Collateral Damage
GM's: Araleth, Thelovegun
Officers: Dinbasi, Elysidia, Keldrea, Spellchaser, Selairia, Tomasso

GM- Psychodruid
Officers- Kvch, Yokuni, Drull, Jontus, Rukiak

Crisis Management
GM- Xansten
Officers - Tinan, Ektor, Sozilicious, Ravenlight

GM - Lustie
Co-GM - Maalanu
Officers - Prigit, Sulaldin, Pwnstr, Abelinkin, Teala

Deadly Vixens
GM - Taaryn/Tyrith/Merydith
Co-GM: Buzzarella/Morggana
Primary Officers - Petal, Jaraziah, Bashebapally

GM: Soanix
Co-GM: Kahann
Officer: Crushy, Isisdea, Whodeewho

Disciples of Beer (lvl 25, Alliance)
GM- Eleventhhour
Officers: Letoatredies, Ballincola, Calamr, Brunie, Morfpali, any toon beginning with
Overview- Casual raiding guild, mature players, no one under 18 unless they are the child of a member. We've been around since vanilla (forced to change name from the original years back).

Dragon Gate Inn
Recruit Officers: Mavendreas, Lawlnorder

Easy as Pi
GM - Dalex
Officers - Winfo, Tymm, Scylla, Rejuvince, Llygrom, Evantar, Bigclub

GM's - Ardore & Zilne
Officers - Azeral, Lailah, & Zerosignal

Fight Club
GM - Barbiee
Officer - Skezzy and Ozonelady

Graveyard Shifters
GM - Thelovegun
Officers - Monsterman, Spellchaser, Sacrificer, Selairia

GM - Doibhinn
Officers - Akatix, Looby

Insane but Medicated
GM - Whystle
Officers - Bannshe, Tarastus
Contacts - any guild member

I Raid Alone
GM - Herlexis
Officers - Spud, Corac, Charla, Syriael, Kazer, Chronius

GM - Krak
Officers - DeleterFX, Sarj, Tankenstein

GM - Darqchild
Officers - Staeorm, Clintioc, Demonkeeper, Elthor, Bobala, Adget, and Gorac.

Knights of Virtue
GM - Zalaan
Officers - Lashatoya, Soonerpride, Holylord, Wicca, Zippit and Feondelia and Marianna

Lewt teh Dogz
GM - Divinius
Officers - Carboness, Kurai, Kashmyr

The Magic Kingdom
GM - Tybalt/Tomas.
Officers - Finegan, Furbyn, Snowpetal, Xia, Peth

Masters of Mithril
GM - Olathardro
Officer - Starra,Opitikal,TheMiz,Delenaw,Magnetism

Midnight Carnival
GM - Lutara
Officers - Kratoria, Leluna, Janyice

Midnight Fire
GM - Rockclimber
Officers - Arckanis, Dotdotrev, Turiya

Nefarious Souls (yes site has some new things under construction)
GM - Evilens / Secondary GM - Badmonkey
Current Officers - Italo, Noldor (and a few more to be added after Jan council meeting)
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100 Tauren Druid
Alliance Guilds Cont...

Not The Face
GM: Menopaws
Officers: Kagsie, Murky

Of The Fallen (no www)
GM: Lerial
Officers: Procask, Everlite, Srfortisku
Ambassadors: Alliarra, Serax
Counselors: Chuy, Zookk, Koopaknight

Old School Heroes
GM - Forgiven; Co GM - Littlehead
Officers - Runescape, Saremol

GM: Overan
Officers: Kishin, Rippyn, Darktotem, Matankus

Proven Endeavor
GM: Gavaudan
Asst. GM: Poap
Officers: Bkn, Supertodo, Microsak

Requited Pride
GM: Darkace
Officers: Davick, Emmadal, Ussjvin, Deathstylin
Recruiters: Emmadal, Davick, Mezmaron, Reinasombra, & Gredic
As of 8/3/11 -
Recruitment is currently open for all classes except rogues.

GM - Niistar
Officers - Deringelo, Eshu, Eneres, Vellras.

Return With Honor
Acting GM - Trojanmba
Officers - Sapsuck, Niterunner, Maduin

Risen From the Ashes
GM - Ensenda (aka Badmonkey, Morigana)

Saturdays Warriors
GM - Coony
Officers - Ashrond, Brindy

Sleeper Cartel
GL: Darias

GM - Maximuus
Co GMs- Rexo, Epidemik
Officers - Admos, Chfgaribaldi, Gankstapony

Soldiers of Fate
GM : Majii
Officers : Darkren, Kohana, Nymbys, Nephilum, Moondew, Xtimeose, Vazshaldia, Xanduron, Terkor

Twisted Karma
GM - Aldane
Officers - Apristiah, Taylanden

Veni Vedi Vici
GM - Andrin
Officers - Antamun, Picca

West Coast Raiders
GM: Darhunter
Officers - Ata, NothingFinal, Salema
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100 Tauren Druid
Horde Guilds:

GM - Valvien
Officer Contacts - Vaelen, Exist, Luminessa.

GM - Machina
Officers - Ameena, Reyndor, Tairgoth, Goska

Bring Out Your Dead
GM - Moobs
Recruitment officer - Brak/Caite/Furrball

Da Carebears
GM - Azmail/Moothis/Dahnde
Contacts - anyone except Pudding

Dark Phoenix Guard
GM - Goji
Officer - Stolli

Dragon Slave
GM - Robinsings
Officers - Scarfinto, Lazymonk, Fenelon

Epic Dolls
GM - Lealah

GM: Vomer
Officers: Riekul, Spw, Flightpath, Frednaught

From the Ashes
GM - Krenshar
Officers: Akua, The@*!!utic, Arcum, Cninety, Cantstop, Razed, Danlarry, Jezreal, Pythies

Hearth and Home
GM: Dromboarstag
Main Officers: Alehxis, Imira, Supereclipse

Higher Breath
GM - Karra
Officers - Kristik, Cchan, Lorale, Swang

I Rage I
Gm - Dragosh
Officers Grimmstone, Hopeless

Iron Legion
GM: Renalia
Officers: Surna, Rinjin, Shecrit


GM - Axio
Officers - Bullheaded
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Horde Guilds Cont...

GM: Guldun
Contacts: Guldun, Gera

GM - Nuggfruidian
Officers - Atomicpunk, Ishamaell, Bubbleboy, and Lilyana (although she hasn't been re-promoted yet).

Mystery Men
GM - Nehala, see guild website for full contact list of all officers

Orphan Makers
GM - Flukemaster
Officers - Erastim, Mercyslayer, Reguritator, Rottencrotch, Redrum, ect..

Pieces of Eight
GM - Kes

Prom Dates
GM - Beatrice/Lattis/Door
Contacts - Casyjones, Janieia, Sencr, Phixx, Tumerok, Zorik

GM - Kek
Contacts - Anybody else (just type /who rocks)

GMs - Kharmaa / Ninsianna
Officers - Wski, Samsonite, Judgedread

GM - Choppindots
Officers - Lichard, Somedamdruid

The Den Of Iniquity
GM: Ragnarook (and all alts)
Co-GM: Phaeliandra (and all alts), and Schmeezem

Third Place
GM - Bettwa
Officers - Somniferum, Arooga

GM - Belafonte, Co-GM - Amiconagoyin
Officers - Ilmlochar, Quig, Girum

GM - Nukkaplz, Abitai
Officers - Docwily, Cowadin, Mackiex, Killerbyday, Devilwillcry

GM - zambidi
1st officers - salt,bcn,casserole
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100 Tauren Druid
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85 Troll Hunter
I Rage I

Gm - Dragosh
Officers Grimmstone, Hopeless
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90 Human Priest
Requited Pride Update for MoP
GM - Ussjvin
Officers - Ussjvin, Caesonia
Edited by Emmadal on 10/10/2012 3:39 PM PDT
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85 Human Mage
Lots of those guilds aren't guilds anymore. Your list needs a little purging. :P
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100 Tauren Druid
Lots of those guilds aren't guilds anymore. Your list needs a little purging. :P

I know...I guess some people don't understand what the word "update" means. In the original thread I had a few offers to help me purge it, (since I can't keep track of every guild creation and break up myself...not to mention every officer and GM change), buuuut I was left to leave them there. Like a graveyard. So until people want to say 'Guild <xyz> is gone...those guilds will sit in this pixelated graveyard. =(

And sooooo I will say again...if anyone knows of any guilds on this list who no longer exist, please let me know.

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90 Human Paladin

Officers: Aliisza, Elissa, Eradorn
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85 Human Mage
And sooooo I will say again...if anyone knows of any guilds on this list who no longer exist, please let me know.<33

This is going to take a bit with armorying each guild, lol.
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100 Tauren Druid
And sooooo I will say again...if anyone knows of any guilds on this list who no longer exist, please let me know.<33

This is going to take a bit with armorying each guild, lol.

Hah! Trust me, I know. That's why I made a few posts asking people to come update this and the recruitment list but very few people did it. As it is, I will be spending the next -god knows how long- getting the formatting right again (it is BEYOND annoying that every time you /B/ or underline anything it jumps back up to the top of the post!)

Ah well.

I could always just go to the old post and ditch every guild who hasn;t updated in the last 6 months or so...but then that would be unfair to the old guilds who are still kickin.

Hopefully with a new forum and new start, people step up and clean up their old messes, ya know?
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85 Human Mage

A Gnome Stole My Dignity - Only 2 members in the guild, safe to say it's gone.

At Deaths Door - We disbanded at the end of TBC and looking at the guild there's still 4 pages of people but the activity is pretty close to nothing. Your call here!

Bound by Brotherhood - Getting errors trying to access their armory and guild site is no more.

Chaos Before Mercy - Dead guild.

Crooks and Castles - Another error result in the armory.

Illegal Danish - Only 1 member in the guild, gone.

ILLUMINATI - Only a handful of characters in the guild, activity looks pretty dead on armory.

Knights of the Order - Only 3 people left in the guild.

Knights of Virtue - There isn't many people left but, there is some activity from the remaining people. Your call!

Mile High Club - Gone

Nerdiance - Armory results looks like it's someones alt guild, gone.

Post Mortem - Gone


Resurrection - Looks like it's all alts now. Your call!

Risen From the Ashes - Another alt looking guild. Your call!

Saturdays Warriors - Yet another alt looking guild, not much activity. Your call!

Treason - Only 3 characters left, it's dead.

Veiled Legacy - Only 2 characters left, it's dead.

Vordach - Has 10 people but, activity is near to nothing. Your call!

Warriors of Harlech - Dead
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85 Human Mage

Affinity - Doesn't look like much activity. Your call!

Bring Out Your Dead - Sort of died awhile ago, looks like some alts now. Your call!

Epic Dolls - Only 6 characters left, gone.

Online Predators - Dead

Southern Cross - Dead

Wendy - Only a couple people are active, turned into an alt guild when we stopped raiding. Your call!

Enjoy updating Kharma! :P
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100 Tauren Druid
You are so awesome! Thank you so much for doing that for me (for everyone)!

After I make those changes, if anyone has issues with it, it might force them to make that change, too. =) It is nice having your post on here as well, in case anyone looking for a specific guild or person once I edit, they can see the status.

Thanks again!!


Oh and I will get on it in the morning...I have to go out and take advantage of this winter wonderland that we finally have! =D
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100 Troll Rogue
Horde Guild:

Iron Legion
GM: Renalia
Officers: Surna, Rinjin, Shecrit
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100 Orc Death Knight
Horde Guild: (update)

GM: Nuggfruidian
Officers: Atomicpunk, Ishamaell, Bubbleboy, and Lilyana (although she hasn't been re-promoted yet.
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90 Worgen Mage
Update for Collision contacts.
GM- Psychodruid
Officers- Kvch, Yokuni, Drull, Jontus, Rukiak
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100 Human Paladin
Update for Crisis Management

GM- Xansten
Officers - Tinan, Ektor, Sozilicious, Ravenlight
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