Arcane blast is much too subtle now

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85 Human Paladin
If you are arcane mage and just stand there spam AB you are bad. You have many option, arcane spec improve dmg of ALL spell not just arcane. I agree our chance to survive is much lower now than before 4.0 but still not bad if enough resil. At level 85 situation will change...bad arcane mage and frost mage will come here QQ how they feel weak, but good one still know how to play.

Yes. Let me show you how to play an arcane mage skillfully.

While this video is intended for PvE, it works very well in PvP as well.

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Well, all I can say is, LET'S ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS.

I get top HK's, a lot in BG's now. I almost do not fear any 1-on-1 situation, other than maybe DK's and STRANGELY, fire mages (Go figure). Even druids healing themselves I can handle (lol, after a LONG LONG LOOOONNNNGGG battle).

But the most fun is the subtleness of arc-blast. If I can get to a 5 of us to 4 or less of them, I just PEG off the enemies, slowly, but surely.

And when I see a frost mage, HA HA HHAH AHA HAHAHAHAHA HA HA. God what fun.

So, knowing how the COUNTER WHINEYS work, and blz loves the NERF bat... Enjoy it while it last arcance mages..

Enjoy it while it lasts.

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100 Troll Rogue
i use spell alerter it tells the caster of the spell, his class, his direction, and who it is cast on.
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you are a op class dont even get on your high horse, its not at all about blizz countering QQ your freaking out of control you deserve to get neutered .../snip /snip

LOL, how the winds of change have BLOWN...

I remember the days of Tsera, and how mages were so GIMPED in BG,s as only good for the "3 minute mage), to the days of reslience, and PoM/Pyro being removed, to the INFAMOUS Mage Tax. And when we WHINED, others like Tricky there COUNTER WHINED.

LOL, how the tables (Mage Tables) have turned.

Well I know blz, they'll make arcane- blast have a sihilouette, JUST like they made blizzard have one. But will they may lock and s-priests have sihilouettes, Nope. I'm sure they'll NERF our dps, that's just TOO easy for them NOT to do.

Sooo, I REVEL in seeing these days. Sadly I know, they will not last. To see non-mages QQ, it's like mixing water and oil.

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85 Human Death Knight
They should give it a nuclear nuke explosion animation.

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85 Dwarf Shaman
I recall several times lately when I've been in a bg and I glance at my health bar and see that, all of a sudden, I'm just about dead. And lo and behold, there's a previously unseen arcane mage who has been nuking me with arcane blast. Except it's such a subtle spell that I didn't even notice it was going on amid all the bg noise and chaos.

This is the only spell that I can recall acting like this. If a desto lock is nuking you with chaos bolts, incenerates, etc or if an ele shammy is nuking you with lightnight bolts, it's pretty hard to miss. With all the power that arcane mages have, do they really need to be able to nuke in such a subtle fashion?

This isn't new. This has been the case fighting shadow priests for a very long time now. Nothing they cast leaves a trail (exept mind flay) and a lot of it doesn't even have a cast time. Small shadow priests (dwarves and gnomes) are hard to see at a distance even if they are out in the open unless you have health bars up.
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98 Tauren Warrior
If by focus fired you mean being arcane blasted by a single arcane mage...

Blizz really needs to do something about the visual and the damage of arcane blast. Given how ridiculously easy it is to get stacks of AB being able to 1-2 shot people from range with no "tracer" to indicate where you are is a bit much.
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I didnt even notice that it had an animation at all til I saw this thread. The animation is neat, but yes, very very subtle.
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85 Troll Death Knight
does anyone get paranoid when in a bg, and a mage on your team buffs dalaran brilliance or w/e and you think theres an arcane mage hitting you for a second
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85 Orc Warlock
You can't add a tracking component to Arcane Blast without totally redoing the entire Arcane tree.

Laser beams can be a tracking component. Remember that it's possible to have a spell projectile with 0 or next to 0 travel time. Chain Lightning is near instant and so are the various drain channels.
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