<Public News Team> Has opened its recruiting to level 80 in preparation for Cataclysm. PNT plans to take full advantage of the guild perk system and is looking for more members who would like to contribute and are interested in guild bonuses.

The Advantages

-Increase in Honor and Experience
-20% less durability when you die
-Access to special guild mounts such as the Dark Phoenix and Scorpion
-Fast completion of Guild Achievements.

Guild chat is closely monitor and anyone acting annoying or out of line is reduced to a mute rank.

PST Mischieff, Discalceate, or Syntacks for an invite

<Public News Team> will also contain a solid 10 man raiding group. Leaders and core raiders have experience from vanillia, all the way to 11/12 ICC HM. There are a few spots opened up at the moment:

High Priority

-1 Tank (DK, Feral, Warrior)
-1-2 Melee DPS (Rogue, Enh Shaman, Fury War)
-1 Hunter / Boomkin

Low Priority
- 1 Resto Druid

We plan on raiding 3 days a week. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday - 8pm to 12 am Server time.

We currently only have one 10 man raiding group, but plan to expand this as the community grows.

Anyone interested in a Raiding spot, please contact Mischieff, Discalceate, or Syntacks ingame, or sign up at www.pnt.guildportal.com.

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