Patch 4.03a Rogue notes

80 Troll Rogue
Poison buffs! Yay!

This bring Venomous Wounds from an amazing talent to one that is better than the entire Combat tree, I believe.
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85 Orc Rogue
On beta, Combat hits like a Train in PvP. Needs alittle more work on the PvE side though. but its alot better at 85 than it is at 80.

Now that's what I like to hear!
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85 Dwarf Rogue
So did they actually fix vanish on PTR, before making these changes? Since patch 4.0 went live, I have been farming the Raven Lord mount in Sethekk Halls. I am lvl 80, the mobs in zone are lvl 55s.... On several occassions I have hit vanish in there and watched the mobs run away..... Until the vanish buff wore off and then they turned around and attacked me again.... Combat was only lost until the buff wore off and then I was back in combat even though I was still in stealth.
Vanish hasn't worked right since they moved it from server side to client side years ago. They have refused to fix the problem saying that it is working as intended. So they added a 3 second buff, which wasn't nearly as good as the 1-2 second invulnerability to dmg many of us rogues had asked for which would have completely fixed the issue, yet not made it OP. And now they do this to it.....
" Player guardians and temporary pets now stop attacking when a rogue uses Vanish, but city guards will not. "

Oh wow, you mean guardians and temp pets won't attack us when we vanish? Why the F@#k don't you fix it so players, pets, and NPC's won't attack us when we vanish? Ya know, fix it so it works as intended? Either that, or at least make the tooltip on it reflect what it does...... Instead of reading:
"Allows the rogue to vanish from sight, entering an improved stealth mode for 3 sec. For the first 3 sec after vanishing, damage and harmful effects received will not break stealth. Also breaks movement impairing effects"

It could read something like:
"Allows the rogue to vanish from sight on users screen only, making you think you entered an improved stealth mode for 3 sec. For the first 3 sec after vanishing, damage and harmful effects received will probably still hit you and break stealth. Also breaks movement impairing effects that will be instantly applied again because once the 3 sec are up, you will immediately be seen again if you haven't been seen already"

Oh and F the recuperate nerf. It was in no way game changing to leave it at 3%. Considering it was a combo point based self heal, we are using points that could have gone to finishing move dmg to heal ourselves instead. That offset it enough to leave it at 3%.
We are talking about a 30K HP rogue healing 900 dmg every 3 seconds. Oh my Gawd, that is soooooo OP.............

*I'm sure I'll get flamed, but I don't care. Blizz has been doing this to rogues for years. They nerf our dmg and rogue like abilities slowly and subtely for months (or buff others so we don't directly see the nerfs to us), and then they throw us a bone to put us back where we were before to make us happy while at the same time nerfing something new and hoping we don't notice or care. So yeah, I'm pissed and venting about the nerf to Recuperate and the non fix on Vanish*
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