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I and a couple friends are thinking of transferring to a new server. We're tired of the pvp ruleset and just want a good PvE server that isn't terribly unbalanced in terms of faction distribution. We were looking at Exodar and Blade's Edge, but I was hoping to hear from some of the residents about the current state of affairs for the server.

How is the Alliance/Horde balance and population numbers?

How are the economies?

Are there raids and/or events going on? (VoA, Weekly Raid, PuGs, Old World Raids, etc.)

How is the general community? Competitive, Friendly, Childish?

How are the guilds and raid progression?

Any insight that could be had would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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i like it
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any person on Exodar could probably give you a comprehensive list of the major people to /ignore. I play both horde and ally on here, and have meet lots of nice, helpful people on both sides.
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Both Alliance and Horde only have one truly progressive guild on each side. Fourth Meal on Alliance and The Crazy Eighty Eight on Horde are both 11/12 ICC 25 Hard Mode guilds. Both sides have great, more casual guilds that still do well at what they do.

Couldn't agree more.

Awesome people throughout the server, but if you are looking for progression or successful PuG's in raiding it may not be the place for ya. If you are looking to settle into a community for casual play with good (well mostly good) people then I think you'll like it. I don't play here anymore but I called it home from a few weeks after the server went live until a few months ago. Good luck in cata!
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going on, but I've witnessed pugs that still suck at Malygos...

The last 2 weeks Maly being the weekly I've gotten the "You don't have an eternity" achievement on 7 of 8 pugs. The one that didn't missed by about 10 seconds.

Pugs are like this everywhere though, some are good some are bad. Generally the people are nice, but skilled players are few and far between. Hopefully the recent changes to 10/25 raids will group some of the better players together and we can get a real sense of the talent on the server. Would rather have 3-4 really good 10s, then have those same 30 people spread over 15 guilds. Makes the server look a bit better overall, and could attract some better players.

I digress, Exodar has been my home since May 06(first ever toon I got to 70) and I've been fairly happy here ever since. Some people will be jerks.. but thats true of every server.
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Do what I did, make a character on the server to see if you like it. Talk to people, cause not everyone comes to the forums. If you like the attitude of the people, jump ship. I did about 4 years ago and haven't looked back.
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Don't judge us by Alliance trade chat. Ally trade chat is comparable to barrens chat on its worst day. That being said, as Angry stated there are great people on both sides, and it's a very entertaining server.
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