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Well, the shattering is here, and things are getting exciting. With that <Fear Inc> is looking for players ready for whats ahead.

Who the heck is Fear Inc? Yeah, you probably haven't heard of us, we're relatively new around these parts, but we are far from new at WoW. Let me tell you what sets us apart.

Results - Our officers are raid veterans. Many of us have been raiding from the beginning. We've seen first hand how Blizzard does raiding, we've played with out of combat rezzers, we've handled crowd controlling mobs. We've organized threat tables before Omen and KLH even existed. We've been successful at every level of raiding and will continue as Cataclysm raiding unfolds. Fear Inc has been a top 5 server guild throughout its time raiding.

Our target player - We're looking for players who excel at their chosen roles. We describe ourselves as a hardcore raiding guild on a casual schedule. We seek out players who work well together. We don't particularly care what kind of gear you already have (especially right now). Because we raid less often, we expect our members to put in the effort required to maintain progress. Why? We don't enjoy raiding 6 nights a week to overcome deficiencies in player skill. With the right skill we can consistently progress with less time commitment from our members, it is a win for everyone.

What are we looking for? - Currently we have open spots in just about every role, with the most room in ranged DPS and healers. We are always open to skilled players at any position, but we are loyal to our members.

What should you expect? - You should be prepared to be part of a guild that does more than just show up during raid nights. We excel because we create an environment where people enjoy playing together. Thus you should expect that we will not tolerate negative players, or anything that will diminish the guild atmosphere. We are not always serious, this game is fun, you should expect to have fun.

So, what are the raiding details - Simple, we raid 3 nights a week, 7-10pm server. Currently raid nights are wed/thurs/sun. Raid nights are subject to change if needed for the best of the guild, but would not change without input from the guild. Loot? We use Suicide Kings. We've found this to be the most fair, simplest loot system for the type of guild we run. We emphasize team over individuals, because thats what it takes to succeed. SK provides a fair and impartial way to distribute gear. Attendance? While we do not require any attendance level to be part of the guild, attendance plays a role in raid invitation priority.

What next? - It's simple really. Come talk to an officer. We're not going to force you to fill out some sort of application, we don't have an HR department checking up on your references. We want to meet you, talk to you. Personality is 90% of what we're interested in. We can help most people become great raiders (and some help us become better as well). If you have the right attitude, you'll be welcome, accepted, and most likely successful.

Come meet us! If Fear Inc sounds like the guild for you, seek out Tivon, Paynne, Dracsham, or myself and say hello.
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All players are welcome with Fear Inc. We do not expect you to all be raiders, but we are currently adding to our raiding core. If you are looking to get involved and start fresh with Cataclysm this is the guild for you.

We currently have the most spots open in ranged DPS, hunters and warlocks are most needed. Drop me a line if you are interested, we'd love to run some heroics with you.
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