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85 Tauren Shaman


We are recruiting guild members of all level for Cataclysm, and are currently looking for Ranged DPS to fill out our raiding roster. Recruiting is limited to players 18 years and older.


<KA> is a relatively small guild on the Cairne server (CST) focusing on putting together a group of mature, friendly, and helpful people that intend to stick around through Cataclysm. We will be running dungeons, heroics, and raiding three nights a week, focusing on gearing up as a guild, clearing through content, working on achievements, and completing heroic modes. Raid attendance will never be mandatory, and several of our members focus on PvP or questing or levelling alts.


We are still working out our raiding schedule for Cataclysm, but it will likely remain on the same days and times as out WOTLK schedule. If we have enough interest we will also start up a second 10 person raid group again.

  • Tue 9:00PM-11:00PM - 10 person raid

  • Wed 9:00PM-11:00PM - Guild heroic runs

  • Thu 9:00PM-11:00PM - 10 person raid


  • Tol Barad - Argaloth


  • 11/12 ICC10H

  • 12/12 ICC10N

  • 7/12 ICC25N (LM, LD, GS, DS, FG, RF, BP)

  • RS10 (Cleared)

  • RS25 (Cleared)

  • TOGC10 (Cleared)

  • TOC10 (Cleared)

  • ULD10 (Cleared + Algalon)

  • Naxx10 (Cleared + Dedicated Undying)


The guild leadership consists of Khaal, Anzari, Swathorn, and Rawrrior.

Check us out at http://kaguild.com for more information.
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90 Pandaren Priest

Anyone seeking a friendly, active guild to experience Cataclysm with, look no further! I think we're all having a blast with the expansion so far, and would love to add some more people to the family. We're currently taking our time enjoying quests, but will surely start the gear-up process soon enough, and look forward to plunging into the new raids, in their 10-man versions. It's shaping up to be a fun ride. :)


(And yes, this is Anzak's new main for Cata, for anyone wondering.)
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