Fellow BloodScalp brothers and sisters, I'm sure it's a surprise for nobody that there is a severe factional imbalance on our beloved realm right now, currently with the Horde having approximately 6-8 characters for every one Alliance character.

Today, with the launch of the new world, and new race/class combinations, I highly urge, suggest, recommend, and plead that you use the opportunity to rebalanced the realm!

Now, with new race/class combinations comes being able to race/faction switch to these too! Tired of your Troll Shaman but never really liked Draenei? Well now's the chance to make it a Dwarf!

Please friends and brothers, make your next alt an Alliance or even switch a few of your Horde characters to Alliance. Now is one of the best times with a whole new perspective to play, new zones to explore, and new variety in character choice if you didn't like them before.

For the good of our realm :D Thanks!