Moral Dilemma: Let the Rude/Bad Tank Die?

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I can't believe some of the dumb %#%* people are saying in this thread.

You don't care if the tank is being awful to the healer, and so the healer should not care, either?

You don't respect yourself, so other people should not respect themselves either?

Taking %#%* from a rude tank is the test of a good healer? LOL

You wanna know why people act like douchebags in randoms? Because they think they can get away with it. Jackass tanks feel they are so important and rare that they can do and say whatever they want and nobody will dare do a damn thing about it. Jackass dps feel so self important that they think they should be able to zerg and pull like they're on crack and everyone else should just have to deal with it.

And every time a healer does the 'lol-right-thing' and let jackasses get away with being jackasses, they just reinforce the mentality that it's okay to be a douchebag in a dungeon.

Furthermore, the personality types who don't give a %#%* about how rude or harsh they are on other members of a group are usually the same types who ninja'ed crap while they leveled, caused intentional wipes when they got mad and talk crap in pvp even when they aren't helping.

For the love of standards, let them die.

And if you're worried about the innocent players in the group, pay attention. Almost every healer in this thread who was in favor of letting asshats die mentioned that they keep the innocent players healed or at least give them time and space to jump ship.

Which is pretty generous, because fence sitters who remain silent while the healer is being taken advantage of and talked %#%* to can die, as well, for all I care. If the tank is giving my healer a rough time, I have no problem jumping in in defense of the person healing my butt.

Self Respect > Saving Time, kthx

QFT. I'm done with running into self-important bads that pin wipes on me when it is so very clearly their fault. If I see a rude bad player then I go into grief-overdrive mode. Solves my problem in the short-term.
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In all honesty, I think the majority of jackasses (of any role) are made by other asshat players. I used to hate tanks that wouldn't taunt, that pulled too fast, etc. That is, until I started tanking on my Pally.

Why do they pull so fast/chain pull? Cause of DPS or heals love yelling "Go go go go go go!" if you only pull two groups. This is despite trying to fight to hold aggro against DPS that can't wait for you to gather up all the mobs.

Why do they not taunt? Because the jackass hunter loves to multi-shot before the pull even occurs, or because the Mage or Warlock love to pop their AoE right as the pull happens.

But since I'm a healer I'll say this to people: If you're not the tank and you pull, you get no heals. If you are the tank and you don't respect my need for mana when I ask, you get no heals while I'm drinking. I'm not an ass about it at all, I'm very polite when I make these requests. If they repeatedly do not listen, I have no problem letting them die. If it's the tank, I know I can keep DPS up through the pull. If it's the DPS, it's even easier.

At the end of the day, all roles need to learn to work together better if we're going to survive this Cataclysm.
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I hope you're not talking about heroics at 80, cause

1) How do you go oom?

2) The tank probably wouldn't die if you stopped healing him unless he was just retarded.
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