Leveling with another player with a lvl gap?

61 Human Warlock
So, my friend is new to the game, and wants to hang out with me while I play my main, so I thought, can I party with her and drag her level 5 self to a level 20 area and just start cutting things down while she hides behind me? Would she level faster, or not get any experience at all, because they're so much stronger than her?
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Since you're both still so low I'd suggest helping her out with her early quests just to kill things faster and protect her until she catches up to your level. Being so far apart, there's actually a maximum on how much XP she will get per kill of something your level, and it's not really efficient.

Good luck!
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Is it just me or didn't this thread have a lot more posts in it yesterday?
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Is it just me or didn't this thread have a lot more posts in it yesterday?

There was more than one of this thread.
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Is it just me or didn't this thread have a lot more posts in it yesterday?
the OP accidentally Double posted yesterday and someone found the one w/ 0 replies instead of responding to the one with replys. Dont know why, if they scrolled down, they would have found the other post first, since you currently can't delete your own posts if you accidentally double post nothing you can do about it other than report it, i guess.
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I would suggest that you help her level through the starter areas and show her the ropes. Within a day or two, she will be at your level.

In the meantime, try leveling a proffesion!
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85 Blood Elf Priest
A better idea than doing this in the overworld, like you're thinking, would be to do it in a dungeon. A level 45 warlock can easily solo places like Deadmines (and get your friend some really great loot, too).

She will need to be level 10 to enter Deadmines. If you want to help her from 5 to 10, try helping her out with quests. Quest XP far outstrips anything a higher level character can kill (due to shared group xp, she'll be getting almost nothing from your kills before level 10).

Also be wary if you're on a pvp server, if you take her to a contested zone someone on the opposite faction could wander by and oneshot her.
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