Was the divine storm changes even tested?

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Why is divine storm on the same cooldown as CS without granting holy power? Its more pointless than before. Not only does it not give holy power, but it hits worse than a wet noodle.

Bug or intended?:Hand of light procs still make the Divine storm light up like its a finisher.

Also, is zealotry still requiring 3HP to activate intended?
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I'd lean towards intentional given what we had before and what we have now. It seems like a logical step to keep Divine Storm as a seperate rotation setup, namely one we use instead of Crusader Strike when dealing with large packs of opponents. I don't know about you, but I've gotten some serious DPS padding from just spamming Divine Storm when amongst 4 or more mobs in heroics. I'd still rather have both abilities have seperate cooldowns, but it's a step in a direction to force us to think about our rotations in various situations as opposed to just face rolling our way through the dungeons & raids.
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Zealotry no longer consumes the 3 holy power, but still requires it
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Yeah, wars and frost dks can use their aoe abilities in there single target rotation still. Plus their aoe does way more damage.
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i bet if you hit more than 4 mobs divine storm is worth using, but that's just a hunch. also, i know on the beta they changed divine storm to do 80% weapon damage before the beta went down, i suspect that change didn't make it into the launch candidate, but it may well make it into cata proper. from what it's sounding like (not that i don't trust what is being said, but i like to verify things myself), it's probably a necessary change moving forward, which is why it was made in the first place.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I don't know about you, but I've gotten some serious DPS padding from just spamming Divine Storm when amongst 4 or more mobs in heroics.

No, you haven't. The math is pretty clear: you need 5 targets minimum for an 80% DS to pull ahead of CS. See the EJ thread if you don't believe me.

My AoE was way down with the new DS. It hits like crap, and we no longer have an AoE finisher.

That would have been okay by me, since trash dps is trash dps anyway, but coupled with serious nerfs to single target dps it made for a sad night.
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