Things to look for in 4.0.3a!

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New quest: The Day Deathwing Came. I'm sure some of you remember Jesse Cox narrating this during beta ( -- it has a commercial prefixing it now, but it is still worth watching). It starts in the Badlands, near the Dragon's Mouth. This is a must-do quest for everyone. I suggest that you pay particular attention during phase 3 (the orc's story) to the people begging you for a ride. /wink Some pretty funny stuff there.

New pet: The singing sunflower! ( This is from a Plants vs Zombie quest in Hillsbrad (where the ruins of Dalaran used to be) just past the horde concentration camps (they have moving searchlights and some neat horde quests by all indications).

Defeating four levels gets you some low level green item and the singing sunflower! Tip: By level three, you must have 10 sunflowers ASAP and for the duration of the level. Having these trivialises your resource-gaining issue and makes the encounter very, very easy.

Meta gem changes: They're being reverted, but that won't occur until the next patch so most people likely want a temporary solution to make use of their meta for a week. In that meantime casters have the easy alternative of an Ember Skyflare Diamond ( and the Bracing Earthsiege Diamond ( Melee may think about using a Thundering Skyflare Diamond ( -- 480 haste for 6 seconds, 45 ICD, exempli gratia: 64 permanent haste) or the Swift Skyflare Diamond (

Map Changes: On every map flightpaths are clearly marked, known or not, with Hermes' (or Mercury's given your mythological outlook) winged shoes. Blue = alliance, red = horde. Be aware that there are a lot of new flightpaths, usually two for each faction per zone (I'm generalising but it's more often true than not). Practically speaking, the flightmasters are standing near enormous faction standards or flags, so you won't miss them in a crowd.

More as I remember them. It's late. :)


If you know of something else exciting, please share it! Add locs or landmarks, tips and hints. Share with your community. :) Note: We're not interested in the negatives, we see enough of them in General and other forums and are readily cataloged elsewhere. Contribute with the cool stuff you've found.
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Is your name in reference from Caska in Berserk? Considering the skin tone and class i would hope so =)

Edit: And the name obviously =b
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Good stuff Caska.
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