Deathwing 4.0.3a

82 Human Warrior
Take me with you. I'll try to remember to be there on my paladumb.
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9:25 Server and still no deathwing...guess the changed it...or it was just a fluke...
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86 Dwarf Hunter
All this sand in my beard and no stupid slackjawed dragon to show for it! But I did kill a stink bug, so it's not like I got nothing for the time.
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73 Dwarf Hunter
Probably changed in the hotfix. He wasn't supposed to show up at the same place and same time every night.
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90 Undead Death Knight
We should have known!
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85 Worgen Warrior
Grats to those who got it, sorry to those who didn't :(

I've still got a couple alts I'd like to get the achievement on and I'll be parking myself in Tanaris to see if perhaps there's just some other factor to his "pattern".

On the bright side, we've all got like a year to get the achievement on all our characters... ^^
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85 Dwarf Death Knight
Although there was no sighting of Deathwing, the party with Rococo as well as us wiping out some guild (don't remember name) was totally fun! It was an occasion that warranted naked dancing with a sombrero.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Zaubo thinks every occasion warrants naked dancing with a sombrero.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I cant help but agree with him on that.
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86 Dwarf Hunter
This 'cheeve has been buffed to make it easier to get. You now get it adjacent to a zone he spawns in and you can stand in the fire after he lays it down. Blue post is somewhere on here about hotfixes and lurking on MMO as well.
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