Priests... mixed feelings...

85 Blood Elf Priest
Played my priest again for the first time since 4.0 and I have to say I'm fairly satisfied. However I'm still really worried about our standpoint in cata. Many of the beta testers as well as most of the worlds top PvP priests are really worried about the class in terms of survivability (mobility mostly) and mana issues.

Only two weeks till Cata, and three weeks until Season nine begins. Do you think Blizzard has any changes / fixes in store before then? Do you even think they're "still listening?" It'd be even better if we could get a blue in here to reaffirm my faith in my own class. <3
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85 Dwarf Priest
Blizzard is always listening that much is sure. Whether or not they agree that priests are in a bad spot in PvP is a different question, and even if they did agree, they'd need a patch to put the fixes in which probably won't happen until after Cata is released.

So unfortunately, priests might have to "deal with it", but if they end up buffing us in the future at least I know I'll have an 85 priest. Its a gamble...but I want to play this class.
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priests suck right now
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80 Blood Elf Mage
11/24/2010 9:29 AMPosted by Vezex
priests suck right now

If that's true why can they survive through my Deep Freeze with Pain Suppression? Priests are always QQ'ing just roll a Druid which I can't Polymorph anyways or slow.
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As for pvp right now dispiline sucks but we can work it with lots of effort, one mistake and were dead. we have to work way to hard to survive any encounter with any class. But pve healing we rock now lol so go figure
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