Does anyone else miss Horrigan??


80 Draenei Mage
I have always disliked our server for being, lack of a better word, lame. However, during the years Horrigan was here I could chat for hours about how he was soooooo amazing, just to laugh at everyone's responses. I know he was worthless, but Andorhal has never been the same to me since he left. Does anyone else miss the hilarity of his arrogance? Anyway, Horrigan seemed like the only thing that Andorhal ever had and without his ridiculous comments we seem like any other lackluster server. Anyone else know what I'm saying?

-Vanhaleon: "Can anyone please tell me who the best warrior on this server is?"
-Horrigan: "You need look no further."

85 Worgen Druid
You can still say HAIL HORRIGAN in trade chat and cause an uproar from the 15 alliance that are reading.
100 Blood Elf Priest
Seriously the loss of Horrigan was a huge one to our server. Love him or hate him, he's the ONLY person ever to be on our server that was literally untouchable. Flame wars, world PvP, arena, etc... we're all mere mortals compared to the godliness that was the cult of Horrigan.

If you disagree you're just either a) Jealous b) Confused or c) One of his many victims in trade chat


Just remembered i xferred to Gorefiend like 6 months ago and still click on Andorhal forums.
God I miss this server.
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85 Tauren Druid
Horrigan was BY FAR the best thing on androhal alliance.
85 Blood Elf Paladin
85 Worgen Priest
Horrigan was funny... if you have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy that was genetically fused with that chimp that got taped pissing in it's own mouth.

The only thing that went wrong with his leaving was all the Alliance he got to go with him, further crippling the server population.

Didn't hate the guy, found him amusing on rare occasion, but mostly he was an annoying doucher.
85 Undead Priest
It's people like him and Dunsparrow that were actually trolls. Not the numerous retards today that you see spamming stupid ##*!.

He made the forums a good read, along with trade chat.
85 Goblin Priest
It doesn't matter if you liked him or not the guy did have some personality.
Horrigan and his comrades are playing RIFT now. He misses all of you <3.

P.S. You can catch him trolling general chat on Briarcliff.
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It's people like him and Dunsparrow that were actually trolls. Not the numerous retards today that you see spamming stupid ##*!.

He made the forums a good read, along with trade chat.

85 Worgen Priest
01/19/2011 4:26 AMPosted by Cydman
Horrigan was the real thing, a true leader of men and warrior of strength.

And then he got banned for botting HKs.

What an auspicious end!
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Everyone knows the best warrior on the server is Dnopper, trufax.
90 Human Paladin
The Enclave has recently announced they will be moving to another MMO 'RIFT: Planes of Telara'.

We are actively recruiting new members to join the ranks at

Horrigan sends his regards and is, not surprisingly, still better than you.
80 Human Rogue
Avast Yet mortals

Be here in this land once the steps of the mighty one called HORRIGAN,

Conqueror of Orgrimmar, The Butcher of Silvermoon, and The master of the Arenas.

Inscribed in every man woman and childs mind, horde and alliance alike, is the immortal words uttered by this bastion of utter glory and power, the words which have defined this generation and generations to come,

"Horrigan -- Better then you."
85 Blood Elf Paladin
01/19/2011 5:41 PMPosted by Seedofman
Horrigan's tale ends and Manseed's begins. What must come shall come. Look no further members of the Alliance! I shall be the ligh of your new dawn!

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