The "I'm Still Here thread"

100 Night Elf Rogue
Hey, I will start.

Since we start alts, transfer off and back, get our names reported, etc. I thought in the spirit of community it may be nice to tell those that started on SWC that you are still here, your name and your alts just in case they wanna look you up and experience the old world content again with an old friend.

Name: Colere
Been here since: 2006
Alts: Beals, Bartleby, Dreamless, Grumand

Anyone else?
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42 Gnome Mage
If you don't know me, honey you ain't worth knowing.
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86 Human Paladin
I'm still here! Seen a lot of old faces around lately, it's kind of nice.
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90 Dwarf Priest
Name: Betsea
Been here since: 2006 (used to be Brynne)
Alts: Chixie, Soleile, Quigley
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90 Pandaren Hunter
like, 2007.
Alts: Seika/Atazzi/Seiks/Synthetics
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80 Draenei Paladin
My main was Enevitable. I love my Ash'kandi. I also like losing to Lawncelot in duels when he's wearing white daggers.
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85 Undead Death Knight
Also known as: Rizarin, Lazytown, Jorkton, Kambah
Alts: June my mage, Ruinishi my old warrior, Animate my priest, Rizarin my tiny hunter, Woovils my tiny dwarf shaman so on and so forth. Too many to really name off
Been here since HB was still doing karazhan or something like that. Well it was one of their raids days still.
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88 Human Priest
I'm back for 15th time. And I feel like typing today. It may be without syntax or grammar.
I might even say youre instead of your.

Has anyone been in and out of pantheon as much as I have? Oh yeah, Kaj. prolly still getting the daily /gkick

Been here since server birth. cannot recall the year (or frankly the decade)
Plvled with a warlock named... claudette? he was a real jerk and everyone hated him. I don't hate anyone so we hit 60 within a week or two. I went holy and not long after that I was in an RP guild.

You know, Role Play? this is an RP server.

Since I was actually good at healing and enjoyed it, eventually I ended up in Geist, which morphed into something eventually becoming Conviction, then merging with that other guild that was good to finally become Pantheon. Too many years for me to try to remember all the forms the guild has had. Not to mention how many times I've quit playing in between.

I was also a war tank, valnu in BC where I learned to aoe tank before bliz made it push button easy,
I went for a dk Exyla when wrath first hit. ended up being a tank, but at the time WoW was pushing the limits of my graphics card so raids were more of a 0.5 fps slideshow
I got a warlock to 70 horde side, pvp'd a bit, never played her again.
seriously though ive got over 9000 alts. no less than 3 high level rogues

Also have a belf dk on Azjol nerub (my original horde server) named marifae. she's hotter than exyla. just something about smooth grey skin really turns my crank.

IMO ill hit 85 and stop playing again. then months later come back and gear up a bit.
Ill at some point make a worgen drood, as drood is the only class I havnt played past 50.
plus being a human/wereworg/bear/cat/fastcat/bird/tree/sealion/moonkin is a classy gimimick.

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86 Human Paladin
Seika, Niraven and Riz? OMG OMG OMG. /squee

This thread may explode from awesome.
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85 Human Warrior
Name: Caeridar
Alts: Craft (my former main)

I've been kicking around SWC since the server opened, and spent most of that time in Argent Exodus.
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85 Orc Warlock
Dokilar, been here since day 1. didnt play the first 6 months of wrath due to my job.

only have 1 alt worth mentioning and thats my dk named dokc, although i dont use it for much other than tankin for the guild
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85 Human Paladin
Rykis (Originally Saliel)

I've been here, and a paladin, since the server opened. I raided with Blades of Oblivion with Nira and Fraevin, I fought Deranged on the battlefield with Enigma, I was at the opening of the AQ gates and I was here during the dark times of the opening of the server transfers (torch and pitchforks anyone? loladvent).

I was here for the massive battle of Halaa! Anyone remember that? It was huge.

277 days played on this character alone. What have I done with my life?!
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85 Human Warrior
Name: Josin (formerly Dalrick)

Been here since: July 2006

Alts: Dalrick, Caligiin
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85 Blood Elf Paladin

June 2006

Scythras, Andonisus, Anatheras, Andosin, Anatheras, Griever. Some renames here and there either by being report harrassed or other things, but mostly those. (Hunter, Priest, Paladin, Lock, Paladin, DK)

formerly of AFI, The Advent, Deranged, Natural Order, currently of Paradigm (2.5 years now)
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85 Human Paladin
I'm here. I've been here since 2006 - known as Onira back then.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm just now coming back. Been away for a year or so but have been on server since day two it was open. Was one of the very few raiding troll warriors in vanilla (Bakkus). Since then have moved on to this guy.

Have been known as: Atheri, Davvi, Bakkus

Notable alts: Riyan, Atherias, and a new Davvi.
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85 Tauren Priest
Been on this server since the first week

I remember the old PvP grinding day...I remember my first AV, Dux was only centurion, etc. Best times, ever.

Pre-BC : Centurion Smegmar/Smegnar UD priest. Raided with -Trauma-
BC : Smeggy belf lock. Raided and PvP'd with -Trauma/Deranged- Also transfered to Kargath for PvE and Moon Guard for RP
Wotlk: Velossa belf priest. PvP'd with -Deranged-. Took me almost one year to convince myself to get to 80. Velossa was one of the well known twink in 30-39 for Stormstrike.

BoAs alts/twinks : Horde : Smegmar (Shaman), Coucou (Hunter), Smegz (Mage), Stances (Warrior)
Alliance : Speed (Druid), Run (Rogue)

39s : SWC (H) : Smeggy, Velossa, Smegmar, Smegz
Malganis (A) : Amg
Ysondre (A): Velozza
Jaedenar (H) : Snuggie


RIP : Venix, Doogra, Zerrai, Crazyblades, Mang, Gambalu, T'dea, Sianie, Rednok
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85 Human Paladin

Dux, haha. I watched his old PVP the other day, rocking 1100 Aimed Shot crits.

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85 Troll Hunter
Older. Wiser. Still not dead. Been 'round since a week or two after the server opened, April of 2006. Still occasionally findable, too. Yep.

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85 Dwarf Shaman
Inisule/Svenge, been here since I don't remember when. Leveling a Druid, freshly into Outlands and already hating every second of it. Alts include Inko, Sylphine, Haqua and Springer.
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