[Leveling] Cataclysm, MoP and endgame

92 Pandaren Priest
Hey everyone! :) I recently rolled this toon, and I'm having a blast on her so far. I just had a couple of questions about transitioning to new content.

I'm somewhat concerned for the WotLK -> Cataclysm content jump, since that when mechanics start to matter. Are there any one-shot mechanics for Cataclysm normals left?

At endgame, I'll be running LFRs and maybe some flexes periodically. I have a set of Timeless Isle cloth gear on another server, ready to be sent over when Now dings 90. Icy Veins says that there's two stat priorities for Holy (one for 10m raiding, the other for 25m). What would my stat priorities be like, if I'll be doing mostly that content?
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90 Worgen Hunter
Nah ony gets tough from 88 to fresh 90 with mana. Otherwise everything is pretty easy.
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90 Pandaren Monk
It's possible to wipe in the Cata dungeons, but it's also possible to get a really good group. The hardest dungeons open up at level 83-84 so you shouldn't have to do them much :)

In Timeless gear you won't have much stats to work with. Get to a low haste breakpoint and then do whatever. More haste after the breakpoint isn't the worst thing, but mastery is a better choice.
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92 Pandaren Priest
Thank you, Posternb and Rainbowdash!

In Timeless gear you won't have much stats to work with. Get to a low haste breakpoint and then do whatever. More haste after the breakpoint isn't the worst thing, but mastery is a better choice.

Sounds easy enough. Thanks again! :)
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100 Tauren Druid
It's possible to wipe in the Cata dungeons

But even then not likely. When bring up my alts this winter, I initially avoided hitting up Cata dungeons. But I got bored of just questing. Had a Stonecore where a tank disconnected partway through, me and the DPS just kept plowing ahead. Finished the dungeon just as a new tank came in -- he was there for maybe the last 10 seconds of the final boss.

If you've got a full TI set, pick up the Inscription crafted fan, run the Arena of Annihilation scenario for the 450 weapon ... that should set your ilevel high enough for ToT. A run or two of ToT should pump your ilevel enough for SoO LFR. My priest hit 90 around Thanksgiving. Then I ignored her for a month. Over christmas week, and now on Saturday mornings, I've gotten her to about a 520 ilevel, and I plan on bringing her in for guild SoO runs for at least the first 4-6 bosses.
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
I wouldn't sweat over it. I just finished leveling this tank through mostly LFD, and I never once felt pressured, or like my healer was under geared. I died perhaps twice from overzealous pulling, and wiped not even once. All this in a half set of Heirloom gear, with healers in the same, much like yourself.
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90 Human Priest
Yeah, OP - sounds like you know the content (ie, you know, ahead of time, that mechanics are going to start to have more impact, in specific level brackets) which also *generally* will mean that you're going into any 5man content with other knowledge that will basically help you help your group avoid problems before they happen. Keep in mind... NONE of them will be heroic-caliber. You'll be doing Cata *normals*.

Some things that can come up in Cata dungeons, still:

- Uh... Slabhide? can't remember his name. The dragon in Stonecore (Slabhide might be the dragon on Vortex Pinnacle? it's all starting to blur...). Those fallen stalactites are LoS hazards, and they can really cause havoc if you're in a group with tank/dps who love to fire-dance in those puddles of lava he spawns. Since you're likely running Disc as your healing spec (I see you in shadow atm), Atonement can take care of a lot of that, luckily, and also you'll likely still be mana-solvent enough that you can just PW:S everyone in LoS without Weakened Soul at all times, to help prevent that from actually being a problem if you or they have to duck out of LoS to avoid ground hazards spawning under you.

- Grim Batol. You may not even see this place, but if you do, keep in mind that the 2nd boss, the one who Blitzes, can... yeah. Wipe groups who don't know what to do. Not sure if boss #3 is of any consequence for a Disc priest these days; Atonement & PW:S are likely enough to power through all but the most ineptly-pulled attempts, because I guess there are still groups of trash which can be nasty to clear up while also engaging the boss if your group is... under-skilled.

- I've seen electric-triangle-Egyptian-boss-dude, the last fight in Vortex Pinnacle, almost wipe groups while I'm healing on alts I'm leveling. Being outside of the protection of the electric triangle when his big mechanic goes off is still very likely death. It's totally killable by one non-healer with a brain and a healer with a brain, though, even if the other 3 die. Might be (slowly) soloable by a Disc priest with a brain, though I don't know enough about tank-specific mechanics for that fight to really be confident about it & have never quite had to put it to the test.

Those are the only things with any real potential for wiping groups that I've come across while leveling 5 healers to 90 in MoP (and I level *exclusively* via LFD, all the way, the minute I can queue for my first 5man until my healer hits 90). Good luck, but I suspect you won't really need it ;)
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